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Blair Waldorf Salad 1,152 posts

I too have never understood why boarding first is seen as a status perk, especially for long-haul where cabin baggage space isn’t really an issue. Why do people get irate about this. You have a seat reserved for you! Basically it’s a punishment to sit in a metal tube for longer than you have to; even in the posh seats. Literally last person on the plane is my perfect boarding position.

Anyway, as we’re in the realms of fantasy; easy solution:

– Overhead storage completely redesigned as a locker/slot system
– Each seat has an assigned space/slot for luggage that will fit one correctly sized and shaped peice of luggage.
– This size is internationally mandated and universal to all airlines; maybe with a slightly larger international standard for less dense premium cabins.
– If carry on has to be smaller so everyone gets a slot – well, tough, learn to pack more efficiently 😀
– If your bag doesn’t fit or you put it in someone else’s slot them it gets tossed in the hold, no debate – it just disappears (or a woodchipper if you want to make compliance better). Unlucky.
– With a guaranteed luggage slot then who cares about getting on first, especially on short-haul?
– Idiots, that’s who. Let them get on with it. Everyone else can chill out.
– Saunter on in your own time once the rush has abated – preferably at last call. Stick case in your assigned slot. Sit down and away you go.

Where do I collect my giant consultancy fee from?

Haha, I have fantasised about an assigned locker system more than once while sitting on a plane, facing forwards but aware of a growing noise of unhappiness over overhead space behind me. It would be an utter dream in terms of relaxation before take off.

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