Playing redspottedhanky Fantasy Football Cup? Time to make your transfers

The group stage of the World Cup ended last night.  The first batch of knock-out quarter final games will begin on Saturday.

If you are playing the redspottedhanky Fantasy Football game, it is time to start making some transfers.  You have 15 transfers which are available now and which can be used between now and Wednesday.

The clever thing to do is to make a few transfers before each match in order to maximise the number of players from participating teams.

If you want an easy life, though, the simple thing to do is make one quick purge on your team.

Fantasy Football

The following countries remain, so any players you bring in need to be from these 16.  You should transfer out any players from the other 16 eliminated countries:

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Switzerland
  • Uruguay
  • USA

Don’t forget to delete Suarez as well!!

As at 10pm last night, the current leader of the Head for Points mini-league was The Wednesday – well done!  You are beating 337 other teams in our league!  Still a long way to go though ….

The home page for the game is here (EDIT: deleted as now dead).

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  1. The 15 transfers are already available.

  2. Clive J says:

    I believe the transfer times are 4.01am not pm. Probably to accommodate a couple of 2am start times early in the tournament.

  3. squills says:

    Looks like my hunch on Spain & Portugal was as good as most of my hunches 😉

    I shall purge lol

    My money’s on Holland to go all the way!

  4. Frenske says:

    Probably it is to select players from teams you expect to progress to next round. Do we get transfers every round now??? Probably it is better not to purge whole team since you have players you want to keep and want to keep a number of transfers for the later rounds!

    • squills says:

      Not much point in keeping any eliminated players though, that meant 8 purges for me team #1 😉

    • You get 10 more transfers on Wednesday but the current 15 can’t be rolled over so they need to be used by 4am on Weds or are lost.

    • I did my first round of substitutions last night. But then realised that I might have done better to pick players from the first 8 games for now, then swap out the losers for players from the second 8 games. As it is, with 5 changes, I have players from 9 teams I expect to do well and have left out a couple from the last 2 round of 16 games, who I can bring in when I know the losers of the earlier matches.

  5. squills says:

    Looking at the fixtures list, that means you can eliminate more losers by Weds:

    Saturday 28 June
    17:00BrazilBrazil V Chile Chile
    11:00ColombiaColombia V Uruguay Uruguay
    Sunday 29 June
    17:00NetherlandsNetherlands V Mexico Mexico
    21:00Costa RicaCosta Rica V Greece Greece
    Monday 30 June
    17:00FranceFrance V Nigeria Nigeria
    21:00GermanyGermany V Algeria Algeria
    Tuesday 1 July
    17:00ArgentinaArgentina V Switzerland Switzerland
    21:00BelgiumBelgium V USA

  6. I worked out last night that if I’d had my current team since the start, instead of wasting money on Fred and other layabouts, I’d have at least twice as many points now!

  7. in 90th….all to play for.

    Teams moved around now.

  8. Hah, I have been so busy at work recently (3 hours of sleep per night for the past 10 days) that I haven’t even been able to follow the matches, and my auto-selected team has scored 0 points! Don’ need to work on Sunday so maybe I’ll be able to get back in the running…

  9. How to you easily work out who to kill off? – it only seems to give player names not countries on the main screen? Do any gaps then get automatically filled in from players that are still in?

    (clueless about football and fantasy leagues!)

    • I did it the convoluted way, by selecting all players by position (from the main menu, under Stats, select Player Search and pick a position to see the full list of all players). C&P into a spreadsheet, sort by country and remove the dead teams. Then I sorted them by points, by price to get value for money and took my pick from those that were left. But now I’ve done it, I can just re-sort and eliminate as each team goes out.

    • I realised that last night – bit of a pain!

    • If you hover the cursor over the shirt (not the player’s name) it tells you their country

  10. squills says:

    I just did it by lucky dip & I’m ahead of you, Fenny 😉

  11. Yay! Well into the top 150 now. A couple of goals from van Persie and Robben tonight will do nicely.

  12. squills says:

    Just a reminder to make any transfers today as the current transfers allocation expires at 4am Weds.

  13. squills says:

    Thanks Hunny 😉

  14. squills says:

    Congrats to ‘Seans best team!’ – that’s a great 8 points you have there 😉

    (I’m assuming the ones with zero points didn’t actually press the right button.)

    I can’t understand how so many other players in our HFP league got such brilliant points!

  15. squills says:

    Good chance to make a few switches

  16. Barafear799 says:

    So, now that it’s all over – how did everyone do?
    what was it? 4p for every point up to max of £15 (or 375 points)?

    Erm, I think I go tjust over 300 points – so just over £12; I didn’t really read the rules at the beginning – so picked a team which had a load of players who didn’t play for the first 4 or 5 days!!
    Anyway – managed to pick up towards the end.
    Can’t believe so many people in our mini league!!

    Thanks for the heads up Raffles!

    • I will try to top up how much we made when I get back! Should beat the combined £1100 from Fantasy Wimbledon 2013.

    • 3 RSH points (ie 3p) per Fantasy Football point, capped at a max of £15 RSH credit.

      I ended up a few pence shy of a tenner.