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Ash. As others have asked. Could you clarify what’s going on with your original flight as that will affect strongly how people would advise you. If it’s still operating then unless they have an exceptionally good reason for moving you ( and considering the extra night hotel in Mexico and loss of one at your destination then personally I can’t think of one good enough)then it’d at least put you in a reasonable position. If it’s an MCT issue then you could argue that it’s VS fault to some degree as as long as the tickets are all linked then their booking system shouldn’t have allowed the routing to be booked due to an MCT Failure conflict. So pointing this out clearly, firmly but politely should ( hopefully) have VS look at your issues with a fresh set of eyes.

Regarding the “Talk to them. No you need to talk to them” buck passing. Whoever issued* the tickets and processed the booking ( and/or initiated the request to issue) is the one on the hook. They facilitated the sale and took the funds/ processed an award booking so they hold the obligations in seeking, assisting and providing mutually acceptable redress. As the ( initial) contract was created between yourself and them. They can say “sorry but we couldn’t do XYZ because AM said X wasn’t possible or they weren’t prepared to do Y and we don’t the ability to force them to do something” but they’d have to demonstrate that that to you if you required it of them / issued a Subject Access Request but even then that would just place them on the hook SO LONG AS AND ONLY IF YOU CAN DEMONSTRATE THEIR ERROR. If not then your at their mercy really.
Credit card cover may be an option as well as your insurance but be ready to forward cover if needed.

Thinking ahead you might want to reach out to the FOH Manager or such type at your destination hotel advising that you may not arrive for the 1st day/ night of your booking with them and ask them to confirm in writing that they acknowledge you advised them in advance and giving written assurance that your booking will be protected. I’m sure most of us know at least person who’s been delayed in travel just to turn up the next morning exhausted just to be told “Sorry you didn’t check-in yesterday so your bookings been cancelled and we are full/ only have X room type available/ you’ll have to pay the turn-up / walk-in rate of 10x more than your previous, cancelled booking”

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