Bits: 10% off Qatar, £188 LAN deal, Good To Go Parking sale

More news in brief as I do a bit of an inbox clearout:

10% off Qatar Airways flights from the UK

The new Qatar Airways services from Cardiff are not yet bookable, but until 13th May you can get 10% off any other Qatar Airways flight (economy or business class, discount excludes taxes) from the UK using discount code EASTERQR.

You can travel at any point up to the end of March 2018.

Full details and travel dates can be found on this page of the Qatar Airways website here.

(EDIT:  It turns out that there is also a 15% discount available for MasterCard holders.  You need to book via this link by 21st May for travel by 10th December.)

Qatar A350

LAN / LATAM deal from Madrid to Frankfurt is back – £188 in Business!

In February we reviewed the LAN / LATAM flight from Madrid to Frankfurt.  This is a super little Avios redemption in Business Class because it uses a new Boeing 787 – the flight is a continuation of a Chile to Madrid flight – and you get a flat bed seat for the trip!

LATAM is running another promotion on this route.  Business class, return, tickets between Madrid and Frankfurt are just £188.30.  One way tickets are also available for £110-ish.

You would earn 40 British Airways tier points each way so this is a cheap and pleasant way to help your BA status along.

You can book on the LAN / LATAM website here.


Good To Go Parking sale

Good To Go Parking is the ‘secret’ own-label parking company set up by Heathrow Airport Parking.

We explained how Good To Go Parking works in this article.  As long as you stay over a Saturday night, Good To Go lets you book the official Heathrow car parks for not much more than you’d pay for offsite parking – and a lot less than you’d pay via Heathrow Airport Parking.

Until 30th April, Good To Go is running a Heathrow flash sale starting at £4.49 per day.  There are no codes to use – the prices come up automatically on the main website.  It is valid for parking which begins before 14th July.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. OT – Amex MR

    I am sure like me many others have also applied for Amex Platinum and referred their OH to platinum with a view to get bonus and cancel the card. So I will be cancelling card once I have received MR.

    The key question is where do you transfer MR points? If no bonus or choice elsewhere of course it will be Avios but just trying to see if anyone has any information on any likely transfer bonus, other offers etc.

    • If your Avios balance is healthy there’s always Hilton or Club Carlson?

    • guesswho2000 says:

      If you don’t want to tranfer, you can take out the American Express Gold Rewards credit card, zero annual feel and keeps your MR account active.

      It also prevents the clock restarting on you being able to churn the cards in six months, so that’s something to consider, but if you had a large balance and value the ability to keep hold of a flexible points balance, it’s an option.

      • James123 says:

        Star points are probably the best now, Starwood and Marriott stays, and flexibility to convert to Avios or other miles if you need them

        • guesswho2000 says:

          Although they convert 2MR:1SPG, so you lose 50% of them straight away if you end up converting them to a MR partner airline programme. SPG is useful if you want to get them into a non-MR airline programme (AAdvantage, for example), or if you want to use them for hotel stays!

        • SPG even with 50% cut seems a decent option particularly for likes of AA etc which are not MR partners directly.

  2. OT- Hi Rob. Thanks for a great site! How likely do you think that there may be an ex EU sale for flights this summer to Australia? Many thanks

  3. PalCsaky says:

    fly4free wrote about 8EUR one way Iberia flights from Gran Canaria to LHR. Available on a handful of dates in April/May. Awesome price for those who find the dates suitable.

    • Lady London says:

      Do you mean they’re running a cartel? Is it a cartel with BA to fix prices?

      • Qatar and BA now have a price setting JV for flights from the UK, yes. Same as the price setting JV with JAL to Japan and AA / Finnair / Iberia to North America.

  4. Alan C says:

    Planeparking for EDI Car Parks. Owned by the airport but much cheaper.


    • Brian W says:

      Agree on Planeparking, use this all the time, much cheaper as you say and once through the barrier you can still turn left into the normal surface terminal car park anyway!

      • Ah, is that their new bit? The main Plane Parking lot is near long stay but I did pass something new on the way to the multistorey…

        • Brian W says:

          Yeah they call it planeparking terminal I think, it’s on the right hand side as you approach the multi-storey entrance barrier and ramp but you can also still nip left and park in the normal terminal surface section. Works a treat!

        • Nice – will keep in mind. Not that far from there anyway to terminal building 🙂

    • I just looked. £19.99 for 3 days mid May. Is this deemed a good deal? I think its extortionate (albeit less so than the actual airport carparks!)

      • Definitely not, but I’ve had them at that sort of price for a week of parking before 🙂

    • Yes although it varies – sometimes they have superb discounts on terminal surface parking, all depends on how busy they are. Plane Parking is good though, certainly hardly any more hassle than the Long Stay one – you just have to walk through the gate to get the same bus!

  5. LAN doesn’t exist anymore. Suggest you change to LATAM Rob so that it’s not confusing to people who aren’t aware of the change.

    • I know, I am using both interchangeably at the moment because I still see a lot of LAN branding around.

  6. Rashad says:

    Thanks Rob, flying on LATAM MAD-FRA for the first time and looking forward for this experience. Booked it this winter along with Amex offer £50 off for £140
    Just to check how do you add your BAEC number to the booking?

    • Genghis says:

      You’ll add it on the LATAM MMB equivalent?

      • You can’t do it online (or I couldnt work out how to – LATAM doesn’t have a space and the Finnair site couldn’t find the booking). They can sort it over the phone and were very helpful when I called to add it. I guess you can also do it at check in if you’re dropping bags.

        Took the flight in the other direction last month, perfect timing for me as was working in Frankfurt. The Air Canada lounge was great and great food and drink on board, a definite cut above the usual Euro business class! Avios and TPs posted in about 3 days too. Think mine was about £130 so a bargain.

        If you’re at MAD make sure you find the wine cellar in the T4S lounge, it’s rather good.

    • I did it the same direction last year and loved it! Iberia lounge is massive and easily my favourite lounge and then a few Pisco Sours on board. Was a great trip.

  7. I just got a quote for my trip from Terminal 3 next month for Go to Go meet and greet . £89 ! Great price thanks for the tip Rob .. we were only discussing last night whether to get taxis , stay overnight in hotel or do valet parking and this is by far the cheapest option

  8. travelbear38 says:

    I’m holding out for some deals ex Dub!

    • I just booked my wife and I’s winter break in the far east EX-DUB on Finnair for £1200 retur on the A350. Very sporadic dates in January though.

  9. Could Good to go be behind this:

    • I doubt GTG as official Heathrow parking would dump customer cars in public car parks – They can utilise all of the official long term car parks to park your car dependent on capacity. Sounds like one of the less scrupulous providers ran out of space over a very busy Easter holiday.

      Thanks for the article reminding me about GTG, we had Heathrow short stay booked in a couple of weeks, just cancelled and booked GTG M+G and saved £90. Bosh.

  10. 1nfrequent says:

    Meh. Even with the 10% discount the Qatar prices to HKG are twice what I’d pay on an ex-EU. Looks like I’ll be doing a run from OSL or CPH.


  11. if you pay with a mastercard and use the code MASTERCARD, you can get a 15% discount (if you book between today and 3rd May)

    • sorry… the above is relating to Qatar flights

    • 15% discount seems to be valid, albeit with blackout dates, until 10th December 2017. At least that’s how I read the T&C’s.

      3rd May is the date by which you need to book the 7-day sale they have just launched.

  12. Slightly O/T sorry, but for silver qualification on BAEC, 4 BA flight requirement, does AMS-LHR-JNB count as 1 flight or 2? Can’t seem to find it on BA ‘explanations’

    • That’s two individual flights, Ams-LHR is one then LHR to JNB the second.

      Think there are a few oddities where a flight stops off somewhere and continues under the same flight number – two hops wouldncounf as a single flight.

    • 2 . only exception I think is something like LHR-SIN-SYD which counts as one flight as it’s same flight number

  13. JamesW says:

    Hope Good To Go Meet & Greet haven’t been dumping cars in local car parks leaving customers with heavy fines ?!

    Just booked an IHG Park, Stay & Go for 2 week holiday later in the year then this further scandal of car parks dumping cars elsewhere comes back up 🙁

    • JamesW says:

      On the same topic as my above post, I emailed IHG and asked if I could pay for a Park, stay & go with IHG points but as I expected, not possible.
      However the hotel contacted me and said if I wanted to pay for the room on points they’d reduce the standard parking charge by 25% as I was Platinum.
      I paid in cash. Worked out only £6 cheaper and would have cost me all those points too.

  14. OT- IHG Barclaycard free night voucher. Can anyone tell me what happens when you trigger the free night. I’ve jsut received my annual statement and i got the £10k in just before the end of the year but my annual statement clearly states that i spent enough but still no mention of the free night. I don’t know if you get an email, it gets added to your account etc i’m also not really sure who to pursue for it, so hopefully who’s been there can tell me what should happen

    • It’s in your IHG account under Free Night or something similar in the left hand column. It’s nowhere in the credit card documentation/info as far as I remember.

  15. Quick OT – BA flights are released at midnight GMT right, i.e. 1am at the moment? Want to add return to a 2-4-1 in the next couple of days

    • I don’t think you can add the 2-4-1 return online – are you planning to do it via an overseas call centre?

      • That’s the aim, if they will do it. Seems to be varying success on this front

        • the real harry1 says:

          works if they let you

          the other workaround for a really hot route is to grab the redemptions at midnight using your bank of Avios, then in the morning ring agent to turn this into a 2-4-1 redemption – you do this by cancelling your Avios redemption (at a small £ cost, not sure if it is even payable if you cancel after 9 or so hours), which instantly releases your redemption flights into the system, then get your telephone agent to grab them back again onto your 2-4-1

        • rams1981 says:

          No cost Harry

        • This is a great idea, thanks

        • I thought the inventory didn’t go back in automatically when you cancel a redemption?

        • the real harry1 says:

          there’s no guarantee – but it does seem to work – ask rams1981! 🙂

        • Always free to cancel any BA booking within 24h via the call centre (as long as not for a flight that’s already departed obviously!) – have done that a few times with redemptions.

        • Presume you still have to pay the change fee on the original 2-4-1 to add in the return flights, but just not paying the canx fee on the avios redemption tickets you booked over night?

          Nice trick! Risky? Or more often than not the inventory comes back?

        • @Tom – no change fee if the return was beyond T-355 when you booked the outbound.

        • Genghis says:

          I did this in Feb for South Africa flights. Booked outbound online then booked single return when flights came available. Note I didn’t get the ones I wanted as I guess someone on the phones had their agent reserve it (I think that’s possible) so got the slightly later flight back. Called up in the morning, said I wanted to cancel the flight I’ve just booked and add it to the 241. She said that the flight might not go back into reward inventory but I said that I understand the risk. She went away and all done. No fees since you can cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking and no change fee since the inbound flights were not available at time of original booking.

        • Well I am learning again! Thanks folks.. looking forward to bagging my next 241 then 🙂

        • Andy, in same sit two weeks ago, trying to change from KUL to sin. They said my released KUL would go bk into the system immediately,,they cannot hold it apparently…but it could be grabbed by another agent on the phone to someone else. So we didn’t risk the cancellation and rebook. We could have been left without any F 241flt at all. Just heads up really. They should explain this to you tho.

        • Joelyp says:

          Alan, a slight expansion on your point – BA’s 24-hour cooloff does not apply at all if you book less than 24 hours before departure. I found out the hard way, booking 23 hours and 57 minutes before departure and wanting to cancel a few hours later. BA wouldn’t budge!

        • Yep, handy in most situations but as you say they’re very strict about 24h cut-off – what a pain for you though 🙁

        • Thanks vm. Thinking about being on the phone and online at the same time and trying to grab them in whatever way I can and sort out afterwards.

  16. Great shout on Good to Go parking- just saved £50 on an 11 day booking I’d already made for exactly the same car park, almost halved the meet & greet price!

  17. Hi Rob, the cheap Latam fare to FRA is a Z fare, which do not earn anything on BA. Already ask BA 2 months ago about this fare and they confirmed I would not earn anything.

  18. Idrive says:

    OT Hello Rob and All! finally sitting on the 787!Virgin with Virgin;) Already love it! I am glad I am going to travel with them all this year and next! Thank you! Hope to have a memorable trip!