Off topic: £10 off a £50 Amazon purchase TODAY ONLY

To celebrate being named Britain’s No 1 retailer for consumer satisfaction, Amazon is having a one day sale today.

You will receive £10 off any order of £50 or more using the code BIGTHANKS.

Gift cards do not count, unfortunately. All items must be sold directly from Amazon and not from one of its partners.


Whilst this is a little off topic for Head for Points, our Amazon link is one of the key ways we fund the site.  If you buy something through this offer using the link below, you can consider your HFP subscription for 2016 paid!

The Amazon home page is here.  Full terms and conditions for the offer can be found there.

The offer expires at midnight tonight, Friday.

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  1. Thanks for the headsup – just bought myself another Canary!

  2. Done. Cheers.

  3. A bit weird how all their 2 TB external hard drives are now about 10-20 quid more than they were on recent Hotukdeals threads

    • Amazon are good at price matching vs the big retailers. Hop on Live Chat, give them a link to a better deal elsewhere – they’ll normally match it by way of a credit to your a/c balance after you purchase, you obviously agree this in advance and purchase whilst still connected to Chat.

    • Genghis says:

      And a suitcase I wanted to buy now about £10 more expensive than yesterday. What they give with one hand they take with the other…

  4. More USA travel books and road trip maps bought via the HfP link!

  5. With 12 months of HFP reading, i have collected points and perks equivalent to a month of my part time salary, given that we aren’t high rate earners this really amounts to a lot for us. Today’s post coincides with needing to buy a big purchase, so I am happy to have used the HFP link to say thank you.

    • The salary correlation always interests me. I get people who tell me that it is ‘too much work’ applying for an Amex Gold to get 20,000 Amex points (minimum value even if used for shopping vouchers = £100), but it often turns out that the same person wouldhave to work for around 15 hours to earn the same amount after adjusting for tax and NI!

      • I value the loyalty scheme points I have now at around £4k (and that’s based on conservative values like 0.7p for Avios). It ignores the free Hilton night, 3 AMB weekend vouchers, 2 Free IHG nights, 2 4 1 BA voucher. It ignores all the upgrades, lounge access etc we’ve gained for free. I’ve spent under £1k accruing it all, and we’ve already used some of the points. Not bad for a year.

        The above isn’t intended as a brag but to highlight both how much can be gained and, given that HfP is my main source of info, how much you’ve helped me. Thanks for everything Rob!

      • My mate said it wasn’t worth the bother as the statement credit option from Amex was only worth a small amount on a long-term basis. I did point out it was the least value for the points but he was determined it wasn’t for him despite him having a brand new house to furnish!

  6. OT – I don’t have anything to buy from Amazon at the moment. Anyone flown Aegean in J? Got any views on their FFP?

    GF is moving to Cyprus for work and the Aegean 8pm flight from Heathrow is quite handy for travelling out after I finish work – Found a 1-way flight out for £212, much cheaper than CE. BA flight time is better for the return and I can use avios as well.

    • Jamie P says:

      I used to travel frequently between London and Larnaca and although I tried to travel with BA as much as possible solely for the TPs and avios, I really rated Aegean’s product, especially when you put it up against an aging 767 which BA favours on this route.
      I can’t comment on their FFP but I think I saw on HfP that you can earn earn Star Alliance Gold vey easily by crediting to Aegean’s ‘Miles and Bonus’ scheme.

      • Cheers Jamie! It’s a fully flex fare too so I’m going to go for it. I didn’t mind the 767 when I flew it back from IST but take your point!

      • That was the case, it isn’t as easy now because you need Aegean sectors – but if you’re flying them anyway it is still more generous than most schemes.

        Royal Jordanian is a decent way of getting to Larnaca I believe, and earns Avios adn tier points too.

        • Jamie P says:

          Had never flown RJ to LCA but having had a look at Google Flights I can understand why…almost 3 times a expensive as BA

        • The guy I know who does it travels on business so he doesn’t pay personally and he finds the flight times far better for work.

    • I fly to Greece a couple of times a year – and partner more for business. We both think Aegean is better than but don’t use them so much now due to trying to keep up BA status etc. Having said tat I will use them still this year for domestic flights. You need 4 sectors for *A gold I think – a bit like BA silver.

  7. Guessing this doesn’t apply to “fulfilled” by amazon orders?

  8. O/T on a slow news day. Has anyone still not received their Iberia/Groupon points. Due to some errors during validation I was unable to validate one of my vouchers until the last day possible so yesterday was the 16th day after validation (supposed to be within 15 days) and still no sign of my points.

    Not really sure about best course to tackle to get them, wondered if anyone else has already been through it?

  9. Steam mop and camera tripod ordered – via your referral link 🙂

    thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  10. I need to spend 1 pence more.. Damn 🙁

  11. Thanks, will take a look later when home.

  12. O/T – I have read people on here talking about buying M&S giftcards from Tesco and gaining Club Card points; how do you do it?

    When looking on Tesco’s gift card site – M&S doesn’t seem to be there?

    • Buy them in store ! I bought about £1700 worth in Dec to get all the extra points. Buy in store in batches of £50 to get the 150 club card points. They sell £25 & £50 & £15 I think.

      • Ah…Cheers, Liz.

        Will make a trip to Tesco then.


        • Tesco started selling some different cards in December – Boots, M&S, Jamie’s Itslian, Odeon, Vue and some others – a better choice. Wish they would do John Lewis and Amazon though!

        • Only in some stores though. I’ve cleared out the M&S cards from my local store. £800 worth

        • Hard to imagine them doing John Lewis, given they can be used in Waitrose, but if they do I will be clearing them out!

        • I forgot about that ! We don’t have a waitrose near us. Morrisons sell John Lewis though – you can get money off Morrisons petrol to shop in Waitrose!

        • What’s he going to do with the petrol? 🙂

        • I meant everyone in general can buy from Morrisons – following your advice Harry!

        • Dave Barron says:

          Fair enough it’s not Avios earning but Morrisons now sell
          John Lewis / Waitrose which combines nicely with their Fuel Save promotion (every £10 vouchers earns a 1p per litre discount on fuel). I’ve now got a 20p per litre discount voucher which makes for a nice saving, especially coupled with recent falls at the pumps. They also accept Amex for anyone wanting to hit a spending target too

        • I will do a Shopper Points piece on this soon.

      • If you sign up to crazynotto you can get m and s gift cards at 10-15% discount. Been doing so for a year now

  13. Used your link Rob – I actually needed to buy a book for work today and Amazon had it! Wouldn’t have known about the offer if I hadn’t read it here – as per usual.

  14. All the things I need to buy are only available from 3rd party vendors. It would have been nice to get a tenner off a tablet for Pa, but no dice.

  15. Stocked up on some interesting books, via the HFP link. Happy to support this wonderful website!

  16. Sine this is the Amazon thread, I have to say their customer service is excellent, the owner/ mgt have obviously decided that they might as well be best in class, it does sort of counter any arguments about paying the right level of tax.

    The good news is: you speak to Live Chat with any sort of reasonable complaint at all & they’ll give you a £10 credit.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      ” it does sort of counter any arguments about paying the right level of tax.”

      Dont think of it as tax avoidance. Think of it as one more crowded class room. One less hospital. One more closed fire station. One less police patrol.

      • Yep I stand corrected, my free £10 does NOT actually counter Amazon not paying the right amount of tax, my apologies.

  17. Thanks, just put in an order via your link. Used my £10 credit from the Amex deal last month as well.

  18. Thanks too. I got the email from Amazon and HUkD but I like that going via your email/link is a good way to support this site.

    FWIW it took ages to find something to buy that was from Amazon but I ended up with some new running shorts, a light, dog shampoo and a new door bell, all stuff I had to buy at some point anyway,


  19. Have flown Aegean a few times typically on the return from LCA. The lounge isn’t anything to speak about but the fast track is very good.

    Aircraft has IFE but is not really used as such as it just plays a movie about Greece. Food typically is excellent but no champagne and typically Greek wines.

    Was Gold but just downgraded to Silver however did get two free upgrade vouchers which was nice.

    • Cheers Clive, I will probably fly back BA using avios as the later flight means more time in Cyprus. Lots of availability in business, none in Y and I will need the baggage allowance to carry back empty suitcases! Lounge access on way back not an issue really, looks like the LH lounge on way out from heathrow. The food pics on flyertalk looked rather good so backs up what they say.