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FINISHED: 60 AwardWallet 6-month upgrade vouchers (worth $15 each) to give away at noon today

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There is only one miles and points tool that I use every day – and have done for a number of years – and that is AwardWallet.  There has always been a link to them from the “I Also Recommend …..” section at the bottom of the sidebar on this site.

AwardWallet allows you to store the log-in and password details for pretty much all of the loyalty programmes you are in. It isn’t just travel, either – Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Clubcard, Harrods Rewards …. they cover over 670 programmes from across the world.

Across their entire membership, they are tracking over 133,000,000,000 miles and points!

AwardWallet logo

You can store programmes for various different people inside one AwardWallet account. When I log in, I see over over 30 different accounts across my family. A clever part of AW is the ability to sideline schemes which are dormant or rarely used.

You can sit and back and do nothing with AwardWallet if that is how you want to play it. Once a week, AwardWallet will automatically log in to each of your programmes and update your balance. It will then send you a weekly email with all of your balance changes.

For the more obsessive, like myself, you can log in to AwardWallet and simply click ‘Update’. AwardWallet goes off and updates all of your ‘active’ balances immediately (it takes 3-4 minutes to check my active ones). On a PC you can leave it running in another window.  There is also an impressive app.

If you are not already a member of AwardWallet, you can sign up for free here.

What is AwardWallet Plus?

Whilst AwardWallet is free, you can pay $30 per year to upgrade to ‘Plus’ status.  This comes with a number of extra benefits:

  • Balances update in parallel rather than one at a time (claims a 5x increase in updating speed)
  • The expiry dates of your miles are shown based on what AW knows about the expiry rules of the programme, your status and your recent activity
  • You receive email warnings if miles are heading towards expiry
  • You can see historical transactions for some programmes and a graph of changes in your total balance for all programmes

Award Wallet upgrade Plus code

We have 60 ‘Plus’ upgrades to give away TODAY

Every time a batch of HFP readers signs up for AwardWallet, I receive a voucher code for 6 months free use of their premium service.

I earn substantially more vouchers than I can use.  Today, I am having a clear out!

I have 60 upgrade codes to give away at noon.

To redeem one, you need to be on the desktop version of AwardWallet.  Simply go to the AW website and click on your name in the top left hand corner.  One of the options in the dropdown menu is ‘Upgrade Using A Coupon’.  Input the code and your account will upgrade to ‘Plus’ for the next six months.

If you are already a Plus member, you can add a code.  It will extend your existing membership by six months.

To get a code, you need to visit Head for Points at noon, exactly.  A new article will pop up – it won’t be emailed and it will not be sent to Facebook etc.   Visit the page and cut and paste a code from the list.  If it hasn’t already been used by another reader, you’ll get six months of Plus for free.

Having done this before, I reckon that the codes will disappear in about 5 minutes.  I will delete the list after lunch.

A note on security

Some people, understandably, are worried about the security of their account details. (AW is owned privately by a couple of guys in the US.) If you are, you can choose to have AW store all of your log-in and password data locally on your PC, not on their server. The only impact of this is that you are limited to checking your balances on that one device.

My personal view is that using AwardWallet improves your security.  When my Tesco Clubcard vouchers were stolen, it was AwardWallet that notified me.  If I hadn’t seen my balance change, I may not have noticed for months.  AW has been in business for over ten years now without any serious issues.

I am a big fan of AwardWallet, and if you have never used it I recommend taking a look.  It doesn’t take long to set up, and once you have all your data there it becomes quite addictive checking your balances a couple of times a day.  You can sign up here for FREE and hopefully grab a Plus upgrade code at noon.

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  1. It’s a real shame that for those of us who pay for AwardWallet they still insist on sending “check your balance” traffic via crappy trackers/affilate sites like and, both of which my ad-blocker stops dead by default.

    If I’m paying for a service if would be nice to not try to skim extra affiliate revenue off me.

    • Never noticed anything on the app. I like the service and happily pay the locked in rate of $10 pa. Only “issue” I have is that seemingly the app needs to be on screen to update balances.

      • Ah I’ve never used the app – seemed pretty poor when I last looked at it a year or so ago. Tend to just rely on their automatic updating with email alerts and then occasionally I go to the website and force a full check. The balance history function is invaluable when trying to track what’s happenes in some programmes where they don’t always itemise why the balance has changed (I’m looking at you, Hilton!)

      • Lady London says:

        I use it partially – some airline systems have tried to block it, and some people like Tesco have changed their login procedures over the years and I haven;t updated the data in awardwallet – but there have been quite a few times when Awardwallet has alerted me to a change in points that shouldn;t have happened. can also be used to track other types of Volde-sites that we don’t mention much these days on hfp.

    • @shd not sure what you mean. AwardWallet will be paying DoubleClick (Ad Server owned by Google) to track the traffic

      • No, that’s not how they do it. For account checks done directly from your browser on a desktop computer – which is only a few programmes (ie those where AW needs to log into your account by taking over browser instead of just sending an enquiry via an API) – AW seems to put a cookie on your PC to scoop up a cut of your future booking revenue.

    • Hi, this is Alexi from AwardWallet, all of our ads that you mention can be turned off in the settings if you are a paying member:

  2. Totally agree that it is an awesome site!

  3. never seems to work for me on Tesco’s accounts – it does mine then crashes out on the others in the family – has anyone found a work around for this one ? otherwise it’s great.

  4. I am not able to get on at 1200 hrs – but good luck to those that try

  5. I’m going to give it a try. I’ve always been against these auto-login type apps. However, every other website these days seems to have a recaptcha ‘choose these images’ thing just to log in – hilton for example – which annoysthe living daylights out of me. Plus BA clearly do a better job of keeping their planes in the sky than anything to do with IT. So what’s to lose? Also Rob – I like the gaps in between the comment hierarchies. Much easier to read.

    • The gap is actually not planned 🙂 We’re using a new bit of software to manage the insertion of ads on the site (no difference to the ads themselves, just how they are injected) and that appears to be the cause, although I haven’t worked out the exact reason! Looks OK though so I will not spend any time trying to work out how to change it back.

  6. AW can’t provide info on the expiry of IB Avios. They were wrongly calculating the expiry as 3 years from the last action on the account eg. Avios award booking done today for May next year would reset the expiry date to 3 years and 8 months. If that booking is cancelled the expiry date goes back to the last activity on the account, this could lead to the removal of points due to inactivity. Which is what happened to me a few weeks ago AW showing account expiry date 3 years and 3 months but when the flight was cancelled the Avios were gone within 10 days. IB sweep all accounts on the 1st of each month looking for accounts with no activity during the last 3 years. AW informed me 16 days after the expiry of my Avios that my account now had zero Avios. I am on the paid version.

    This is an email from AW that I received yesterday.

    Hi xcalx
    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to calculate the expiration date for Iberia accounts. If you know when your Avios are going to expire you can click on the “Edit” button next to your Iberia account and specify the expiration date yourself.



  7. worth noting that after AW got hacked a while ago, they released two factor authentication to all users – previously it was just for Plus members.

    it works fine.

    • I am a plus member and never heard about the hacking and I wasn’t offered two factor authentication.

    • ADS –

      AwardWallet was not hacked. When someone uses the same username and password for multiple accounts (e.g., their AwardWallet account and perhaps their account), and one of those accounts is hacked (Blizzard:, this doesn’t mean the other system has been “hacked” when a nefarious person then uses those credentials.

      AwardWallet has implemented multiple additional levels of security over the years to protect members from themselves and bad habits, one of which includes two-factor authentication. AwardWallet has not/never been hacked.

      Please do not spread incorrect information.


      • Thanks Howie for confirming this – think I will at 2FA also!

      • …my bad habits always seem to revolve around my member. But being told I need to protect myself from my bad habits from a millennial – no thanks chum.

        • @Paul grow up and stop trolling. Also, I’m not a millennial.

          Many people are lazy and opt not to follow security best practices and choose to reuse passwords across multiple accounts or use passwords which lack complexity. If you can’t change behavior, do what you can with technology to help mitigate bad behavior — that is what we’re doing here.

    • the_real_a says:

      Thanks i just switched on 2FA 🙂

  8. Love AW. Would never even have heard of it had it not been for HFP.

    Originally, I didn’t think I’d use it much but I live by it now! More than just tracking balances, its helped me track fraudulent use of my Nectar and Hilton points which I would have missed otherwise.

  9. I discovered someone was using my Costa Coffee points via AW. Managed to get them back from Costa and get a new card/account number.

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