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I wanted to give our luxury hotel booking service another mention today.  Since I launched this service a year ago with Emyr Thomas of Bon Vivant, the feedback from Head for Points readers has been excellent. Over £720,000-worth of rooms have been booked so far.

Here is an email I received from a reader, for example:

“I just wanted to give some feedback on Emyr and Bon Vivant. I have just used him to book three nights at the Conrad NYC for my brother’s wedding and also a night at the Park Hyatt in DC. Fantastic service, emails answered promptly, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Certainly offers a lot better service than other similar agents I have used through Flyertalk contacts.”

What we can offer

The luxury hotel companies do not get a lot of coverage on Head for Points due to their lack of loyalty schemes. This is despite the fact that many HFP readers are regular visitors to high end hotels.

If you are staying at a major luxury hotel brand, there is one inescapable fact – you will not get the best deal by booking directly. The major hotel groups all offer additional benefits and special deals which can only be accessed when booking via a luxury travel agent. These agents are relatively difficult to locate in the UK.

Virtuoso travel agent London

To plug the gap, I have teamed up with Emyr Thomas who runs luxury agent Bon Vivant to offer a luxury hotel booking service for HFP readers.

Via our partnership with Emyr, you are able to book better luxury hotel deals than you could book yourself via a London-based travel agent who is committed to fast response times and excellent customer service.

Virtuoso travel agent UK

If you are considering booking a luxury hotel, I would strongly recommend contacting Bon Vivant to see what special offers are available for that particular property.

Bon Vivant is an affiliate of SmartFlyer, a Virtuoso agency, which means that booking through them can give you access to benefits including upgrades, free breakfast, early check-in / late check-out and $100 hotel credits (or similar) at every Virtuoso hotel.

Most of the top hotel groups (including Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Four Seasons etc) have hotels that are a part of Virtuoso and you can access these benefits by booking through Bon Vivant.

There are many hundreds of other luxury hotels globally – including many Fairmont, One & Only, Hyatt, Corinthia and InterContinental properties – where Bon Vivant can access similar deals via the Virtuoso network. At InterContinental Le Grand Paris and InterContinental London Park Lane, for example, you will receive free club lounge access (usually €140 / £120 per night) when you book any room at Best Flexible Rate.

Bon Vivant will make the reservation for you and send you a confirmation outlining your exclusive benefits. You pay the hotel as usual on departure. Some hotels may request a night’s refundable deposit, or similar, but this will be outlined at the time of booking.

Reservations booked under these deals are fully flexible and have the same cancellation rules as a standard booking at the same property. The price is usually the same as the flexible rate shown on the hotel website and, by negotiation, the hotel can often be persuaded to match any promotional rates.

When a hotel is part of a loyalty programme, you WILL receive points and any elite benefits as well. This is not usually the case when booking via a third party travel agent.

Virtuoso travel agent London

Contacting Bon Vivant

If you already have a hotel stay in mind and want to see what additional amenities may be available via Bon Vivant, please contact Emyr Thomas via the form below.

Please be as specific as possible about your requirements. For example ‘I am looking at booking a Deluxe Room at Mandarin Oriental Prague for 21st to 24th March. Can you please confirm the additional benefits you can offer at this property and the rate available?’.

Remember that, in most cases, you will need to book a refundable rate to unlock these additional benefits. This programme is NOT about getting you a cheaper rate than booking direct – it is about getting you valuable additional benefits for the same price.

If you have any comments about Bon Vivant and their service, please email me directly at rob [at]

IMPORTANT: If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please drop me a note. The form below is not foolproof and it occasionally fails to trigger at our end or goes into spam at your end. If you do not see the form because you are reading via Apple News, RSS etc, please email me at rob [at] with your requirements and I will pass it across to Emyr.

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GDPR data protection information:  The information you submit through this form is sent to Bon Vivant and Head for PointsBon Vivant will use it solely for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. You will not receive any unsolicited future marketing information.  Head for Points will keep a record of your enquiry for up to six weeks and may contact you once for service feedback, at which point your data will be deleted from our email system.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (18)

  • Ann h says:

    It’s actually getting a bit tiring seeing these type of obvious commercial plugs based on the fact the site owners have a financial interest in this company – or credit card discussions whereby there are commission deals flying around. Focus on writing some gritty, decent articles rather than constant commercial plugs!

    • Simon says:

      Don’t read them, or don’t subscribe. It’s a free (to us) service. And one I’ve benefited from immensely, including snapping some iberia business class flights using avios from their recent promotion. One I only took up based on the explanations on this site.

      Some people are never happy!

    • Mike says:

      Ann h – Just skip the articles you are not interested in.

    • Leo says:

      Well I think Ann h should be allowed to express her opinion. It may actually be of assistance to Rob in knowing how to pitch articles etc. I am a long time reader and have benefited over and over from advice here. I love HfP! But if anyone is ever slightly critical you get the “ask for your subscription back” comments. Whilst not an actual democracy HfP is fairly democratic in its comments section. Let’s hope that continues.

      • Simon B says:

        You have a point – maybe an email to Rob direct would be a better approach though?

        Moaning on a forum about material you don’t need to read when a number of other readers have already clearly benefited from this tie up makes Ann H look a little mean spirited, at best.

    • Rob says:

      You picked the wrong target here. 90% of readers do not know such preferred deals exist and, even if they did, would not know a Virtuoso agent who could book one. For many readers finding Emyr is the single most valuable thing they have ever got from reading HFP and I have a long string of emails (and $1m of bookings) to prove it.

      Emyr charges no booking fees and he rebates part of his commission to us (as is made clear) so it literally costs you nothing. You also get to deal with probably the nicest person in the luxury travel business.

      • Lyn says:

        This is spot on. There must be some other hfp readers like me who only make luxury hotel bookings for a few special occasions. So while I was aware of Virtuoso, I would never have thought of actually contacting a Virtuoso agent. Rob’s collaboration with Emyr has changed this. I am very grateful for Emyr’s help with bookings at the IC Le Grand and IC Madrid so far, giving us club lounge access along with our normal IHG status benefits and points. He is very competent and helpful. I think he must be one of the nicest people in the whole travel business, not just the luxury travel business.

        • Michael_s says:

          +1 Emyr is genuinely very helpful, cannot recommend him enough. Benefits you can get through him can easily be valued $1k for a 5 days stay, which the hotel is willing to comp for. You’re better off, Emyr’s better off, Rob’s better off and worst case you just don’t book it if you’re not convinced?

          I for one do not like irrelevant ads (that shirt thing few months ago for example) but anyone with a college degree should nowadays know how a content website operates. To moan on a forum achieves little. If you’re still unhappy, ask Rob for your subscription money back, I’m sure he will be kind enough to refund it 🙂

    • Jeff says:

      Please pipe down love. This is a serious site.

  • Bagoly says:

    BTW, congratulations on a very clear description of cookies, affiliates etc.
    I think the page linked to at the top of each article is new this week, but I may have just missed it earlier.
    I recommend using this as a (free!) example to other sites of what they ought to have.

    • Rob says:

      It has been there since the GDPR changes but we were told it should move to the top instead of the bottom of articles.

  • Gidon says:

    skylark will show you all virtuoso prices live on their website

  • Andrew_A says:

    We used Bon Vivant to book 3 x Shangri-la hotels in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The service from Emyr was really good with prompt replies to emails etc. I actually emailed Emyr for some advice when in Hong Kong last month as the AC in the whole hotel wasn’t working and, after staying the first night of a 3 night stay, I wasn’t sure whether to move or sit tight. He replied to my email promptly with some advice which was much appreciated as he didn’t need to respond. Incidentally we did move to the IC Grand Stanford for the last 2 nights and the Shangri-la gave us the first night with lounge access FOC. Result!

  • Ann h says:


    Thanks for the responses to my comment. I’m not going to reply to the ‘well ignore them then’ comment. It’s feedback for the site owners, a comment – and that’s the purpose of a comment board. I just honestly have noticed a decline in the quality of articles over the past year or two. There clearly is a commercial relationship and so it’s impossible to provide truely unbiased reviews. There are also loads of agencies that have Virtuoso access. A more unbiased article would review 5 different agencies, which you don’t have a commercial relationship with, and give an objective view as to which is best. Honestly – I actually think submitting an email form is far slower than calling some other virtuoso agents (but the cynic in me is thinking this is because this is a way of tracking which sales come through this site). Anyway, I’m just making the point that it’s not good journalism to be writing articles because you get backhanders for applying for a card or using a service.

    • Happy days says:

      So you know Rob gets backhanders then? I’d be careful what one says on a public forum and to be fair to Rob there’s countless times he mentions he gets paid ie Amazon. I for one am happy with what Rob produces and the benefits I gain from them, he also doesn’t do this for free.

      Just my view for what it’s worth.

    • Ralph says:

      I do hope than Ann H will stop reading and/or commenting.

      Rob provides a superb valued added service. I enjoy reading every one of his emails; even when they are of no immediate apparent interest to me, it is clear they are well researched and I note them in case they are of future relevance to me. The site has alerted me to dozens of great opportunities and I have always been happy to share interesting discoveries. That Rob / HfP might derive some benefit from his excellent work seems entirely right.