Get your HFP Christmas Party tickets at noon today (and at noon tomorrow too!)

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(EDIT: the first batch of tickets went in under a minute.  Well done to those who got one – hopefully some of you who missed out will be successful tomorrow.  Looking at the click numbers into Eventbrite it seems clear that we could sell out something even bigger.  We will look at this again before the Summer event, especially as large venues are easier to secure in June.  Rob)

As we announced on Wednesday, we are pleased to say that we are holding our third Head for Points reader Christmas party on Tuesday 11th December.

We are taking over the The Glasshouse room at the Holiday Inn Camden Lock from 6.30pm to 8.30pm+.  This is situated just a few minutes walk from Camden Town, Camden Road and Chalk Farm tube and National Rail stations.

The Glasshouse is a very light and airy space which worked well for our Summer party as you can see here:

Head for Points Christmas Party

We now have the first batch of raffle prizes to announce!

Our traditional Christmas party raffle is already building up a nice head of steam.  Here are the prizes we had secured by 5pm last night, and more will be announced before the event:

Thank you to everyone who has offered a prize – we really appreciate it.  There should be more prizes added to the list during next week – Anika and Rhys are turning the screws on our industry friends at this very moment!

All attendees will receive one raffle ticket.  It is not possible to buy extra tickets and they are not available to non-attendees.

For clarity, only ticket holders who are in the room when the raffle is drawn at 7.45pm will be eligible to win.

Head for Points Christmas Party

Back to the party details ….

The event runs from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

A full cash bar will be available at standard Camden prices, so £5ish for a beer.

We are still trying to finalise a sponsorship package which would get you your first drink free.  However, you should assume when you buy your ticket that this won’t happen. But it might!

The hotel will keep the bar open beyond 8.30pm if there is demand, and of course you have no shortage of other interesting places to eat and drink afterwards around the market and the wider Camden / Chalk Farm / Primrose Hill area.

How do I get my ticket?

Because we need to ensure that people who ask for tickets turn up, we are charging £10 per ticket.  This price includes VAT and covers our ticketing fees, venue costs and the hotel security fee (we are obliged to hire two security guards!).

We are selling the tickets in two parts:

The first 125 tickets will be sold at noon today (Friday)

The second 125 tickets will be sold at noon tomorrow (Saturday)

We are using Eventbrite again.  Eventbrite has an excellent mobile app, so even if you are not behind a computer at noon you should still be able to purchase.  Set up an account with your credit card data before you head out.

Click here for the tickets released at noon on Friday

Click here for the tickets released at noon on Saturday

You can buy up to two tickets per person but please don’t be nervous about coming on your own.  Frequent flyers are a friendly bunch and always happy to share details of their recent trips and miles-earning tips.

I apologise in advance if you can’t get a ticket due to demand.  We are hoping to make future events even bigger in order to fit in more readers.

American Express is accepted by Eventbrite 🙂

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th December.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Shoestring says:

    Important bit: [Los Avios deberán ser gastados en Iberia o cualquiera de sus partners (aéreos, hoteles, etc) antes del 1 de Diciembre de 2018 para utilizar en cualquier fecha posterior a esta, por ejemplo, en verano de 2019.]

    ‘antes de’ = before, so in Spanish it’s quite clear – use the *before* the 1st December

  2. Gael Wright says:

    Sadly we won’t meet for that drink Cat. I did get up at 1.00 but no joy with tickets. Ah well, the party is actually on the day we arrive back in UK from NZ after 2 x long haul flights and a 15 hour layover in Hong Kong, so maybe it’s just as well we were unlucky. 1.00 am is the time our first flight leaves – 1.00 am must be the new Witching Hour.

    • Shoestring says:

      More tickets tomorrow

    • I’d try again tomorrow! I was teaching my year 10s straight line graphs, so I’m just having to keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow too!

      • They would have thought you were so cool if you’d taken a break to try and get party tickets on line 😂

      • I got one and am also a teacher – see if you can find me at the party – look for a bright shiny shirt

        • I have yet to make outfit choices Hugo, but it will doubtless be a cocktail dress, of some description!
          I will look for a bright shiny shirt, but knowing the colour of the shirt would be useful!

  3. Reading all the comments, its a little dejavu! Last year was a big succes.Rob and co had a year to entertain, plan, execute a bigger party knowing how succesful the last event was. This year with 11 days to go, the same venue is presented almost in a blind haste! It does show that giving more people a chance to meet up was never on the agenda to start with. If rob wanted a big event, a big event would have happened. The fact that it did not happen is the fact that it was not wanted. That is a choice.

    • But it’s not in the same venue as last year, it’s in a bigger venue with 250 tickets rather than 150 last year.

      So, clearly, the choice was to execute a bigger party giving more people the chance to meet up.

      Just as was promised.

    • Shoestring says:

      @TT – so, *all* your negative points are wrong:

      – it’s *not* the same Xmas party venue
      – blind haste? last minute perhaps but the bread & butter is 3 articles/ day of topical points posts
      – more people *was* on the agenda, up from 150 to 250
      – it *is* a bigger event
      – it *has* happened
      – HfP *chose* to make it a bigger event

      • Negative? It is a personal opinion on an open forum that I am sharing, not claiming it is absolutely correct, I was not there when things were decided. Rob comments that it is not his core business, and correct he is.150 tickets 250 tickets, they all went in seconds, Rob knew this would happen again as he is popular as ever (scored £1750 F cpt flights myself for next year earning 160000 avios after robs cc advise given to me). Only saying that if he anounced a 500 people event 2 months ago, it would be sold out aswell, he decided against it, and that is clear as going for the same event as the summer party. It is just an observation……

      • Agree. They do have to find a sponsor, not so easy these days. Think they did pretty well to pull off another xmas party date. Just a shame it’s sooooo popular, as we know it will always be. It’s the luck of the draw. So here’s hoping for today.
        And, Harry, surely you don’t need a meeting to justify a quick trip to London. The hfp party is more than enough justification. Ha ha, if you get a ticket! And plenty of offers of a room to stay, to be sure!

        • So did you get a ticket or not in the end yesterday (Saturday) Polly?

          I’m regretting now that I didn’t apply for two tickets so that I could have let someone else particularly deserving sounding posting here, who had always missed out on a ticket before, have that one. Although Rob probably also insists that ticket pairs arrive together in order to try to prevent any characters with specialist ticket bagging skills from hoarding or reselling them……..

        • No …..

          I think my 10-year old is running the door this time anyway 🙂

        • Rob,

          I’m surprised you are still responding in such a timely manner on a Sunday evening. This obviously shows your own extremely impressive level of commitment to the HfP brand:-)

          Anyway on balance it was probably better not to get two tickets due to it being difficult to offer one to someone else here without you noticing and also because one’s Guest might distract one from talking to all the other interesting members of the HfP community.

          In fact due to the shortage of tickets for this event in relation to the massive level of demand and most HfP regular posters being individuals (even though of course most of them have more “normal” spouses or partners) there probably was a strong case for only letting those succeeding in the entropy based electronic ballot apply for just the one ticket each. Then if all the guest were singles they would simply have to circulate and talk to their fellow HfPers.

      • Shoestring, my post comments and compares this event withn the “last event” it is the same venue, with no more tickets, so not a bigger event at all. So a bigger event as the” last event” has not happened.

    • This is not our core business! We do it on the side. It is also a massive learning curve for us each time.

      As it happens, we now have a strategy – which interestingly came out of all the meetings we’ve had in recent weeks about this party – for a big event next Summer. If it comes off, it will only be because we’ve organised four smaller events over the previous two years and learned from those.

    • I will try and wear one of my yellow ones which means you will spot me in an instant

  4. Enjoy, folks – I’ll be at work and in Scotland so definitely won’t be there – on the upside didn’t have to stress about trying to get a ticket 🙂

  5. Lady London says:

    Yaaaayy! Got one!

    I will be jetlagged from overnight travel the night before, but I’ll still turn up and hope to see as many of other regular posters as possible.

    I’m looking at you, Genghis
    Harry we;ll have to get another time 🙂 !

  6. Yay! Got one! Very much looking forward to it!

    • Huzzah. I managed to get one too… Feeling very chuffed as I missed out last year. Really looking forward to it and meeting you all. And thanks to Rob, Anika and Ryan for organising.

  7. Woop, got one today too!

  8. Booo had a customer in the shop and missed them again!

  9. Damn it! Missed out again! Boo…

  10. Kilburnflyer says:

    Absolutely delighted to have finally bagged a pair of tickets to the HFP party (having tried and failed on several occasions).

    I’ll be the lanky one in the read jumper hoovering up all the crisps, look forward to meeting some of you in person. Was recently able to book 787-9 First Class to Mexico City with 2for1 voucher (back in J from Costa Rica) for our honeymoon next year 😊✈️🥂

    • Kilburnflyer says:

      *red even

      • I must keep an eye out for you Kilburn flyer, I’m doing a v similar journey – Frankfurt to Mexico City in Lufthansa first, then back from Costa Rica in Iberia business (courtesy of their fantastic summer bonus miles promotion) next August.
        Great minds!

        • Kilburnflyer says:

          Ooh Lufty First sounds amazing, would love to sample their First Terminal and onboard soft product, caviar service etc… I must say the seat itself looks OK but doesn’t seem to justifying the fan boy-ing they get from US bloggers such as OMAAT.

          Would be very interested to find out how you booked Lufthansa First with miles (and which award currency you used) though 👍

        • If Rob does a posting about the party on the day, I’ll let you know what I’m planning to wear, and I’ll tell you all about it! If not, I’ll write in bits. Failing all else, look for the guy in the shiny yellow shirt, I’ll probably be chatting to him about the problems with being restricted to redemptions in school holidays!

  11. Spare couple tickets for tonight if anyone can make it last minute.

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