Is easyJet Plus worth the money?

easyJet Plus is the nearest thing that easyJet has to a loyalty scheme – ie not very near at all!

The scheme has been around for a while, and offers a number of benefits:

Free seat selection – this is a genuine cash saving

Speedy boarding – a cash saving, although less important if you have a seat selected

Access to ‘fast bag drop’ desks

The fee to join easyJet Plus is £149 per year, so for the regular easyJet traveller who wants seat selection it is a simple matter of working out if £149 saves you money or not.

From how I interpret the website, the benefits are only available to the member – you would not get free seat selection for your entire family, for example, with one easyJet Plus card between you.

easyJet Plus

I have mentioned easyJet Plus today because there is now another new benefit.

From 2nd July, easyJet is no longer guaranteeing to accept bags exceeding 50cm x 40cm x 20cm as cabin baggage. The easyJet cabin baggage limit is actually 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but bags of this size will now be specially tagged and will be removed from the cabin on full flights. Passengers will need to collect them from the luggage belt as usual on arrival.

This rule will not apply to easyJet Plus members, who can continue to bring on bags of 56 x 45 x 25 with no fear of them being popped into the hold at the last minute! The rest of us will need to bring smaller cases if we want to be certain of keeping them with us.

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  1. Squillion says:

    Not all bags 56x45x25cm will be removed, just the unlucky few if it looks as if there’s too much baggage.

    We were on EJ at half term just gone and on the way out at Luton they were going a bit nutty asking for 15 volunteers to get free upgrade to SB in return for having their bags tagged and main-holded. Threatening to just pick on the last to board if they didn’t get enough volunteers.

    They got the volunteers but in the event there was absolutely tons of spare room in the overhead lockers.

    I can’t actually see there is much in this new luggage policy other than covering backside vis a vis potentially unhappy customers in the existing scenario.

  2. BritBronco says:

    Thanks to strict adherence to the one bag rule, it generally isn’t such a problem on EZ to get locker space, compared to say BA domestic.

    • Squillion says:

      Especially at Luton, where the security staff generally won’t let you past if you’re [obviously] carrying more than 1 bag.

      I think some of the budget carriers will be looking carefully at Wizz Air’s new policy of charging for carry-on baggage. Hasn’t exactly created an outcry of discontent – it certainly p’d us off but you just factor it in to total ticket cost.

  3. There are other categories of passengers who also get guaranteed larger cabin baggage – basically anyone who pays extra to sit “up front” or for extra legroom.

  4. The Wizz air cabin baggage allowance is tiny!

  5. I was on EZ from Gatwick to Rome last year and annoyingly when I got to the boarding gate they took my (very reasonably sized) hand luggage off me and put it in the hold claiming the plane was too full. Even more annoyingly, when I got to the other end I had an hour wait to find it as the airport was displaying the carousel wrongly. GRRR.

  6. Johnny5a says:

    How do they handle speedy boarding if you’re being bussed to the plane?

    Plus if you have a child(ren) you get to board after the SB lot :-)

    • sandgrounder says:

      At Liverpool, the bus is loaded from the back, and on arrival at the aircraft only the front doors open. This allows the speedy boarders to get on first. Unless someone hits the red emergency door release button at the back of course…… :—)

  7. surfnode says:

    At Edinburgh you also get the fast track through security, not sure where else they offer that.

  8. Mummy55 says:

    We have had easyjet plus for several years now(you do need one each) and do find it worth it as we travel back and forward to our place in Mallorca.
    Since they started allocated seating it makes it easier to get exit seats as people don’t seem to book them because of the cost.
    By the way,I know this point is about easyjet but in the paper in Mallorca today is an article about Ryanair now charging 8 euros each to take a cake on board !!!!!!!!! These cakes are a Mallorcan speciality and come in a hexagonal box about 12ins X 2ins and are sold in Palma airport . They are very popular with Spanish pensioners traveling mainland Spain. Ryanair say the cakes count as an extra piece of hand luggage!