Coming on Monday – Win 100,000 Avios points!

Father Christmas may be dusting down his sacks, but the only Christmas present you really want this year is here on Head for Points!

On Monday, we will be giving away 100,000 Avios points in a free competition!

That is, lets be honest, better than a pair of socks or a new sweater.


This is thanks to our friends at hotel booking site, who will also be unveiling an exclusive special offer for HFP readers – so don’t make any £300+ hotel bookings until Monday morning …..!

Full details will be unveiled at 6am on Monday, so don’t miss out.

(The competition is restricted to UK residents – apologies to our other readers.)

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  1. Just what I need after just booking a J and F redemption for 4 to Toronto next year!!

  2. Glad you said, got a decent size hotel booking to make, will hold on and see what Kaligo are offering 🙂

  3. Excellent – on a slightly related topic, I know I had asked elsewhere (so only fair to follow up)…

    I was able to successfully transfer from ‘our’ (me = primary) Tesco clubcard account, to my wife’s BAEC account with zero issues, just by leaving all details the same apart from the BAEC number it asks for.

  4. 100,000 Avios – Now that would be an awesome Christmas present

  5. 1XP

    (sorry, couldn’t resist – that never gets old! – sounds like a great prize though!)

  6. Oops, just spent 600 quid on a non-refundable at

    • Are you gold with hotels. Com? If so, it might be worth calling up and asking if they will let you cancel anyway, they have been known to allow it as a one-off.

  7. OT: Just qualified for a Lloyds Avios Rewards upgrade voucher. Playing with it online it seems that although I can ‘upgrade’ 2 people one way it is forcing me to book a return flight with the other leg at the normal Avios rate.

    Has anyone had any success in just booking and upgrading a one way flight for two people by phoning them?

    • Yes. It is a known bug and they will happily sell you 2 people flying 1 way over the phone with no requirement for a return journey.

      To be fair, I’ve always found the avios helpline staff to be really good and friendly.

      • Had a frustrating 20 min call with Lloyds yesterday about this voucher. Couldn’t get them to tell me how close I was to the £7k spending target. They did manage to tell me before and I found they thought I’d spent more than I did (based on my existing statements), which made me pull back on my spending so I didn’t trigger it too early. They tried to connect me to Avios (again), but when you speak to them they quite understandably don’t know what your spend is. I then asked how the system would issue a voucher when no-one could tell me how close I was to my target, but they just said the system would know internally and issue a voucher automatically, but there was no way for them to access it?!!

        Really frustrating compared to the clear progress bar on BA Amex statements.

      • Thanks. Any ideas as to what Lloyds definition of a ‘calendar year’ is? Can I start earning towards the next one in January, or do I need to wait until the card anniversary?

        • I’ve asked them this question about four times now and apart from one person (the first one I spoke to!) saying it was Jan-Dec, all the rest have said it is from card opening to the 12-month anniversary (and that date thereafter). This does seem more logical in that if you opened the account for example today it would seem silly to only allow a month and a half to hit the spend target, but let’s face it things aren’t always logical with some banks!

          Annoying in my case though as I could have hit the target easily and been ready to start spending again come January but instead will have a few months at the start of 2016 with nothing going onto the card and then aim to trigger the voucher a month before the card anniversary. I’ve asked them the question so many times though because I don’t want them to turn round in January and say my year has reset!

        • Alan, we actually gave up on Lloyds,,been with them 40 yrs but have to give up on the voucher issue. So useless beyond belief.. You could not believe the run around we got. Dumbfounded…Give us BAEC anytime.. Gasp, honestly you could not believe the answers we got. They don’t have a CLUE! It’s the most awful connection to Avios we have ever experienced . Maybe you others have better luck, but the staff are just useless.

        • A calendar year is January to December, not 12 months from the card opening date. It’s a specific definition, Lloyd’s can’t just have their own – and if they do then you can complain, win your case and get additional compensation!

        • That was my interpretation of the meaning too, but as I say multiple reps have now confirmed it is 12 months from card opening, which does at least have a logic to it.

  8. Fantastic!!! Got 3 hotels to book in Hong Kong and Vietnam

  9. I quite like a good pair of socks actually 🙂

  10. Paul Fountain says:

    Look forward to Monday

  11. O/T

    If i cancel my planned CE trips to Malta and Morocco that i part paid with Avios, will i get them back?