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Bits: BA £301 to Abu Dhabi, Priority Pass Black Friday deal update, HFP party

News in brief:

£301 British Airways deal to Abu Dhabi

British Airways added an extra Black Friday deal yesterday – economy flights to Abu Dhabi for £301.  This is a very good price if you are looking for some sun next Spring.

The travel dates are:

11 January – 20 March
21 April – 23 May
31 May – 10 June 

Remember that Dubai is a modest taxi ride away if Abu Dhabi does not appeal.  It took us 62 minutes and £40 to get from Abu Dhabi airport to Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai last month – I timed it!

Details of this deal and other flight deals are on this page of the BA website.

Jumeirah Etihad Towers review

Priority Pass Black Friday update

One of the deals we discussed in our Black Friday article yesterday was a 25% to 40% discount on a Priority Pass lounge access card.

Unfortunately the deal was late going live and then used a specific URL which we were not told about.  The good news is that the deal is still running this weekend.  If you are interesting in getting a Priority Pass at a discount, this is the link you need.  Prices start at £41.

Priority Pass

Head for Points Christmas Party

To be honest, I was a little nervous about how popular the HFP Christmas Party would be, especially as we gave less than two weeks notice.

However, all 150 tickets were snapped up yesterday with the last one being sold on the dot of 5pm.  This should make it the biggest frequent flyer gathering in the UK this year.  We look forward to seeing you all on the 6th.

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More Avios redemptions going - Flybe in Scotland and Disneyland Paris tickets
SOLD OUT! Head for Points Christmas party!
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  1. There seems to be a bit of an ongoing quiet fare war on ME routes next spring, if you’re willing to connect (in some rather exotic locations, but also KLM via Amsterdam or Qatar via Doha) then you can get tickets for around £240, but BA and Emirates were around £300 last weekend, inc Feb half term dates!

    A teacher friend was pricing up Gran Canaria on Ryanair but is paying less to go to Dubai on Emirates which she’s very happy with!

    • the real harry says:

      no disrespect intended but Dubai has done a very smart marketing job these past few years – portraying itself as a wonderful holiday destination – I wouldn’t dream of going there for a holiday, personally (having been there already) – I’d be interested to understand why some here think it’s a dream holiday location – [apart from sun/ hotel/ food of course!]

      • +1. Been as a tourist as a stop over and was there for work earlier in this year. If imported culture and food is your thing then the place is great. Not for me though.

        • For me I take it as it is, somewhere to get a few days guaranteed winter sun in decent hotels relatively close to the UK at a good price. I also have friends working there, so nice to see them.

          Definitely not my main or “dream” holiday destination and I have no misconceptions that there will be any cultural or local aspect to my trip!

        • Lady London says:


          Good for those with kids though, kind of like a very upmarket package holiday where everything is taken care of.
          I visited for business and had the chance to work there, but it’s not my cup of tea.

          Oman (still to visit) sounds like more my thing.

        • the real harry says:

          Oman is on my bucket list as well – the difference being genuine history & culture plus there are loads of green bits

      • +1, I can no longer stomach the ME in general and already regret the the small amount of business I gave the ME3. I am well aware there are shortcomings in our own society and politics but the ME is a step too far for my comfort. If I thought directing business their way was a force for good then I might think differently but I remain unconvinced.

      • I guess people go there so that, if they get raped, at least they have the satisfaction of being thrown in jail and prosecuted for it….

        • What I haven’t mentioned below, Dubai struck me as most safe place to visit. The crime is at 2% ratio and mostly committed by visiting tourists.

        • That’s all very well for the people who don’t experience crime. Not much good to the few who do and who, instead of getting justice, are treated as the criminals themselves. But each to his own…

      • Dubai is a frequent destination for me, mainly for visiting family member who lives there.
        But also this destination is guaranteed for sun, 4th yeah running suite upgrade from standard room booking at prime beach properties, I don’t even count incredible food and immaculate customer service I get there.

        I also enjoy Club flights there and don’t pay more £800, get regular F upgrades. This particular destination helped me to bump up my frequent flyer status significantly.

        So yes I can say that Dubai is my preferred destination for holidays, plus I would not get same value anywhere else.

        Thank you Rob for posting alerts on ME flights here, I successfully used them at ratio of 90%.

        In the end it what works for you

        • I was born in Dubai and please don’t think there isn’t culture there. You just won’t find it in Dubai Mall.

          If you are looking for somewhere more accessible to experience the Arabia of times gone by then I recommend Jordan.

        • barry cutters says:

          well said.

  2. Just booked in the Air China ex Germany sale – €1500 euros to SYD (MEL and AKL also options). Who cares about Avios at those prices?! 😀 must book on the Air China German site.

    • Put this on Twitter yesterday, great deal.

      • Surprised it didn’t make it onto the website. I didn’t follow you on twitter as I thought it would be links to posts I’d already read.

        • Didn’t see it until after the articles had gone out and didn’t expect it to last overnight. May do it tomorrow.

          There isn’t much unique stuff on HFP Twitter to be honest but I did do this.

    • Good fare to Down Under and possible to tag a stopover in Beijing (72hr TWOV)

    • What time of the year were these fares available please?

  3. Rob – the Christmas Party selling out so fast is excellent feedback in terms of how well your website has been received and the frequent flyer fan base appreciating the content. Hope everyone has a fabulous time celebrating.

  4. TGLoyalty says:

    Dubai return on BA is £298/318 too

  5. All 150 tickets selling out so quickly is a testament to how popular the site is and how much folk appreciate it.

    Here’s hoping Melia can cope with delivering on the night. They’ll have their work cut out to satisfy 150 thirsty HFP junkies! If they can get it right they’ll earn a tremendous amount of business for the future.

    • Agreed, we now have to press them on logistics …..

    • I hope people make good use of their cocktail menu…. it’s not quite as groundbreaking as say Oriole or Dandelyan etc…. but it’s pretty excellent!

  6. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Head for LONDON Points? What about us ‘regions’!

    Hopefully the overwhelming success of the event encourages you to try Manchester next. I was unable to make London due to the time I finish down t’mine but closer to home and I am there.

    • the real harry says:

      I’m organising the Truro outreach event – 5 tickets enough?

    • I have still to book time off, train and hotel room. I had a sudden thought after I’d booked my party ticket last night that I’m starting my first audit in my new job on the 5th, so my boss may have something to say!

  7. OT

    Amex statement credit offer at Argos – spend £100 get £10 back.
    There is a random selection of gift cards at some stores.

  8. OT has anyones award wallet stopped working? Some chains update in about 15 seconds others take about 10 minutes then time out. (Hilton) Tried reloading but same issue.

    • Johnnycl says:

      Just updated mine and it was all fine. Occasionally one or two accounts have an issue on my wallet but they usually work again after a few days.

    • Are these the sites that require you to enter captcha information?

    • Problems with Melia, despite changing password at least 3 times this week.

  9. Anyone know if the PP offer can be used for renewing an existing membership? When I called them, the agent had never heard of the offer, so I’m guessing it’s only for new members.

  10. O/T – What’s the best option for airport parking – is it still purpleparking using the RAC code?? 🙂

    • Try MSE for low pricing

      • O/T as a standard one world flyer , I need to be in London tomorrow rather than pay £4000+ I have just found a £2900 first class return fare on garuda from Jakarta (where I am based ) to Heathrow , Garuda is supposed to be one of the most under rated products in the sky , things looking good so far , received a call this morning asking what is my pyjama size , what I would like to eat and arranging car transfers … sometimes a change is as good as a rest …

        • Had an email from Garuda yesterday advertising London to Sydney or Melbourne in Business for £1,111… (!) Couldn’t find any actual availability at that price of course, but I didn’t look too hard as my travel is already booked up for the next six months. I saw something also about a “pay business, get first” offer. Have heard good things about them.

        • Using garuda isn’t feasible at the moment to aus unless you want a night in Jakarta on the way back , the London flight leaves at 7.20 am and the inbound means a 6-7 hour wait in Jakarta

    • NHS code also quite good with purple parking

      If parking for T5 with minimal luggage, JustPark at premier inn bath rd, 423 free TfL bus to T5. Buses also go to central bus station for T2 and T 3 over the Road

      • Cheers Gavin – I will give it a try

        I realised I also have a Thistle hotel offer on my Amex (£50 off £100) so this may work out as a cheap option with accommodation thrown in, and I get to ride the pods too 😀

      • Thanks Gavin – NHS took another £20 off the RAC price I received… took Meet and Greet down to a very acceptable price 🙂

    • What is the RAC code?

  11. Barry cutters says:

    Flying to Kilimanjaro in March . Had to book on same flight as some friends on outbound . Only problem is its Kenyan on way out via Nairobi and returning via das & ams with klm. I have no sky team status but Ba gold, anything I can do to match or get quick status? If not I guess it’s priority pass and pay for seats for me.

  12. Must say this sale is odd. There are actually decent deals to many more places than advertised, you just have to search for them. A few East Asian destinations available in Club for about £1500… Bangkok for example is wide open on return through at least April, but no indication it’s included on the landing page. Bizarre for BA to only promote US/ME points.

  13. Samiaelle says:

    If anyone can’t make the Christmas drinks and want to sell me their ticket …

  14. Any flight on the BA 787 in economy isn’t worth it unless you are very very tiny!

    EK were doing Dubai for £300 on the A380.

  15. Looks like the Priority Pass deal doesn’t quite add up to that offered by Groupon…

  16. I ran some numbers.
    PP Black Friday offer on Standard: £41
    Groupon for Standard: £6 + £69/2= £40.5
    Groupon for Standard+1 visit: £6 + £84/2 = £48
    Groupon saving after 1 visit £8
    Added bonus with Groupon after paying £6 to them, you can hold on to the voucher until April before using at the locked in price for a year’s membership.
    I bought the Groupon deal.