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Turkey and Poland added to quarantine list, none removed

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The Government announced this afternoon that anyone returning to England from Turkey, Poland and Bonaire / St Eustatius / Saba will need to quarantine for 14 days.

Interestingly, the rationale for removing Turkey is that the Government believes that it has not been completely honest in its reporting of covid cases.

The quarantine requirement will kick in from 4am on Saturday morning.   

Turkey and Poland removed from quarantine exemption list

No countries will be removed from the quarantine list.

Poland and Turkey removed from quarantine exemption list

These three countries will presumably soon be removed from the list of countries excempt from the Foreign Office ‘do not travel’ list (click here). This is usually the trigger for being to abandon your holiday plans and make a successful travel insurance claim.

The official ‘travel corridor’ list – which has not been updated as of 5.30pm with these changes – is on this page of the Government website.

Comments (72)

  • Nick G says:

    I so nearly booked a 3 night trip to Warsaw for 2 weeks time in half term. Don’t know why I didn’t I just thought I’ll hold ‘just in case’ ….

    As for your barrister friend I don’t know how they had no income since March as most courts have been operating at some capacity since June. The demand for courts and therefore barristers (Crown Court) in my recent experience is that they have more cases than ever due to the backlog of courts closing. HfP owner I can however see (sadly) how it’s unfolding….

  • Paul says:

    Johnson questioning anyones honesty is the height of hypocrisy!

    • Nick G says:

      It’s ok though because his father apologised via twitter….almost as honest as corybn and his pre planned (sorry) spur of the moment dinner party

      • krys_k says:

        Question on quarantine. Currently in Poland with family and due to fly back on 6th and then trip to Portugal booked from 9th for 5 weeks. Am I reading the regulations correctly – we need to quarantine when we get back (for 3 days) but can then travel to LHR to leave UK for Portugal. Thanks.

  • SammyJ says:

    What’s the safest bet for a trip this weekend then, now our Gdansk trip has been stuffed: Italy, Sweden, Germany or Greece? I think those are the only remaining viable options, unless I’ve missed any?

    • Peter says:

      Germany has just introduced quarantine for people coming from Wales and NI!

      • Jan M says:

        Yup. Although at the moment that still only means taking a free test at the airport and quarantining until you get the result. (Which in Germany means 24 hours or less.)

        • Peter says:

          They stopped the free tests in mid-september, now it’s 14-days quarantine

    • SammyJ says:

      I guess as long as we got there from an English airport (before they banned England) then it wouldn’t matter? It’s sickening how the world is closing in.

  • Patrycja says:

    Hi, we were due to fly to Turkey on Wednesday but now I have cancelled our flights as they were still within 24hrs cool off period. Looking at Cyprus instead. Can anyone share their experience of how they got COVID test prior to their trip? Many thanks!

    • Lev441 says:

      A few weeks ago I did the nhs one 2.5 hours before my trip. This was before the government said you should only get tests if you have symptoms etc

      They are very strict upon arrival, there were some people in front of us who hadn’t done tests in the correct timescales and they were taken off to do tests in Cyprus with associated costs and quarantine..

      • Patrycja says:

        Thank you. I messaged a private clinic to get more information on timescales

      • Lev441 says:

        Sorry I meant 2.5 days beforehand!! Results came through early the following morning at 7am – but I’ve heard that tests are taking longer nowadays with the increased demand…

        • Patrycja says:

          Thanks, that is what I am concerned about

          • mart says:

            a colleague has some tests 66hrs it took for the tests to come back ,you have to upload to cyprus flight pass 3 hrs before very tight!

    • SammyJ says:

      There was an article on ThePointsGuy about it several days ago. Apparently it’s getting it within the right timescale that can prove to be tricky.

      • tony says:

        Surely for Cyprus, planes aren’t that busy and hotels are empty, so why not get the test and as soon as the result comes in, book a flight??? After all if it’s +ve you don’t want to be unpicking that anyway.

        • Patrycja says:

          There’s not as many flights from Edinburgh these days. Lots of routes have been cancelled

        • Stuart_f says:

          Last week the BA663 was completely full. With Cyprus being one of the few sunshine holiday destinations still on the travel corridor demand is very high.

      • Patrycja says:

        I’ll check it out😊

  • SammyJ says:

    Is there anything to say that it is going to continue to be Thursdays for the additions to the naughty list? There seems to be a bit of a precedent but I’m concerned that they could whip the carpet from under our feet at any time.

    • tony says:

      No, it’s reviewed every Thursday but they can make (and have made) changes on other days, too. Weren’t those Greek islands added on a Monday?

      • Aston100 says:

        And didn’t the anti Muslim one get put in place the night before Eid?

  • TimM says:

    We are currently in Turkey and have no intention of flying back early. I work where I am, including from home, so isolating will make marginal difference to me. We have two further trips to Antalya booked this winter so my concern is that flights may start to be cancelled. If they go ahead but are quieter that would be a good outcome!

    • Yuff says:

      I have flown to Mallorca several times over the past 2 months and the flights have been 10 % full every time, doesn’t stop Ryanair and easyJet allocating my seat next to another single traveller 😄
      Ironic that we are on the naughty list for the Balearics when our infection rate is so much higher than the Balearics, which is substantially lower than 20/100k, that we are still on their list.
      There were rumours about a half term lock down weeks ago, looks like the government are just choosing to enforce it via the back door.
      Mind you judging by the checks at Luton airport last week they aren’t enforcing it………

      • TimM says:

        Thanks for that. Hopefully my easyJet flights will go ahead.

        In Turkey’s case the BBC is reported that there was a leaked paper from the Turkish ministry of health detailing figures for a single day in September where the actual positive cases recorded were some 20x higher than the official figures (approx 30k vs 1.5k). That changes things! Still I feel safer sipping beer outside in the hot sun of Turkey than I would inside a British pub.

        • Yuff says:

          I was due to fly to Turkey on the 18th for half term but then our daughter has to quarantine which would mean missing some school and also she would be quarantined for the 2nd week of her half term which we would not be comfortable imposing on her.

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