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Bits: Iberia running BA Madrid flights this Summer, free entertainment downloads in T5

News in brief:

Iberia taking over some British Airways Madrid services this Summer

In order to free up aircraft for other routes, British Airways has announced that Iberia will operate two of the BA Madrid flights between 15th July and 4th September.

These will be BA 458 / 459 and 460 / 461.

Whilst flown on an Iberia plane using Iberia cabin crew in Iberia uniform, it seems that standard British Airways food will be served.  This now means you three options to fly to Madrid:

Fly BA, get BA

Fly Iberia, get Iberia

Fly BA, get an Iberia plane but BA service!

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Heathrow kiosk

New film, TV, newspaper and magazine download systems in Terminal 5

Meanwhile, in Terminal 5, the airport is trialling new kiosk that will offer iPhone and iPad users downloads of movies, TV programmes, newspapers and magazines.  To quote:

Two Heathrow EntertainMe kiosks offering a mixture of free and paid content will be located at gate level in each of Terminal 5’s satellites as part of the initial trial. Alongside local and international newspapers and magazines, recent movie blockbuster releases and classic titles will also be ready for quick download. Passengers can simply select their content on an interactive screen and pay via ApplePay or with their contactless credit or debit card. Once the passenger has downloaded their content, they will be able to enjoy it during their trip without having to access Wi-Fi or data services.

This seems to be a solution in search of a problem to my mind, but let’s see.  You can find out more on the Heathrow website here.

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  1. that explains it! booked 458 to madrid club europe today and I confused the 320 seat map with a london city to madrid flight haha thought I had booked the wrong flight! Looking at seatguru its an iberia 320. I’ll swipe the extra leg room seat now thanks 🙂

  2. AndyS says:

    Presumably you still get BA tier points and avios on this IB-run service?

    • Anthony Dunn says:

      Err, yes. If it is ticketed as a BA service, then it should make precisely no difference.

  3. Empers says:

    On the EntertainMe front, Mrs E and I have been really impressed by Readly – which could be described as the Netflix of magazines. We both travel a lot and whenever flying, we take 5 minutes in the lounge to download a handful of magazines for the journey. It came in very useful recently when the entertainment system broke in BA 1st on the way back from Beijing!! For £7.99 you get access to over 1,200 different magazine titles across multiple languages. I like it for the great selection of business titles, especially the US published. You can share the login across 5 devices, so you can guess what my father will be getting for Father’s Day!!

    Check it out. (Disclaimer: using this link Readly will give you a free month trial + if you sign up, I will get a free month too.) Raffles, please remove this link if not allowed – but I would still highly recommend Readly even without this link. Maybe this could solve your problem of no decent magazine selection in BA lounges!!

    • Empers, never even heard of Readly so thanks for this. I’ve sent the link to the Mrs to see if she wants to split the cost with myself. Tons of magazines on there I would read including a few I buy each month already. I do perfer the physical feel of a mag, but at this cost for that range it’s enough to make me switch.

      Will make sure to sign up with your referer.

      • Empers says:

        Red, see how you get on. I have been impressed with the Readly application on both ipad and android phone. Very easy to zoom pages. I think it offers great value, as like you I used to buy a couple of physical magazines per month, but now it is much the same price and I can access all the old issues – so don’t have to keep stacks of mag’s around the house! It is a bit like browsing in WH Smith’s as now I download just to see what a magazine is all about because it is free!!

        • Yeah we both have found a good number of mags we would read so I’ve signed up for the free 1 month trial via your link.

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      Nice tip – not heard of this before. Have signed up to give it a go.

  4. Hingeless says:

    OT: Heinemann points arrived in my Etihad account today, all my family members are very happy !

  5. xcalx says:

    Iberia Express flights from MAN to MAD are discounted by 15 to 20% if booked through Iberia Express Club. I’ve just booked this flight for next April, 1 x 23kg hold baggage 1 x large and 1 x small cabin baggage and free seat selection for a total of £32 plus earn 50% Avios. HBO flight was £22.50 earning 25% Avios.

  6. harry says:

    O/T Europcar – worth another outing in Bits as I buried it yesterday. £1 car rental from Europcar – from various destinations to eg Heathrow. If it works for you, you could save maybe £75. My closest is Taunton, where effectively I can choose any date I like to do a £1 1-way car rental to LHR.
    What you get for £1
    1) One way car rental – You can drive from one city to another for just £1! Much cheaper than any bus or taxi!
    2) Generous time allowance – You get an ample time to complete your journey: Up to 24 hours. You also have a mileage allowance included in the price.
    3) Basic Protection -We have included Basic Protection, which reduces your excess amount in case of damage of the vehicle. You can add more protection at the rental location if you wish.
    You may be wondering why we are offering you car rental for 1 pound. You may think there is some kind of catch. But don’t worry, there is a logical reason behind our crazy offer!
    Often we need to re-locate a vehicle, to be ready for the next rental or to return it to the manufacturer at the end of its lease.
    Transporting the vehicle by truck is very expensive, so if you can bring the vehicle to where we need it, we charge you only 1 pound, and we both benefit!

    • Lived in Taunton for 6 months back in 1993. Got to spend a month at the Posthouse on the motorway junction (now a Holiday Inn I think) as Black Horse Financial Services was in the little office park next door. This was part of my uni course.

      They felt a bit sorry making me live in Taunton so I was given a company car for easier escapes (the only time in my life I have used a car on a daily basis) even though my role was 100% office based!

    • IIRC there’s another company that offers this too. Any ideas?

      • harry says:

        Avis has run £1/ day promos in the past

      • harry says:

        Hertz offers great rates for customers taking foreign Hertz vehicles on one-way rentals back to their country of origin.

        Below you will find a daily updated list of those vehicles that are waiting to be returned to their country of origin.

        To take advantage of great inter-country one-way rates, simply select your desired pick up country, preferred return country, and a vehicle from the list, and then dial the call centre number to book the vehicle.

    • Gavin says:

      Thanks that could be useful for my next Friday trip to Heathrow! Will keep it bookmarks just in case.

    • Aeronaut says:

      Does anything bad happen if you don’t follow through with the car hire? This could well be useful, but at the moment plans are a bit up in the air so any booking would be somewhat speculative.

      • harry says:

        No. It’s not like dropping the last leg of ex-EU. You can just ignore car or hotel add-on, if you wish.

        • Aeronaut says:

          Thanks harry. Might be polite to give them a call I guess if I’m not going to pick the car up.

          Now to decide which of two potential (consecutive) days I’ll make the booking for… I think making two otherwise identical one-way bookings of 300+ miles for one day, then the day after – both for the same North-South journey – would probably be taking the mick a bit!

    • I’m going to do a full article on this tomorrow by the way

      • harry says:

        Great. The £1 bit is fun but pls don’t miss this bit

        – as 1-way airport drop off normally entails a big fee on top of your rental, eg Enterprise want £75 on top for this.

        Europcar really are offering excellent 1-way airport rates, my Octavia 24 hr rental cost £57 whereas without this promotion it would have been nearly £120 (still with Europcar).

        Halifax = £5.70 discount, plus the Accor points = 500 Avios

  7. Majunga says:

    ShangriLa has offered the magazine/newspaper download option (pressread) for a couple of years. It is very practical and I personally very useful. The range of titles is pretty impressive and you can keep them for a couple of weeks.
    Eurostar lounge aslo has (used to have) that option.

  8. Brian says:

    OT – Tesco have introduced Caffe Nero and Restaurant Choice to their gift card range. The latter can be used at a variety of places, including Jamie’s Italian, Pizza Express, Nandos, Yo Sushi! and ASK. So quite useful…

    • I am popping into the monster Earls Court store later today so will take a look. Naff all in my local Metro.

      • Scallder says:

        Rob – do you mean the one opposite the Qatar office on the A4? If so I happen to work round the corner but their gift card selection isn’t great. The Extra at Surrey Quays on the other hand has a huge range – including the Caffe Nero ones mentioned and I even saw Asos ones in there on Saturday when I went to get some others…

        • Yes – because I had a meeting at the Qatar office. Typing this in the Tesco caff! No new gift cards as you said. My pain au chocolate is also underwhelming 🙂

  9. Graeme says:

    OT – I see Supercard are sending out update emails thanking for downloading the app and are processing registration details, further updates to follow once this has been done..

  10. harry says:

    Was this always there? free? I think it’s a free lounge for people who have otherwise bought O2 tickets, looks like you will need to buy food & drink but could be a calm haven?

    Experience the American Express Invites Lounge at The O2
    The American Express Invites Lounge offers Cardmembers a taste of life behind the scenes from crew-catering style dining to “green room” areas. A delicious selection of food and drinks are available to purchase within the lounge whilst you wait for your show to begin. Guests can enjoy live music entertainment for some arena shows.

    To secure a place for you and three guests click on the button to book now.

    • Scallder says:

      Harry this has been there for a while, however it often gets booked up quite far in advance for popular events.

      Whilst I haven’t used this one, I have used the Sky backstage lounge before (available to I believe all sky customers) which whilst fairly busy was certainly a much nicer place to have a drink/food in than the main bit of the o2 itself.

  11. harry says: