Bits: Lloyds Avios Duo balance transfers, Opodo discount code, Carlisle Lake District airport delayed again

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News in brief:

Lloyds Avios Duo credit card balance transfer deal

A couple of readers have been in touch about a targeted balance transfer offer they have been given by Lloyds Bank on their Lloyds Avios Duo credit card.  This card is no longer available to new applicants.

(EDIT: this may be just for holders of the old Duo cards, not Avios Rewards, and I have reworded the article)

These were the terms:

1,500 Avios per £1,000 balance transfer made

0% balance transfer free

4.9% APR on the balance transferred

If you have this on your card, you shouldn’t need me to point out that making a transfer from another card – which you immediately repay – will result in some virtually free Avios.

Be 100% certain that your offer has a 0% balance transfer fee and not the usual 3% fee, because if it doesn’t they will be very expensive Avios ….

Opodo discount code

New Opodo discount code released

Opodo has released a new promotional code which is good for bookings made by 25th July.

There are three different offers:

Save £40 on a flight booking of £750 or more

Save £40 on car hire of £300 or more

Save £70 on a ‘flight and hotel’ booking of £900 or more

The promo code for all three offers is 2SALES

Full details of these Summer sale offers can be found on the Opodo site here.


Carlisle Lake District Airport opening delayed – again

The drawn-out saga of the reopening of Carlisle Lake District Airport to passenger flights has taken another twist.

The original launch of scheduled air services, planned for Monday 4th June, had already been postponed until 3rd September.  This has now been pushed back even further, to an unspecified dates in “Spring 2019”.

The airport blamed this on “the growing global shortage of qualified air traffic control staff available to meet training and regulatory deadlines”.  The airport will be able to handle general traffic, as this requires a lower level of ATC cover.

Passengers booked on the Loganair routes to or from Carlisle Lake District from Belfast City, Dublin or London Southend will be offered refunds or alternative flights from Manchester or Glasgow.

You can read more on the Loganair website here.

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  1. Absolute bull from Carlisle Airport. As an Air Traffic Controller with some connection to the airport, I know people who have worked there very recently, and I can assure you that it’s far less to do with the ‘global shortage’ than the pathetic pay and conditions. The airport is a joke, the management haven’t got a clue what they’re doing and whenever they do manage to get some new staff in they last 5 minutes. They subcontracted the ATC out to Peel (Liverpool & Doncaster Airports) who sent some good Controllers up there. They didn’t last any longer and Peel have washed their hands if it all too now by the sounds of it.
    Just take a look at the comments on their Facebook page, that says it all.
    Sorry Cumbria, it’s not happening any time soon.

  2. Andy Ketchley says:

    I have the balance transfer offer showing on my account but it’s for the Lloyds Duo Avios card , not the Avios Rewards card – terms copied as follows:-

    If you’re a Duo Avios credit card customer, and opened your account before the 3rd November 2013, you’ll earn 1,500 bonus points for every whole £1,000 transferred. Bonus Avios are only awarded on whole multiples of £1,000s (£1,000, £2,000, £3,000 etc.) transferred from a single provider. For example, bonus Avios would not be awarded on a balance transfer of £900 or if the transfer is split between more than one credit or store card.

    • PS. The transfer APR is also 4.9% – appreciate the date in the T & C says 2013 – the offer is shown as ‘’available’ on my account.

    • Neil Preston says:

      I also have the 0% transfer fee offer showing on my Lloyd’s Avios Rewards Account but the following is extracted from the offer t&c’s.

      “If you’re an Avios Rewards credit card customer, and opened your account on/or after the 3rd November 2013, you’ll earn 1.25 Avios for every £5 transferred.”

      So not quite as generous as initially implied from the article. However, I can transfer £5k from my BAPP account so I assume I would earn the original 7,500 Avios on the original BAPP purchases and then a further 1,250 Avios on the balance transfer. Just need to decide if it worth the hassle for 1,250 Avios.

    • Mr Dee says:

      I have the balance transfer rate/0% charge but no mention of the Avios, where can I check that this will include Avios?

      • This is on the balance transfer confirmation screen just before you submit:

        • If you’re an Avios or Choice Rewards credit card customer you could receive rewards for your balance transfers. Once completed, your reward points will appear on your credit card statement. Please refer to your reward terms & conditions for further information.

  3. Peter says:

    Carlisle airport seems to be the UK’S BER version

  4. Does anyone have the code for the offer above (and know if it can be applied if requested)?

    I’ve currently got the following offers showing, can’t see any mention of Avios…

    “0% interest over 15 months with a 3% fee BT027X offer code

    4.9% interest over 36 months with a 0% fee BT380X offer code”

  5. Callum says:

    I’ve had the same balance transfer offer for months but no mention of bonus Avios. I can’t see where it would say that either – how are the people who have it being informed?

    • Also interested to hear where this has appeared for others.

      • Jonathan says:

        On the Lloyds banking app, go to money & balance transfers and then Help & Support at the bottom. It says something like “What rewards can i earn?”

        • Jonathan says:

          Just logged in online using a browser and i do not have a 0% fee option. Seems the mobile site and the website show different things.

        • Brian W says:

          That’s where I found it too on the app. The offer is quite hidden away. I got an email on Thursday with the codes Alan highlights above but no mention of earning Avios anywhere in the email so I thought I wasn’t targeted. But by opening that section on the app (guess it will be in the same place on desktop) it details the offer and terms there.

          I’ve got the really really old £50 annual fee, 241 earning Lloyds branded Duo cards if that helps.

        • Callum says:

          The emails don’t mention Avios because these aren’t Avios promotions.

          1500 per £1000 is the rate for any balance transfer on the old Duo cards.

          While I got an email about this, in the past there has always been at least one offer in the balance transfer section of the app or internet banking for as long as I can remember.

  6. the real harry1 says:

    O/T I am going to find the key to the very rusty padlock on my wallet and reserve a couple of places at No1 T3 on Friday @£5 each, I figure it’s going to be pretty busy. Definitely want to get the summer hols off to a good start. With any luck I can pay off my two younger kids with a tenner to sit out with the hoi polloi – though they did start getting cute about asking for the exact equivalent cost of lounge pass – good job they don’t know about £5 reservation fee heh heh 🙂

    • the real harry1 says:

      haha! bit the bullet and reserved 4 slots, don’t want to leave the kiddy widdies out in the cold 🙂

      Hey Raffles – this might appeal to you – did you know? – HARRY, YOUR RESERVATION IS COMPLETE!
      [link] Now share it any way you like to get your reward.
      [Could be a bit of a con as the email that follows just says: You can get £5 off
      for each friend who visits for the first time.]

      You can never have too many ways to get in lounges free 🙂

      • Harry, ping me a referral please
        [email protected]

        Do you think think works with Lounge pass?

        ps. How do you rate this PP Groupon deal?

      • Interesting, Harry how do you view this offer??

        • the real harry1 says:

          Sure, I know about the Groupon offer, but it’s pretty poor vs alternatives – the Black Friday 10-shot PP deal is still going & better, with 10 passes coming out at around £120 after c/b, so under £12 per lounge entry. Unfortunately – unlike the Amex PP deal, you have to pay for all guests. It’s only suitable for people who can use 10 lounge passes in a year, and as I have to drive on my return to UK = no boozing (and my returning/ homeward airport is brilliant, an oasis of calm with cheap fast food, cheap chilled beer if you fancy a thirst quencher, so totally unlike T3!) I could only properly use 5 passes a year. I have PP anyway at the mo, as the Plat is pretty much paying for itself, I guess I’ll keep it going for the time being.

        • I like the Amex plat card, got my parents a supp and they made use of the car insurance waiver on their first trip, no questions asked just paid out. Some nice Spaniard drove into the rental car twice and drove off….
          Card has easily paid for itself in first 4 months…..

        • the real harry1 says:

          Yep I initially balked @ £450 then I realised (doh! 🙂 ) it’s extremely cheap points 🙂

          With insurance on top for free lol

    • Jovanna says:

      There’s a discount code for the No.1 Lounge. 20% off with HSBC20.

  7. Bonglim says:

    Doesn’t apply to me, as I don’t have that Avios card,
    But hoping someone has a few thousand pounds on an account and a card that accepts 0% balance transfers….
    Could you then transfer the money backwards and forwards for unlimited Avios?

    • Unless the other card had a zero fee to transfer back it wouldn’t work. Also each balance transfer will impact your credit report

      • No more than spending that amount of money would impact your credit report

      • Callum says:

        How will they impact your credit report? I’ve been trying to come up with a single reason why it would but am completely stumped!

      • But you’ve spent the money and have it on your balance already – you’re just shifting it between cards, I don’t see how that would have an impact?

    • Peter K says:

      Only if both are 0% transfer fee.

    • Mr Dee says:

      Also its likely a one time offer

      • guesswho2000 says:

        The 0% maybe, but it’ll likely be for as many transfers as you like within the offer period. I’ve had an iteration of it for months now, although haven’t used it as I’m triggering the upgrade voucher.

        The Avios offer isn’t one time, it’s in the T&Cs of the card. It could be varied at any time, with proper notice, of course.

  8. Shaun McW says:

    Has been an offer on my old Lloyd’s Avios for a while (12 mths+?) and have used it twice (with 0% fee). Avios posted all OK. Did a couple of big Amex purchases then moved to Avios and paid off. Worked a treat…

  9. OT
    Any recommends for US car hire that allow under 21 as additional driver without extra per day charge? Snowboarding in colorado around new year and would be good if our lad can do some driving. Amex platinum should cover all of of us for so insurance cost not a concern. Thanks

  10. I have the offer from Lloyd’s too. Same codes as someone confirmed above. There is no mention of the avios part though. Is there some more terms and conditions I’m missing?

  11. Callum says:

    After a bit of digging, it seems this isn’t an offer from Lloyds. The old Lloyds TSB Duo always offered 1500 Avios per £1000 transfer. The Avios Reward card (which I assume most of us have) only offers 250 (1.25 per £5).

    I get these 0% transfer offers all the time (I’ve had this one continuously for over 6 months now) so this is nothing new unfortunately.

    • Callum says:

      Unless someone can confirm they definitely got this on the newer cards – I’d love to be wrong!

      • I’ve got the old Lloyds Duo card and have had the 0% transfer offer for at least the last six months. They pay 1,500 Avios per £1,000 transferred which posts to Avios on the same day as the monthly statement is produced.

  12. Nicky0 says:

    OT: can anyone tell me if they have done enrolment on arrival for global entry? Once you have conditional approval, do you just turn up at the booth when you land or do you have to book an appointment?. A tadge confused as to how it works. I am assuming as a UK citizen you can use enrolment on arrival (not just for US citizens who have left the country and are returning).

    • Given you need to produce a UK police certificate etc I’m not sure how that would work.

      • I didn’t need that for my (booked) interview, just my application number (conditionally approved) and passport. The ‘on arrival’ website doesn’t say that anything about needing more than that.

      • ChrisC says:

        What the CBP confusingly calls ‘enrolment in arrival’ is actually ‘interview on arrival’ so you will have already got your UK approval (which is electronic so you don’t get a paper certificate you get a reference number to enter into your Trusted Traveler account to be able to start the GE application) made the actual GE application and been conditionally approved by the CBP.

        The easiest thing to do at the airport is to ask the queue minder where to go. No need to book an appointment this is a turn up and wait system.

        The CBP website also lists which airports and terminals you can do the interview at – note not available at all terminals and at some the hours are limited and may nit match the arrival times of ex UK flights

        • As ChrisC says. I did it recently (in Tampa), and it took about 10 minutes max.

  13. the real harry1 says:

    O/T Just back from the sun to see a bit of Wimbledon & Croatia win the World Cup Final!

    OK – quick question – is there anybody out there with a legit new IB a/c, but denied the 90K points and going to suck it up like a patsy? 🙂

    • Jimbob says:

      Raises hand

      • the real harry1 says:

        Quote HT FT: ” After all the conflicting information given out, ‘inconsistencies’, denial of promo points for no reason, multiple requests for information, hoops, and unanswered emails, you seriously think it is unreasonable to contact other established channels of Iberia to bring closure to this fiasco?

        Clearly sitting idle does NOT work my friend! ”

        @Jimbob, maybe 90K or whatever cheap points means nothing to you (ah, Vienna! 🙂 ) but I suggest there’s a principle at stake here! Look at yourself in the mirror. Repeat after me: I am not a patsy. I will never be a patsy to some bloated corporation. Get mailing those IB execs & you’ll get your points!

        • Jimbob says:

          I’m no longer a patsy! Now have my full compliment of avios off Iberia.
          Thanks Harry for prompting me to complain, and to Rob for highlighting the promo to begin with

    • Croatia?

  14. Joe B says:

    OT what are the change fees on an avios booking made on gold account? (Seats were only available on gold)

  15. Can we have an update article on what’s going on with the Lloyds cards – I’ve seen something about a rebranding with BA? I recently spoke to the customer service team for the cards at Lloyds and they told me they are not aware of any changes and it’s business as usual (which we know is not true )

    • Callum says:

      It is very true…

      Neither we nor any frontline Lloyds staff) know about any changes and it is business as usual. SOMETHING will change, and it will most likely be along the lines of the new T&C’s leaked a couple of weeks ago, but that’s it

    • We don’t know anything except a) Lloyds put the new Avios earn rates online by mistake for 48 hours, b) the call centre has been calling it the Lloyds BA Mastercard and c) I was told in May that something may happen in September

  16. Lady London says:

    Did someone just delete a post that shows where i got the raspberry and pistachio tart from? I’m Lady London and the tart was of course the only thing I was interested in…

    • Fixed. Not sure why it got trashed, may have done it in error. Bit hit and miss editing via iPhone.

  17. Renaud says:

    Never done a balance transfer before : how does it affect rewards on the card whose balance is being transferred ? Is it like paying the balance off early using a debit card (rewards unaffected), or
    more like a chargeback (rewards for that amount are cancelled) ?


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