Win a SLICKS carry-on travel backpack worth up to £260!

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I am giving away something different on Head for Points this week.  Instead of flights or hotel stays, I have an interesting new ‘yet to be released’ travel accessory to win – the SLICKS carry-on travel backpack.

SLICKS is a modular, Swiss-designed backpack, with a smart design which makes it as suitable for carrying items to work as it is for holiday use.


SLICKS converts from a backpack to a briefcase, so you can switch from holiday mode to business meetings quickly and conveniently.  The front compartment of the SLICKS backpack is a handy quick-access space to keep bulky items, while the side-access compartment is suitable for storing your shoes.

Slicks 5

A dedicated laptop compartment fits up to 15-inch devices and is suspended for added protection. The clamshell design includes an internal zippered pocket for valuables such as phone, wallet or passport, with additional space for papers.  There is even a raincover for peace of mind when the skies look ominous.

Slicks 6

SLICKS comes in a backpack-only version (as pictured in the top image above) and three tailored options.

The SUIT25 version is designed for the work commute, combining the SLICKS backpack with the removable ‘suitcover’ (pictured below) that keeps your suit secure and wrinkle-free in your bag while you’re on the go:

Slicks 2

Alternatively, the TRIP25 is more suitable for leisure use and combines the core backpack and removable ‘tripcover’ – a compact mobile wardrobe for organising clothes with handy features such as a shirt folder, laundry bag and toiletries bag:

Slicks 3

If you are likely to use your SLICKS backpack for work and leisure, the BIZ25 version features both the removable ‘suitcover’ and ‘tripcover’ so you’re ready for work, travel and play:

Slicks 4

If you think that a SLICKS backpack would come in handy, I have two to give away in our competition this week.  You can be one of the first to own this versatile piece of luggage.  Simply fill in the entry form below before midnight on Friday.

The two winners will be able to choose from any of the three SLICKS models (SUIT25, TRIP 25 or BIZ25 – you might as well take the BIZ25 as it includes all of the modular items) and in your choice of colour from their range.


You can receive up to two entries.  You receive one entry automatically for completing your details and an (optional) second entry if you agree to receive more information about SLICKS by email in the future.  The company will be launching a Kickstarter project soon to officially launch SLICKS and you will also be the first to hear about that.

The competition is open to residents of the UK, USA, Central Europe and Australia as SLICKS has distribution networks in each of these places.

If you want to find out more about SLICKS, visit their website here.  If you don’t win the Head for Points competition, there is a second free draw running on the home page of their site.

Good luck!

If you cannot see the entry widget below, click here to enter.

SLICKS carry-on travel backpack

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  1. I read this blog religiously. .. am I the only 1 non-plussed about this? Apologies in advance if I seem off… Dan 😉

    • redrules says:

      I wouldn’t mind this actually, needing a new carry-on back. In fact I was thinking the other day it would be interesting if Rob did an article showing what luggage he uses and any useful packing tips/items to take that others may not have thought of.

      • Redrules – tap “packing tips” into the search function.

      • Here’s a tip: we use garment cases from Muji – check out their website under ‘travel shop’ – slightly expensive but good quality; we use a mixture of the small and medium size cases, pack each module then throw the whole lot into your case, so much easier than packing items individually!

    • Er, why? The company offered me £500 of travel goods to give away to readers, this is a travel website. You can’t buy these packs yet even if you wanted to, so you can’t even argue it is a commercial for the company!

      It will be an erratic mix of articles this week anyway as I am in the Middle East for 3 days!

      • Everyone loves a competition (or so one would’ve thought!)

        Don’t sweat the nay-sayer(s), Rob. Just as not everyone collects points in every scheme, meaning not every article is “relevant” (I don’t use IHG, for example), readers can vote with their feet.

        I’m entered! 🙂

        • Proof of the pudding is in the number of entries. I rarely enter competions but have entered most on HFPs so far. No objection to them so far except I feel uncomfortable with the t&c about data use etc where a second entry is available via the likes of twitter or facebook.

          • No data is used except where specifically stated.

            The company sponsoring a HFP comp NEVER gets the list of entrants apart from those who opt in to a mailing list, as we are doing today.

            If there is a ‘tweet for a 2nd entry’ option as we did with Kaligo, this is done purely to promote the comp to the friends of readers. There is no storage of Twitter handles (not that you can do much with them anyway).

          • “There is no storage of Twitter handles (not that you can do much with them anyway).”

            There is plenty you can do with a twitter handle! Its equivalent to an email address or phone number – only much more public. The world and his dog can work out your interests and imply your demographic, etc, etc.

          • Yes, but your Twitter handle is public anyway – unlike an email address – except that you do not necessarily know which human being is behind a particular Twitter handle.

          • Thanks for clarification Rob.

      • It does seem a little odd, I could see how someone might not be interested in this but it’s not like you’re spamming the blog with veiled advertisements. It wouldn’t be hard for someone who isn’t interested in winning some luggage to not click on one of the 3 new articles, rather than clicking through and commenting about how it doesn’t interest them!

      • Oh no, free stuff! Great work Rob!

      • “You can’t buy these packs yet even if you wanted to, so you can’t even argue it is a commercial for the company!”

        Of course it is! Making the public aware of an event or product before it is available for sale is still a commercial!

        I’m not objecting though – although to call this a ‘travel’ site I would say is stretching the definition a little!

        • Is it a travel site? The primary purpose is helping people collect and use loyalty points – yes, for travel, but it’s about the points!

      • Given the rarity of these competitions it’s ridiculous to moan about them.

        However, it’s beyond absurd to say it’s not a commercial. Why on Earth would they give you “£500” worth of goods if they didn’t think they’d get anything out of it!

        • I meant ‘commercial’ in the direct sense of actively trying to sell something, since you can’t buy it even if you want to (yet). This is more of a ‘promotion’ I would say! Not that it would have made any difference to whether I ran it.

          Frankly, I am happy to deal with any company which makes a high quality product and wants to give it away to a HFP reader in return for a bit of free publicity.

    • Why are you non-plussed about this? Are you paying to read HFP? Has HFP broken a previously unknown promise to only post blog posts you approve of?

      It never ceases to amaze me the gall people have to criticise the content of a blog that (a) they get for free (b) gives them tips on saving money and (c) they’re not being forced to read.

      If you don’t like a blog post move on to the next one and just be thankful you have this free resource that you obviously find incredibly useful.

    • Dan,

      Enter the comp and if you win, give it to me and I’ll buy you some haribo. Win,win, everyone’s happy (assuming you like haribo).

      • I have entered and I’m not the Danny/Dan, who commented first and who probably has an off morning 🙂

    • I’m always on the lookout for good travel luggage. If I get the chance to win something decent, I’m all for it.

    • Like others, I like a good comp!! Happy to see them on here!

  2. Mrs_fussy says:

    Good to see rob helping promote new business ! I think as a society we don’t do that as much as we should

  3. Is it just me or is their website not working?

  4. The_Real_A says:

    Good competition Rob. Hopefully this will span some other travel accessory / gadget type competition blogs too.

  5. I’m impressed with the modular approach of Slicks.
    It reminds me of a Cabin Zero bag but with more options to it. If you’re interested in one of them then they’re often cheaper through Amazon (via Rob’s link of course!) than direct.

  6. Lovely, thanks Rob! Fingers crossed….

    One thing I would suggest to them though – how about a clear toiletries bag? I have a couple of nice bags but can’t use them when I carry-on as I really can’t be bothered with emptying everything into plastic bags at Security, so I use a clear bag (with pink trim) of my girlfriend’s.

    • Surely the comp is a points earning opp – all about mindset!

      Enter, win, sell on eBay, use funds to accrue avios in whatever way!

      Or donate as a raffle prize and feel good about yourself for doing so!

      • Just as long as no-one suggests just throwing it away …. oh we’d have war on 😉

  7. SpeedbirdABZ says:

    I’d love one of these! I overpack on my hand luggage all the time and this looks compact and would help me travel lighter. The comment above about the clear toiletries bag though confuses me. I always use the fiddly clear bags at the airport and a friend was with me a few weeks ago with a clear toilet bag and was told to only use the supplied clear bag. Is that right? That was at Gatwick.

    • “you must use a plastic press seal bag” is a line normally heard at LTN, PIK and other places where they’re willing to sell you one.
      If they’re giving them away they tend to be less precious.

      • Yes, they don’t usually hand out ziploc bags. I usually get away with a standard clear freezer bag unless they are being incredibly picky.

    • MrHandBaggageOnly says:

      My experience of clear bags at security tends to be that it is fine if it is see-through and your own, as long as it is not larger than the official 20cm x 20cm, UNLESS the security person is either 1) having a bad day 2) being assessed or 3) just likes making travelling difficult for others for their amusement. I have travelled with the same see-through toiletries bag for the past few years and 9 times out of ten it is fine. Then every tenth time there is an objection (often at the same airport where a few weeks previously it was fine e.g. Heathrow) and I have to transfer the contents from my bag to the almost identical one provided by the airport. It’s a total joke, but you just have to smile. Arguing back doesn’t work and just delays those behind you. Security will (correctly) never back down once they have made a call.

      With regards to the SLICKS competition, this is great. As my user name suggests I’m a big fan of hand baggage and anyone willing to try new solutions gets a thumbs up from me. I like their shirt folder. Good luck everyone.

      • My other half and I have actually found that some security staff couldn’t care less regarding the plastic bags for liquids. The other month at Charles De Gaulle we didn’t have any (as we took the Eurostar to Diseyland so didn’t need them then), and we couldn’t see anyone handing them out. When we got to the X-Ray machine we just explained and the guard just waved us on.

        Also flying out of JFK the same thing happen, although that was with us using the first/business class security lane which was far more relaxed 🙂

      • Mummy55 says:

        I have some clear bags of the right size with a zip top, bought in John Lewis several years ago when the rule was introduced, they have since stopped selling them (wish they would do them again).I use these with a clear food type bag inside , if they are picky it’s easy just to remove the out side bag.

  8. Do others get this message when registering? Is this the correct message?

    Login to your existing account
    [email protected]

    has already been used to log in to Gleam.

  9. I for one will not be entering this competition. That’s only because I do not think I will get full use of it and I’d rather someone who really wants it wins it rather than me sell it.

    As for the original Danny… Maybe he was confused about how the bag works. I admit I was a little from the description.

  10. Ian Mitchell says:

    Keep up the good work Raffles!

  11. Apparently I’m not a real person if I don’t log in via faceplant, twitter or instagram.

    No thanks.

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