73 AwardWallet 6-month upgrade vouchers (worth $15 each) to give away today

There is only one miles and points tool that I use every day – and have done for a number of years – and that is AwardWallet.  There has always been a link to them from the “I Also Recommend …..” section at the bottom of the site.

AwardWallet allows you to store the log-in and password details for pretty much all of the loyalty programmes you are in. It isn’t just travel, either – Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Clubcard, Harrods Rewards …. they cover over 680 programmes from across the world.

Across their entire membership, they are tracking over 110,000,000,000 miles and points!

AwardWallet logo

You can store programmes for various different people inside one AwardWallet account. When I log in, I see over over 40 different accounts across my family. A clever part of AW is the ability to sideline schemes which are dormant or rarely used.

You can sit and back and do nothing with AwardWallet if that is how you want to play it. Once a week, AwardWallet will automatically log in to each of your programmes and update your balance. It will then send you a weekly email with all of your balance changes.

For the more obsessive, like myself, you can log in to AwardWallet and simply click ‘Update’. AwardWallet goes off and updates all of your ‘active’ balances immediately (it takes 3-4 minutes to check my active ones). On a PC you can leave it running in another window.

Even better is the impressive app. If you are a ‘Premium’ member ($30 per year) then this app runs very quickly and updates all of your balances in about a minute. If you are not a Premium member, I believe it runs at standard speed.

Premium members also get the expiry date of their points tracked, and email warnings sent out if miles are heading towards expiry.

If you are not already a member of AwardWallet, you can sign up for free here.

73 ‘Premium’ upgrades to give away TODAY

Every time a batch of HFP readers signs up for AwardWallet, I receive a voucher code for 6 months free use of their premium service.

I earn substantially more vouchers than I can use.  Today, I am having a clear out!

I have 73 upgrade codes to give away at noon.

To redeem one, you need to be on the desktop version of AwardWallet (I think).  Simply go to the AW website and click on your name in the top left hand corner.  One of the options in the dropdown menu is ‘Upgrade Using A Coupon’.  Input the code and your account will upgrade to ‘Premium’ for the next six months.

If you are already a Premium member, you can still request and use a code.  It will extend your existing membership by six months.

To get a code, you need to visit Head for Points at noon, exactly.  I will be hosting a kids table tennis tournament in our office at the time (seriously …) but the article is scheduled to go live.  Visit the page and cut and paste a code from the list.  If it hasn’t already been used by another reader, you’ll get 6 months of Premium for free.

Having done this before, I reckon that the codes will disappear in about 10 minutes.  I will delete the list once the ping pong is over ….

A note on security

Some people, understandably, are worried about the security of their account details. (AW is owned privately by a couple of guys in the US.) If you are, you can choose to have AW store all of your log-in and password data locally on your PC, not on their server. The only impact of this is that you are limited to checking your balances on that one device.

My personal view is that using AwardWallet improves your security.  When my Tesco Clubcard vouchers were stolen, it was AwardWallet that notified me.  If I hadn’t seen my balance change, I may not have noticed for months.  AW has been in business for ten years now without any serious issues.

I am a big fan of AwardWallet, and if you have never used it I recommend taking a look.  It doesn’t take long to set up, and once you have all your data there it becomes quite addictive checking your balances a couple of times a day.  You can sign up here and hopefully grab a Premium upgrade code at noon.

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  1. Kevino says:

    Noon which time zone?

  2. Aw…..chances are I will be busy working at noon. You should have given them to the early risers not to those who have time and luxury to watch Jeremy Kyle

    • The early risers are not UK readers, though! They would have gone to US readers who went to bed late if I’d put them on this article.

      • robstaaar says:

        I’m an early riser BST; This feels like #KeysToTheKasbah all over again! 🙂

  3. Johnny_c-l says:

    Love the award wallet app, it helped me spot when my Tesco Clubcard account was hacked last year and £180 of vouchers stolen. Thankfully all resolved within 5 mins on the phone to Tesco.

  4. If anyone doesn’t get one, I’m sure there are others like me who have codes to give away later on. I’ll be on a train for most of the day, but can post codes later if required.

    • I will get more too, because this article will drive sign ups so I will get more codes! Might do a 2nd list later depending on how quickly they get added.

      • robstaaar says:

        Yep, signed up this am. Never been more grateful for a sainsbury’s cafe with wifi for an early lunch…counting down to midday!

    • robstaaar says:

      First in line pls if you have a code. The 12 midday codes temp crashed the site with demand. Poor me, sat in a sainsbury’s cafe, no codes left, crying over my cold earl grey, wondering what coulda been 🙁

    • Is anybody adding more codes as they suggested?

      • I don’t seem to have any in my account – I’ve got my normal referral link which gives 3/12, but I think that’s just what’s generally available anyway?

  5. Under security, it would be well worth recommending users activate Two Factor Authentication, Rob. Easily done and makes your account much more secure. Whilst your at it I’d also activate it for Amazon, Gmail, Microsoft, Facebook, etc accounts. I use Authenticator Plus on Android to sync my login codes between devices.

    • I find it a faff, and actually pay £11 a month more than necessary for our mailing list software because I refuse to turn it on and thus get a 10% discount ….

      • Interesting – maybe iOS doesn’t make it as easy with the apps on it? I find it really simple – all my routinely used desktop computers & laptop have a token stored so I never need to re-enter the authentication code, it’s only needed on new machines. Takes seconds to tap fingerprint to access app and codes all displayed at once. With >£500 in Amazon and years of emails in Gmail, etc. I feel much happier having it secured with 2FA! Been using it for two years now without an issue.

        • Alan, you may want to consider downloading a backup to your computer of your Gmail emails…did this a while back and good to know I have a ‘physical’ copy somewhere.

        • Don’t worry, already backed up in my QNAP NAS drive 😛 Good point though!

  6. Is it noon yet? I had completely forgotten about award wallet until this article. I stopped using it after they charged for it but I think it might be time to sign up.

    • They don’t charge for it. The free version remains, well, free. If you want the additional data and speed improvements you need to upgrade.

  7. Stuart_f says:

    Excellent give away!

    … but why 73 codes? It’s driving my OCD mad that it’s not a nice round number 😀

  8. Rob, do you know if using one of these codes would invalidate anyone on the grandfather rate of $10 pa?

    • Premgenius says:

      I was under the impression that it would just extend your current expiration by 6 more months

    • Using one of these codes will not impact any grandfathered rate. It will simply extend your expiration/renewal date.

  9. I’m in Melbourne and waiting for 12noon to strike

  10. OT has anyone used ITA MATRIX and found a great fare but then can’t find it on any OTA?

  11. Premgenius says:

    Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
    Apache Server at http://www.headforpoints.com Port 80

    Demand for the codes 🙂

  12. Colin JE says:

    Total meltdown for a minutes there! Thanks Rob, got 6 extension on my membership. Hope the table tennis went well…

  13. robstaaar says:

    K, best get back to work. No luck this time; was a bit of fun away – appreciated Rob. Catch up later I spose. ps, I did win a share of #NectarThatMovie compo the other day though – every cloud….

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