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How does Heathrow Rewards work?

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This is our review of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty programme.

Is it worth joining Heathrow Rewards?  What are Heathrow Rewards points worth?  How can you transfer them to Avios or other programmes?  We will cover all this and more.

The scheme has just unveiled a massive overhaul of its website this week so I thought it was worth taking another look.

What is Heathrow Rewards?

Heathrow Rewards is the loyalty scheme for the shops, restaurants and bars at Heathrow Airport. 

In general, you can only earn points when you are at the airport.  However, there are some interesting ways of earning them even when you are not flying, and you can earn and spend points without ever setting foot in Heathrow.

How do you join Heathrow Rewards?

Head over to the Heathrow Rewards website and register.  It is free to join Heathrow Rewards.

The only condition is that membership is limited to one per household.  The system will notice if your address is already registered.  The easiest way around this, if you need multiple memberships, is to use your office address or change your address from, say ’29 High Street’ to ’29a High Street’.

Is their a ‘virtual’ Heathrow Rewards card I can add to my phone?

Yes.  Annoyingly you cannot download it from the Heathrow Rewards website.  However, there is a link in the monthly emails you will be sent.

Is there a bonus for joining Heathrow Rewards?

New members will receive 100 points for free.  These are worth £1 or 100 Avios or other miles, but you need at least 250 points to redeem.

In the past Heathrow Rewards has had spend-based bonuses for new members, such as ‘join via this link and earn 3,000 bonus points when you spend £150 in one day’.  These offers expired at the end of 2019 and have not been renewed for 2020.

There is a ‘refer a friend’ offer but, oddly, it doesn’t offer anything to you!  The person who refers you will receive 500 points if you spend £100 in one day after joining, but you don’t get anything.  However, you may want to help out a friend if you know they are a member.  Your friend can find the ‘refer a friend’ form on the ‘Dashboard’ page of the new Heathrow Rewards website.

How do I earn Heathrow Rewards points?

The main way of earning points is at the shops, bars and restaurants in Heathrow Airport.  You earn 1 point per £1 spent.

This is not restricted to the outlets beyond security.  You can also collect in the shops in the Arrivals halls.  I often pick up a few points when I order a coffee whilst waiting for someone I have come to meet off a flight.

There is no minimum spend, as long as your purchase is for at least £1.

There are various others ways of collecting Heathrow Rewards points, most of which are not commonly known:

Official Heathrow Parking – you earn 1 point per £1 spent in the airport-owned car parks.  You can book your parking here.

Heathrow Express trains – you earn 1 point per £1 spent if you book on the Heathrow Express website or via the app

Travelex – you earn 1 point for £10 you exchange at Travelex loctions in the airport

Airport Loungesyou earn 1 Heathrow Rewards point per £1 spent at the Aspire airport lounges in Terminal 5 and Terminal 2, as long as you pay on the door instead of booking in advance

‘Premium’ services – you earn bonus points if you book Heathrow Porters, Shop & Collect, Reserve & Collect or Home Delivery

Here are three interesting off-airport options:

Rocketmiles hotel bookings – Rocketmiles is an online hotel booking website which lets you collect points with various travel rewards programmes with every booking.  Heathrow Rewards is one of these programmes.  There are often VERY generous deals to be had.  In late 2018, for example, Rocketmiles offered 5,000 bonus points on your first hotel booking!  I ended up earning 7,000 Heathrow Rewards points with a £115 hotel room in Manchester.

The Rocketmiles home page for Heathrow Rewards is here.  However, any special temporary offers will not show here and will have a different landing page, so it is worth checking the Heathrow Rewards ‘Offers & Competitions’ page on the website before booking.

Lufthansa Miles & More – you can convert Miles & More miles to Heathrow Rewards points.  The ratio is not great – 7,500 miles gets you just £20 of Heathrow Rewards points, with an additional £5 for every extra 1,875 miles you convert.  This only makes sense if your miles are about to expire.

Emirates Skywards – you can convert Emirates Skywards miles to Heathrow Rewards points.  The ratio is 6,000 miles for £20 of Heathrow Rewards points.  Again, this is not a great deal if you have other uses for your Skywards miles but can be useful if they are approaching expiry.

IMPORTANT:  Heathrow Rewards points earned from Lufthansa or Emirates can only be used for Heathrow Airport shopping and parking vouchers or Heathrow Express tickets.  They cannot be transferred onwards into Avios or other external partners.

What is the Heathrow Rewards Premium tier?

If you spend £750 in the airport shops, restaurants or bars in a calendar year, you are promoted to Heathrow Rewards Premium.  This comes with extra benefits:

Double points on all of your spending

5,000 bonus Heathrow Rewards points with your first Rocketmiles hotel booking after achieving Premium (new customers only)

One-off £10 discount when you spend £100 at World Duty Free

None of this is life changing but it’s better than nothing!  When you hit £750 of spending, you will receive Premium status for the remainder of the current calendar year and all of the following year.

How can I spend Heathrow Rewards points?

There are a mix of redemption options available, the majority of which need to be ordered via the website:

£5 Heathrow shopping voucher for 500 points – some shops including World Duty Free will let you redeem instantly by scanning your Heathrow Rewards membership card.  Others require you to order paper vouchers via the Heathrow Rewards website.

£10 Official Heathrow Parking voucher for 500 points 

£5 Heathrow Express voucher for 500 points

250 frequent flyer miles for 250 points

Can you earn Avios with Heathrow Rewards points?

Yes, Avios (via British Airways Executive Club or Aer Lingus AerClub) is one of the Heathrow Rewards frequent flyer partners.

Other Heathrow Rewards airline partners are:

  • Lufthansa Miles & More
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  • Royal Brunei Royal Skies
  • Aegean Miles+Bonus
  • Asia Miles
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Virgin Flying Club

All transfers need to be done via the Heathrow Rewards website.

What are Heathrow Rewards points worth?

Most of the redemption options will give you 1p per Heathrow Rewards point.

The obvious exception is Official Heathrow Parking where you get 2p per point.

If you value frequent flyer miles at more than 1p, there is a premium for converting at 1p = 1 mile to an airline partner.

IMPORTANT:  Heathrow Rewards runs occasional transfer bonuses.  The best we have seen in the past were a 100% bonus when converting to Heathrow shopping vouchers and occasional 50% – 100% bonuses to specific airlines.  If you don’t need to spend your points immediately, it makes sense to wait.

Can I transfer Heathrow Rewards points to someone else?

Yes, which is generous.

As per the rules:  “You can transfer your Heathrow Rewards points to another member’s account by calling our call centre. There is a limit of 4 transfers per member, per year.”

Will my Heathrow Rewards points expire?

Technically yes, but it is unlikely.  Heathrow Rewards points will only expire if you haven’t made a transaction in the previous three years.

Conclusion – should you join Heathrow Rewards?

Heathrow Rewards points are a valuable ‘convertible currency’.  1 Heathrow Rewards point – whilst worth 1 Avios – is actually MORE valuable because of the added flexibility to also convert to other airlines or for airport shopping vouchers.

If you are a regular Heathrow shopper, or a regular user of the official car parks, or a regular user of Heathrow Express, then you should join Heathrow Rewards.  It is free and, because you can download the card to your smartphone, it doesn’t add any weight to your wallet or purse.

Even if you never go near Heathrow, it is also worth a look if there is a good Rocketmiles ‘first time user’ hotel booking promotion on offer.  You could earn a slug of points and convert them into frequent flyer miles without going anywhere near the airport.

You can find out more on the Heathrow Rewards website here.

Comments (22)

  • Baji Nahid says:

    i called them up and asked them about their app not allowing customers to download the card to their apple wallet. The lovely chap on the phone said there was an app update coming and it now works and you can download the card to your apple wallet.

    Secondly, Rob i remember you wrote an article regarding the reuse of the plastic security bag competition where you can scan the barcode and win a set number of points. I asked the chap about this and he says its a competition thats run every 3 months now! So something to look into for heathrow frequent flyers!

  • Hans says:

    Any indication if they will extend premium status similar to what airlines have done?

  • Jordan D says:

    Not sure I get this whole ‘not available on app’ thing? My Heathrow Rewards card has been in my iPhone wallet for the last 3 years, and I can access it on my phone through the Heathrow App on both the iPhone and my Andorid device….

    • Tariq says:

      Same, perhaps the feature broke in certain newer versions of the app, but I know my HR card has been in my Apple Wallet for yonks.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Agree has always been in the iPhone Heathrow app on the rewards tab and I’m looking at it right now.

      • Rob says:

        You can’t download it from the website. I’m just telling you what the T&Cs of the HR site say!

    • Rob says:

      Delete it. Go to the HR website. Try to download it again – you can’t.

    • Lumma says:

      I remember opening a Heathrow Rewards account on my first iPhone in around 2008 just playing around with the passbook feature

  • George K says:

    I’ve got a funny story to tell about Heathrow Rewards vouchers coming from Lufthansa miles. I had about M&M 50k miles expiring with no possible way to use them at the time, so the vouchers appeared to be the only option to get some value out of them. At the time (2014) a stack of paper HR vouchers were sent via post, and I redeemed them all at Dixons T5. Again, as the vouchers themselves were close to expiry, I bought something I didn’t really need.

    I called to ask as to a refund, and they said I could do this at any high-street Currys, so off I went with item and receipt at hand. Now this may have been a fluke, but on the receipt the vouchers were showing as CASH, so I got a cash refund, which suited me fine…

    • Lumma says:

      That’s not a funny story

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Yup the vouchers are treated like cash so you even get spend based discounts etc knocked off your final bill and earn points for all of it.

    • mvcvz says:

      Hysterical. PS Don’t give up your day job just yet.

      • Chris K says:

        Funny, adjective, difficult to explain or understand; strange or odd.

        Seems to fit to me. But then I come here because it was always a friendly place full of helpful comments, rather than coming on here to have a go at people.

        • mvcvz says:

          Each to their own I guess. And thanks for the unsolicited English lesson.

          • Don says:

            It did seem like you needed the lesson. Schools just aren’t what they were in my day.

  • flyforfun says:

    “How can I spend Heathrow Rewards points?”

    “£5 Heathrow Express voucher for 500 points”

    I’m sure in the past it didn’t take long to get a free HEX ticket- but then then it was only something like £7.50 to £10 from memory when HEX opened. Tried looking on the web to confirm my memory but couldn’t quickly see anything. I suppose that would be the same if you look at todays 90 day advance purchase fares, but in the start it was just a flat, reasonable walk up fare compared to the mugging people get by the men in purple.

    Not sure how I earned a load of points with them as if I didn’t have lounge access the most I would buy as a sandwich and drink. Maybe a paper and some random medicinal product for a complaint that developed overnight.

    • Save East Coast Rewards says:

      When I first started using the scheme in 2006 (BAA Worldpoints back then) there was an offer where you could redeem a small amount of points (I think it was just 60) to get a half price Heathrow Express ticket.
      It was meant to be a case that you were meant to redeem every time you wanted a ticket and the website would only allow you to book one ticket at a time but if you copied the link you were given when you redeemed you could use it for half price tickets until they next changed the promo code.

  • Mike says:

    I have £249 in Heathrow Rewards points but won’t be heading to LHR anytime soon. Any chance I could spend these on some online rewards mall for a gift card or merchandise? Didn’t see any option to use the rewards points other than transferring or physical vouchers. Please advise.

    • Rob says:

      No options other than paper vouchers (which arguably you could resell) or a transfer. I would hold on because they could try a generous conversion bonus to get things moving once they reopen.

      • mike says:

        Thanks for the info – I’ve been holding out since Q4 2018 as I missed the conversion bonus to Avios and waiting patiently…. would convert to M&M but already cashed out miles there and the conversion is horrible.. would leave me with only about £100 in equiv gift cards

  • Lady London says:

    Slightly related if you are stuck with Lufthansa/Miles&More points you need to cash out, you can move them to Heathrow Rewards and you can also convert them to Amazon UK vouchers.

    Which retailers you can convert LH/M&M to is a different list by country. So you might be able to get a voucher for a retailer you like in another M&M country.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      This reminded me I had 1009 is an account I opened a while back. Have transferred 1000 to my M&M account. I’ll close it and hope for a new 3k for £150 offer when travel restarts.

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