Get a FREE Surf Air private jet flight with your top tier airline status!

Earlier this month I wrote about my experience flying with Surf Air to Zurich.  Surf Air is an American membership based private jet company which expanded to Europe this Summer.  It is run by Simon Talling-Smith, a former BA executive.

The current network includes flights from London to Ibiza and Zurich, with the Zurich flights being a daily weekday service from 13th November (click picture to enlarge).

Surf Air Schedule Zurich

Surf Air membership

European membership is currently £1,750 plus a £1,000 sign up fee for unlimited flights within Europe up to 600 km.  Unfortunately, from London, there are no flights up to 600 km!  You are therefore looking at the higher rate of £3,150 per month which covers Zurich, Ibiza and all other future European destinations as well as flights within their US network.

Surf Air Gold campaign

Surf Air has launched a promotion giving frequent flyers the chance to try the private jet lifestyle for free.

If you have top tier frequent flyer status with any European airline (British Airways Gold, Virgin Atlantic Gold, Air France Platinum etc.) you can fly to Zurich on a Surf Air private jet for free.  No catches.  Except, presumably, they will be keen to sign you up afterwards.

How do I claim my free flight?

Just prove that you have top tier status and give Surf Air some information about yourself and your preferred route.

Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • copy of your Gold (or top-tier) frequent flyer card, from a European airline, and Photo ID (to confirm your name)
  • potential date of travel
  • Preferred route (currently Surf Air flies Luton-Ibiza, Luton-Cannes, and Luton-Zurich)
  • Home airport (closest airport)
  • Frequent routes you travel
  • Whether you want to fly one-way or return (a return flight can be booked at 50% off)
  • Full postal address
  • Contact phone number

This is an excellent opportunity to give private jet travel a try if you’ve never done it.  You’ll also get to visit the Signature Flight Support private jet terminal at Luton.

(This offer has now expired)

You can find out more about Surf Air on their website here.  There is no information on this offer on their site, but they have provided us with all the details above.

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  1. Sounds like a good deal. How much is a “50% off return flight” from day Ibiza?

  2. Vincent says:

    What a generous offer! When does this expire please?

  3. That’s an insane offer. Clearly they don’t read HFP or Flyertalk as they don’t know that dogs in the street can obtain gold BAEC for around £1500 and GGL for around £2500. I have gold on the back of a family holiday to the US last year. After buying one of the last CAI HNL fares last week next years holidsy get me to within 300 tier points of gold for £1200 as it does for my family.
    They will be swamped with requests and I to wonder if they can deliver on their offer.

    • BAEC gold for £1500 and GGL at £2500? Please share your routing as I’ve never been able yo get mine at this price. Thanks

      • Nick Burch says:

        I don’t think you can any more. That was back when AA first class on 2-class long routes earned 210 tier points, and when the LCY-JFK babybus also earned 210 tier points. When it did, in a sale, something like DUB to Hawaii with very creative routings could get it for those prices.

        Today, with the lower earnings and the weaker pound, you’re probably looking at closer to £2500 for gold and £4000 for GGL. Well, or find a friendly GGL and offer them a decent amount for their partner card!

      • Perhaps you need to consider that you are also getting some flights for the £1500 rather than just buying Gold status.

        I achieved Gold with 3 long-hauls on QR for about £3000 (inflated a bit to reflect current exchange rates). Without the QR deals, I would still have had to go to those places and would maybe have spent £1500 on economy flights. So the extra £1500 got me to Gold and “free” upgrades to business class, or the other way, paying double to upgrade to J got me BA Gold for £0.

    • £100 to a charity of Rob’s choice if you can tell me how I can get gold for £1500 and GGL for £2500 or thereabouts.

      • It was easy when AA business and BA from LCY credited as F. You fly to Hawaii but route it London City to NYC, NYC Miami, Miami LA, LA Hawaii. That was 840 points each way (with more for an EU connection) on a ticket that was £1000 or so out of Europe.

      • Lhr-hel-tll turnarounds would have netted 200TP’s for around £220-£250 earlier this year. A very monotonous way to get TP’s though.

        Since GGL became an outright 5000TP’s to qualify £2500 is completely unrealistic for that qualification.

    • They can probably offer 10 seats per week max to Zurich. Applicants will be filtered and those unable to write a £3k monthly cheque are likely to find themselves behind our Goldman Sachs readers in the queue.

      • Genghis says:

        To the lawyers here, is this a unilateral contract akin to Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company?

        • Matthew says:

          I would construe the promotion as an invitation to treat rather than an offer. That is, Surf Air invites people with Top Tier status to email them with certain details, and then Surf Air selects those that it wishes to provide to offer to (who may then accept the offer, at which point the contract would be formed). Of course, for a contract to be formed there needs to be consideration flowing both ways and I don’t really see what the customer is giving to Surf Air as consideration….

        • Scottnothing says:

          You’re giving them a lot of personal data over email … in fact, enough for someone to call BA and reset your Exec Club password and drain your account of miles if Surf Air’s systems were ever compromised.

  4. Was that the one with the rather public toilet?!

  5. Rob Brown says:

    I’m Guessing when they say Top Tier it needs to be a scheme with multiple tiers. A member of Easy Jet Flight Club is top tier. right?

    • You might struggle there 🙂

      • A distinct majority of the small number of people I know who do personally spend on private jets regularly or at least occasionally do not bother with loyalty programmes!
        Indeed, in some cases, I know they have joined M&M, but they are sitting at basic, despite flying F enough to be a SEN, because they don’t bother putting the number in or caring about it.
        So, for the ultra spenders, their status cards might not reveal much.

        Also, on the question of status and these people, a noticeable number of them fly Ryanair, easyJet very regularly – because it is all about flight time and convenience. There is zero loyalty to the airline, it is all about how convenient the service is to use (which can be a mixture of service and flight schedule). As a result, discount airline status schemes (where it is single carrier only) they often remember to join more often. Where as they are never going to devote the headspace to thinking in terms of *A or OW, they might credit BA to BAEC, but IB to IB+ and AA to AAdvantage, etc.
        Seriously they are the worst people for loyalty, and – while acknowledging my sample size is not huge (but is reasonably diverse) from other anecdotal reports I gather quite a number of the HNWI and personal private jet spenders are like this.

        • Sorry, didn’t finish point in penultimate paragraph:
          So, they actually dilute their alliance spend, resulting in lower status (because they might – 10% chance – have joined the Turkish programme on that Turkish flight they took, same with SK, etc)
          Yet, something like easyjet plus – heavily linked into the booking process, and with hubs about Europe, they might naturally look stronger in.

          (Just to be clear, not seriously suggesting that they should be offering easyJet plus necessarily, etc. I’m just making the point that a number of their target customers will never thing about loyalty schemes – and if they have joined, their status might well be very non-representative)

        • Rob Brown says:

          The only person I know who flies in a Private Jet regularily is 8 (And attends school with my Daughter – who incedently has had a ride in it where as I have never even been up close to one) so my sample size is even smaller than yours (Both in height and number) – but of cause he doesn’t have status with any airline because he has never flown on a commercial jet – he has also never been on a train with other people which is a concept it took me a while to get my head around.

          But I guess they are not after the people who have access to a (or in this kids case, several) private jet, rather they want the people who fly the same routes regularly and don’t mind paying a bit extra for comfort.

        • I remember when I discovered one of my school friends had never been on a bus.

          Also, one of my sisters school friends (they must have been aged about 12-14 at the time) had never been to a supermarket.
          They apparently were amazed how cheap a trolley was, before realising it was just a deposit to return it. (Although I doubt a deposit that small was much a motivation to them)

        • Lady London says:

          You are right.

  6. Return fares from Zurich & Cannes are £650 while Ibiza is £737. It’s an excellent deal and the promotion is only valid from now until March. Great to finally see some healthy competition. As a Jetsmarter member for the last two years I no longer hold BA gold so this is an interesting promotion.

  7. Dang it, this would have been really useful for me if it had been available earlier.

    I booked myself on the BA WT+ deal ZRH-LHR-MCT for £400, so needed to get to ZRH. Currently just going in ET LHR-ZRH on RFS, and driving to LHR and back.

    Would have been nice to do LTN-ZRH-LCY / LHR-MCT, with the private jet, for cheaper and with the ability to drink (since not driving)!

  8. OT but premium flights: Rob is there any company or agents that can access better deals on premium revenue fares in a similar way to which Propeller works with hotels?

    • Not really. Best deals are generally done with a ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ combo via which can yield big discounts, even on Club Europe.

      • Thanks, I was just curious as skyscanner searches, for example, sometime return several companies selling seats for over £100 less than airlines do on their own websites. Some have dubious-sounding names that are quite a deterrant in themselves but others seem to be just small TAs. Interestingly Opodo also features quite frequently but when I look at them they have extra fees for things like seat selection even when the carriers themselves do not, and finding the fare conditions seems to be very difficult.

  9. I sent in the details and within 24 hours was called by a member of the team. There were no questions about salary or personal savings to check my ability to pay the monthly fee. But they do add significant pressure to book the return flight with them I think at £695.

    It wasn’t quite a timeshare type sales call but…………..