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Bits: 400,000 comments, Norwegian drops Heathrow before launch, 1000 Virgin miles with Tesco auto-conversion

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News in brief:

We’ve hit 400,000 comments!

As you can see from the screenshot below, Head for Points hit 400,000 comments this week.

This is an impressive achievement, and as the stats show over 90% of it is down to the readers and not me!

You should never believe anything you read when it comes to internet statistics.  You can buy page views and followers for peanuts – here is one leading UK-focused travel blog which has 8% of its page views coming from India, suspiciously:

Buy some page views here:

What you can’t fake, of course, is 400,000 comments and it is the factor that I always flag up when we’re talking to potential partners.  Thank you all for your support.

(And if you don’t comment, don’t worry.  We love you too.  We couldn’t cope if everyone commented!)

Norwegian 787

Norwegian decides against launching Heathrow flights

Late last year Norwegian put its hat in the ring for the Heathrow slot lottery and was awarded a handful of summer 2020 slots. These takeoff and landing slots would have enabled it to launch three weekly flights from Heathrow Airport.

Getting into Heathrow is, on paper, a key ambition for most carriers.  However, in reality, it would not have made much sense.  There would have been no connection opportunities and the cost involved in setting up a separate Heathrow operation probably isn’t worth it for three weekly flights.

Norwegian seems to agree, because after “careful consideration” they have decided to return the slots to the airport.  Given their attempts to control spending and “move from growth to profitability” this was most likely the right decision.


Get 1000 Virgin Flying Club miles with Tesco autoconvert

Get 1,000 Virgin Flying Club bonus miles with Tesco Clubcard

Looking at emails sent out yesterday, Virgin Flying Club has brought back its favourite Tesco Clubcard offer – a 1,000 miles opt-in bonus for switching on auto-convert.

For clarity, this may be targetted to people who received the email.  It is not showing on either the Tesco or Virgin Atlantic websites.

I do not recommend auto-converting your Clubcard points, to either Virgin Flying Club or Avios.  You would miss out if a conversion bonus came along, or indeed a better Tesco Clubcard offer launched with another partner. It is better to keep your Clubcard vouchers in a drawer until you need them, or until a conversion bonus appears. The days of lucrative offers on Tesco Clubcard, however, are over.

If you have a dormant Clubcard account, or one which only accrues a handful of points per quarter, you should go for this.  In your personal details you can elect to have future Clubcard points sent to Virgin.

Even though your Clubcard account is empty, or virtually empty, you will still get the 1,000 Flying Club miles.  Once they turn up, you can switch off auto-convert if you wish.

There is minimal small print attached to this:

You must sign up for Auto Convert between now (7th February) and 29th February 2020 to qualify for the 1,000 bonus miles. The bonus miles can only be collected once.

As an extra bonus, one person who switches on auto convert before 29th February will win 40,000 Flying Club miles.

You can see details of the Tesco / Virgin partnership on the Virgin Flying Club / Tesco Clubcard page here although the conversion bonus is not mentioned there.

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  1. Secret Squirrel says:

    Would my partner receive a referral bonus if she referred me to BAPP, I am already holding the BA Blue card & I was under the impression recently if you applied for BAPP but already held BA Blue it was counted as an upgrade?

    • I saw a report recently where someone said they didn’t get the referral bonus when doing the same thing.

      • fivebobbill says:

        Yeah me! Tried it a few months back and no referral bonus appeared, so got the card holder to call Amex and they confirmed no bonus for referrer if cardholder already held Blue ;-(

      • tWas me!

        I called before referring my wife the BAPP and was clearly told I would get the referral points.
        On further phone calls I was told to wait as it can take 90 days…….
        until the news was broken that I would not receive the points, I asked for the exact wording on the T&C’s, the (surprisingly dumb CS agent) read out totally irrelevant stuff. to cut the long story short, I got a call back from a manager who listened into my previous conversations, agreed that I had been miss informed and very kindly dumped 9000 avios into my account.

  2. Sorry, All, for this OT, but with all the Revolut/Virgin re-coding hijinks lately and not ever doing this kind of thing routinely myself, then I simply cannot remember what the right answer is: an ATM withdrawal (£100) via Curve with Virgin underlying: this remain fee-free, doesn’t it? Again, sorry for such banality! Thank you for any response! 🙂

    • Yes still avoids charges. So do HSBC PWE and IHG premium in my recent experience.

      • Thanks a lot, MD. Much appreciated! 😉

        • Secret Squirrel says:

          How many MR points does someone referring from Gold card to BAPP?
          Does the referrer get the points just for acceptance?

          • Shoestring says:

            6000, it doesn’t matter which card the referee decides on (except if it’s a ‘nothing’ card)

          • You get the referral bonus if they are accepted but it’s only 6000 MR points now 😩

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            Cheers SS & Anna, just hope if I canx I’m accepted again as now got 4 x CC’s on the go with a hard search just hit for the IHG white this week.

          • Shoestring says:

            4 is nothing, dare you to double it and go for 8 – why the hell not? 🙂

          • Mikeact says:

            I won’t tell you how many I have, suffice to say that the Guinness book of records (uk) was on my radar in the 80/90’s. And they are mostly still live, apart from some that have died a death or been aquired.

  3. Just picked up a £4 off £40.00 spend at Waitrose with till receipt. Will go nicely with the 4% rebate from Amex.

  4. Secret Squirrel says:

    How many cards have you got on the go?

    • Shoestring says:

      nothing much compared to the past

      going to get my wallet & check

      • Shoestring says:

        17, looks like – might be a couple in there I confiscated from my wife/ son as they don’t understand focused spend

        • Shoestring says:

          why don’t you consider getting 3 policies with different providers, all through MT?

          I’m bloody 57 this year and never paid anything like £5 – otoh I am healthy, never smoked (true), don’t drink any alcohol etc

        • You want the shortest policy to cover the smallest mortgage. I’m 52 and my policies are £1.3X and £1.6X. Decided to keep them after unexpected surgery last year.

          @Harry, how come you’re paying £6 for L&G. Did you not choose the option to pay £5, or was it not available to you? I note we cannot claim voucher until 6 months have passed so it must have been Sun Life that sent me the voucher quickly last time. In their terms Sun Life state they reserve the right to refuse a voucher to anybody who has applied and cancelled before so I’m undecided whether to try it again.

        • Shoestring says:

          presumably they didn’t like my age/ postcode combo – £5 not offered

        • Age I guess, the premiums probably start to go up quite sharply after a certain age.

  5. Shoestring says:

    Looks a good one – needs testing:
    [Hello Shoestring!
    There’s only one thing on our mind this month. And that’s your February getaway.
    Are you staying close to home with a weekend break to Europe, or going further afield and enjoying the sights of the famous Rio Carnival? Wherever you’re headed, when you book lounge access this month, we’ll include a glass of complimentary Champagne!
    See, not romantic at all… right?
    Use code CHAMP20 by the 29th February, for visits until 30th April.]

    I think this means you can prebook a £7.80 D/P lounge for £5 and get a free glass of Champers

  6. Shoestring says:

    [By recommending credit cards on this site, I am – technically – acting as a credit broker. Robert Burgess, trading as Head for Points, is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a credit broker.]

    So can Ben Smithson just do the same thing, unregulated and unauthorised?

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Anyway to PM you?

      • Shoestring says:

        would be nice but I don’t have any email addresses since I started worrying about people contacting me, they called themselves friends, professionals, shops I bought stuff from

        but all very worrying so now I don’t have an email address or a phone, I am off the grid

      • You can also work for a company that is regulated – only one person in the company needs to be properly qualified and then needs to certify that other employees have adequate experience and supervision.

        Unless you have supervision you cannot write about credit products IF you link back to an application site. Free speech allows you to write anything you want about Amex Gold BUT if you link to the Amex website you are seen as marketing the product and must be authorised. Importantly it makes no difference whether or not Amex pays you or even knows you are doing it.

  7. DAVID MEAD says:

    Love hfp…totally amazed when I have emailed Rob the speed of response …keep it going ..and I still dont quite understand what to do to mac my Amex card points ..

  8. 400k comments but it’s not possible to read yesterdays comments that I made without having to trawl through pages and pages in the hope that someone has replied.

    The comments could definitely be better managed, word press standard comments aren’t meant to be for such a large scale and it is quite frankly a mess if there is more than 1 page, the lack of logins contributes to this as well. I’m not going to suggest alternatives as we know Rob doesn’t want to Disqus it!

  9. “For clarity, this may be targetted to people who received the email. It is not showing on either the Tesco or Virgin Atlantic websites”

    website in the link now clearly says the following:
    Between 6th – 29th February 2020 , Flying Club members who do not already auto-tip can enjoy 1,000 bonus miles if they sign up to do this, plus entry into a prize draw to win an extra 40,000 miles!

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