ENDS 24th: Get up to 50,000 Avios opening an ISA or SIPP with Nutmeg

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This is your last week to take advantage of wealth management group Nutmeg‘s generous Avios offer for opening a pension or ISA.

If you didn’t get around to opening an account back in April when this offer last ran, you might want to look at the deal now.  The offer has been extended by a week due to strong demand and will definitely close next Sunday, on Christmas Eve.

Full details can be found on the Nutmeg website here.

For every £1 invested you will receive one Avios, up to a maximum of 50,000 Avios, when you open an account with Nutmeg before 24th December 2017.

What is Nutmeg?

As I wrote back in April when this offer last ran Nutmeg is an innovative online wealth management service which offers intelligent investment portfolios to anybody with just £500 to invest with additional monthly contributions of at least £100. If you are currently using St James’s Place, Hargreaves Lansdown etc then the simple Nutmeg annual fee structure of 0.25% to 0.75% should be of interest.

nutmeg avios offer

Your money will be invested in what the company calls a robust, diversified portfolio that spreads risk across asset classes, geographies and industries. YourMoney voted Nutmeg the best online Stocks and Shares ISA provider for both 2015 and 2016.

If you read the Financial Times at weekends you may have seen this recent profile (paywall) on Nutmeg in FT Money.  The company now has over £1 billion of assets under management and has doubled its customer numbers during 2017.

How much do I need to invest?

You can open an account with the minimum contribution for an ISA of just £500 as long as you make additional monthly contributions by direct debit of at least £100. You can also make an initial lump sum contribution of £5,000 or more with no direct debit contributions required. For those opening a pension the minimum is £5,000 with no direct debit contribution required.

What is the maximum I can invest?

The maximum you are allowed to invest in an ISA this tax year is £20,000. You can invest more – Nutmeg will give you one Avios point per £1 on initial investments of up to £50,000, which would earn you 50,000 Avios – but anything you commit beyond £20,000 will be placed in a general investment account.

For a pension, Nutmeg will award one Avios point per £1 on initial investments up to £50,000.  You can invest more but the Avios reward is capped at 50,000 points.

This offer is valid for invested accounts opened and funded by 24th December 2017.

How many Avios will I receive?

You will receive one Avios point per £1 invested.

However, it is important to note that the offer is only open to new Nutmeg customers.   A ‘new customer’ is defined as someone who has not previously invested with Nutmeg.

When do I receive my Avios?

Your bonus can be credited to either an avios.com or British Airways Executive Club account.  You will receive your Avios within 45 days of making your initial investment.

If you make a withdrawal or close your Nutmeg account within 12 months, Nutmeg reserves the right to to withdraw the cash equivalent of the Avios points value awarded from the closing balance before returning funds.

How do I apply?

You need to sign up and invest via this special landing page to earn Avios.  Applications via the standard Nutmeg home page will not earn any points.

Remember, as with all investing, that your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Nutmeg can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.  ISA and pension rules apply. 

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  1. Is it me or do we see a very similar offer from Nutmeg every week?
    In the nicest possible way, it doesn’t feel like new news.

    Feedback is a gift and what have you (still a fan of the site!)

  2. Paul Jones says:

    Does anybody have any negatives or concerns about investing in Nutmeg. I am very tempted but concerned they are not yet in profit but apparently that is quite normal for a relatively new investment company

    • Investments of up £50.000 you should be covered by the FSCS. This is of course only when Nutmeg would go bust no when investments go down.

    • Cristiano says:

      I use Nutmeg from last year when they were doing a similar offer.
      Not really concerned, I can tell I used and had a return of about 3% with their medium risk investment. Not great but well, better than zero 🙂

      • The problem with Nutmeg is that you invest in a portfolio of funds. So your money is evenly spread over different markets and types of investments. Inherently this leads to muted gains but then the potential losses are small even if you take the high risk option it will be safer than investing in a single fund or stock. All my funds at H&L and in my pension pot outperform Nutmeg easily but those are all long term investments.

    • I invested with Nutmeg 2 years ago. I’m up 10.5% overall (after fees) at the 6 level of risk.

      Very easy to do. I know the fees are a bit more than other places, but it’s easy and I’m very happy with the returns.

  3. guesswho2000 says:

    It makes me laugh when these things spring up every now and again. To be fair, QF do make their ‘dress code’ clear, and have done for ages now.

    That said, I was in the MEL & ADL QF Clubs last month in shorts and flip flops (sorry, thongs), same with the VA lounges at MEL & CBR a couple of weeks ago, so I suspect there’s maybe more to the story than meets the eye? If you look half way presentable, there’s no issue in my experience, and the dress code is, I suspect, a cover-all (excuse the pun).

  4. OT but no Bits – had a text from Lloyds today re fraud. Poor text in that it provided number to call in it, which I then had to check was valid before calling. Fraud team denied a major issue (despite lots of mention on here of similar). Fraud transaction was on Amex, new card that I hadn’t even used yet! Not impressed with the way they seem to be in denial.

    • Fortunately not had fraud on my Lloyds card -just had everything else go wrong. My complaints manager for my Avios issue said it was an Amex fraud and not a problem at Lloyds. Today is the day our statement should be produced and points transfer over – will be a first in 13mths if they do!

  5. ……. but wearing (clean) miner’s uniform including HiVis seemed completely acceptable in all lounges at Perth Airport!
    Only down under!

  6. But a) Uggs were originally designed as slippers, so they are sleepwear and b) Heaven 17 are way better than Human League.

  7. OT – Upgraded through the link from the gold to the platinum charge card. I’m going to do a billhop £1000 spend to trigger the 20k MR bonus. However, I don’t see the bonus listed within rewards as a target just like the companion voucher spend would for instance. Has anyone any experience using the upgrade link having not actually received the email? If so, how quickly are the points credited after the spend? Thanks!

  8. OT: any advice on the best BUSINESS credit card? sign up and ongoing
    i already have an amex but i now need a visa or mastercard avios earning card as many of the people we work with do not take Amex cards
    many thanks!

    • There isn’t one. No Business Visa or MC has travel rewards AFAIK. However as we have said before there is no legal or accounting rule to stop you using personal cards, as I do. HFP pays my Amex Plat fee and I ensure only HFP charges go through it.

  9. Are you allowed to disclose how much you’re being paid to gave this pinned as your main article this week, amongst many other times we seem to see this advert?

    • Whether it is nothing, eleventy gazillion pounds, or something in between, it’s a factual article not a recommendation. As with any other article on hfp, it’s written for reasonably savvy grown ups, who can decide whether it’s relevant to their own circumstances or not.

      • Regardless, it reads more like a sales pitch than a factual article, which sadly is becoming the more and more often the norm here it seems. I used to love this blog, but recently it’s become more and more obvious that the content takes a back seat to what brings in the money / avios for the site owner. Shame.

        • I am not allowed, under my FCA licensing, to have it sound anything like a sale pitch, which it isn’t. I reckon the last HFP article which you could argue was vaguely commercial was our special Billhop promo which was December 12th, which makes it 30 articles ago ….

          This is despite the fact that our overheads just to keep the lights on are £70k per year, primarily Anika’s salary and our office.

  10. O/T my BA Avios T-355 date is only a few days away now. What time and number is best to ring for the outbound flights and then the return (going to use companion voucher). The T-355 date falls on Xmas day – will i need to wait until boxing day? Thanks!

    • the real harry1 says:

      I think you can just book the outbound flight online in the normal way (at midnight UK) – the 2-4-1 voucher should pop up in your BAEC a/c

      it’s the return flight where you need to get on the phone

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