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100 free Heathrow Rewards points (=100 Avios) for downloading their app

Heathrow Airport has launched its very own Heathrow Airport Guide app aimed at helping you find your way to and around the airport and to maximise your use of its facilities.

It is available for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones.

This might not sound hugely exciting to experienced travellers.  However, according to an email I received yesterday, I will receive 100 free Heathrow Rewards points if I download the app before 31st July.

The only condition is that I link my Heathrow Rewards card to the app – which I would need to do anyway so they know where to send the 100 points!

There is no indication that the offer is targetted.  Previous Heathrow Rewards offers which have been emailed to selected members have worked for everyone.

The app also contains all of your Heathrow Rewards data, including your points balance and a list of all recent transactions.

Heathrow Rewards

Heathrow Rewards points can be transferred at 1:1 into:

Lufthansa Miles & More

Etihad Guest

Emirates Skywards

Avios / British Airways Executive Club

Virgin Flying Club

albeit a minimum transfer of 250 points is needed.  You will earn 1 point for every £1 you spend at Heathrow, including Official Heathrow Parking and Heathrow Express.  Foreign exchange earns 1 point for every £10 swapped.

If you are not already a member, the best deal (I think) is here.  You will earn 2,500 points (=2,500 miles) for signing up and spending £150 in one day before the end of the year.

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  1. Gavin says:

    I presume having the App downloaded already and linked to my Rewards account, as I do, precludes me from the points?

  2. Hey Rob
    My email mentioned the app was available to download but not that I would get any points for it.
    Do you think points might still be awarded?

  3. C Y S Yuen says:

    Very OT but I want to remind people that QR is doing a sale at ARN in business class.

    Book by 31st May.

  4. David says:

    Thanks for all your great advice, Raffles!

    I signed up to Heathrow Rewards yesterday following your link to get the 2,500 bonus on at £150 spend, but there’s no reference to this offer in emails or on my account so far. I guess I just wait to spend £150 and then I’ll find out…

    • There would have been a promo code automatically inserted into the application form. These tend to track OK and if not, as the offer is still running, you won’t have any trouble convincing customer services to give you the points.

  5. Waribai says:

    Slightly OT. I’ve had my Regus Gold card for about 3 years now. I used it yesterday for the first time in about a year. Then I cam again today. They let me in but said my card had expired. Looked at my online profile and lo and behold I am now a mere blue member. Anyone had a similar experience? Are my regus days over or can I still flash my gold card?

    • Same here. I think their software is carrying out a purge (although they don’t get you free access, the blue cards at least have very distant expiration dates!)

    • Regus appear to be getting rid of the free Gold memberships that were given out via partner reward schemes in the post-recession years. I had one (through Virgin Atlantic) which expired sometime last year after the Virgin-Regus partnership was dropped.

    • AndyR says:

      Same here. Used the Heathrow T5 a couple of weeks ago with Gold card but just looked and I am now blue. Damn it.

      • Bit worried for mine now, luckily the staff wave me through at the one I use most. If I have to pay I’m decamping fully to WeWork – free beer and more better looking young people around each day (of both sexes) than you will see in a month of working out of Regus …. 🙂

        That said, HFP is literally ‘the business that Regus built’. I probably did 150 days a year in Regus for the first 3 years of the life of this site, for which I paid a grand total of £0.

        (Not entirely true – at one point you could pay £20 for a standby day office and I used a few of those. Never paid for my Gold though.)

        Been working mainly from home since we moved house last year and I gained an office, except during school holidays ….

  6. michael says:

    Hmm, I have just downloaded the app but there is no reference to any extra points and it only shows on my balance the 100 points I got when i joined the programme back in April.

  7. I have 234 points already, which expire on 13/07/2017. I installed the app and logged in. I want to transfer 250 points to British Airways (which is the minimum transfer amount). It sounds as if the 100 points might not credit until the end of July. Therefore what should I do?

    • Silly question. I misread the date. There shouldn’t be a problem then.

  8. Hi

    I have been a member of Heathrow Rewards for several years.

    I have downloaded their new Heathrow app – it is assuming that I am a new customer and to join, so it is not asking me for my Heathrow Rewards membership number other than to log in

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    • Are you sure? I got an opening screen which said log-in or register.

      • I got that screen – so I logged in – so does that mean that it will register my membership number ?

        • Should do. After logging in you should see an icon for Heathrow Rewards about 3/4 down the screen (on Android at least). Click on that and you will go to a page that has, amongst other things, your card number & current points total on.

          I assume anyone who logs in to the app (certainly those who log in to the app for the first time) between now & the end of July will get the 100 bonus points.

  9. Gareth Morgan says:

    What’s the app called? I searched the IOS app store for heathrow rewards and found nothing.

    • Heathrow Airport Guide – I found it straight away for my Windows Phone 🙂

  10. Gavin says:

    Just as a warning the virtual HR card I have in Apple Wallet rarely scans properly so it’s worth holding on to the plastic card in your wallet. Otherwise they have to type in the number which may not make you popular if theres a queue!

  11. Metatone says:

    Sort of on topic, sort of not.

    What’s the best strategy for taking an early flight from T3 and not being completely shattered?
    I can stay in Central London, so I could book a minicab and avoid the hassle of a hotel.
    But could I stay in bed noticeably longer if I booked a hotel on Bath Road? Or somewhere in between?

    • Genghis says:

      Depending how early, you can get from central London to T3 in hardly any time. However, I’d book a Hilton Garden Inn at Hattons Cross room for really early morning flights.

    • When it comes to Hilton Group hotels I’ve stayed at both Hilton Garden Inn at Hatton Cross, Hilton at T4 and Hilton at T5.

      If you’re departing from T4 then Hilton at T4 is the best option – a five minute walk through the enclosed / covered walkway and you’re in the terminal. Hilton Garden Inn is the next best option, it’s one tube stop before Heathrow.

      If you’re departing from T2, T3 or T5 then Hilton Garden Inn is the best option – it’s just a short stroll from the hotel to Hatton Cross Underground the one stop to T2 & T3 and two stops to T5.

      Hilton Heathrow T5 is 4.8km away from T5 in Colnbrook. It’s not possible to get a cab from the airport as the drivers refuse to take you such a short distance. Your only option is Hotel Hoppa – H57X takes 18 minutes to get to T5 and H57 takes 26 minutes to get to T5. If you need to get to T2, T3 or T4 then you need to allow extra time to connect via the Underground (free if you use Oyster or a contactless payment card), Heathrow Express or London Bus.

      It’s a fantastic hotel with fantastic restaurants, bars and Executive Lounge. If time and using Hotel Hoppa there and back isn’t an issue then it’s a great place to stay the night before jetting off on holiday.

  12. I’ve just spotted a Heathrow Rewards offer for Malaysia Airlines – save 5% off Business Class tickets and 15% off Economy Class tickets on their flights. Book here using promotion code REWARDS1.

  13. Andrew H says:

    A few points about the above:

    Re: the 100 free points, I downloaded and install the Heathrow Airport Guide and was prompted to log in. I did this, but wasn’t prompted to register for the app, so I assume the simple act of logging in is all that is required. I have emailed their customer service to check anyway.

    Re: Hilton T5, there is another option besides the expensive Hoppa. There is an hourly bus from T5 that stops just past the Hilton. Bus number 60. The advantage over the Hoppa is that the fares are cheaper (£2 one way I think) and the journey is quicker (eight minutes). Just ask for the stop at Colndale Road near the Hilton. Here’s the timetable:

    Re: Regus, I registered in December (Gold) but didn’t make my first visit until Wednesday. I got into the Kensington office easily. Later I tried the T5 lounge and was informed I had no free visits left. The recepionist showed me my account details and it had an expiry date displayed, the day before my account started. Confusing. When I got home I logged into my web account and saw it had an expiry date of 27/12/2016. Even more confusing!

    • harry says:

      Means you could grab the Hilton T5 £80, get 11.5% off = £72, add on the bus fare £2 = £74 for a Hilton room @ airport

    • I am doing a piece on this tomorrow, lets see what other examples appear.

    • Craig says:

      I often book the NCP at Hilton T5 separately. It includes Hoppa tickets which can be picked up at hotel reception and is much cheaper than booking via Hilton, around £65 for 2 weeks if you open an NCP account.

  14. Andrew H says:

    Does anyone know off hand what the secret hotel descriptions for the Hilton T5 and T4 are on I can’t work out which ones they are.

    • harry says:

      Hilton T5 = Colnbrook plus the trip advisor numbers are approximately the same (TA & SH)