Double PartnerPlusBenefit points on Swiss to Geneva as BA triples services from City

PartnerPlusBenefit, previously Star Alliance Company Plus, is the Star Alliance equivalent of the British Airways On Business scheme, aimed at companies in the UK and Ireland.

What makes PartnerPlusBenefit more powerful than BA’s On Business is that flights from 11 airlines earn points. The participating airlines are Air Canada, LOT, Lufthansa, germanwings, Eurowings, Austrian, ANA, Swiss, Brussels Airlines, United and TAP Portugal.


Unlike BA’s On Business scheme, which only lets you redeem for flights and upgrades, PartnerPlusBenefit is more flexible. As well as free flights and flight upgrades, you can also redeem for Orbitz giftcards for hotel bookings, chauffeur services to Heathrow, car parking at Heathrow, Heathrow Express tickets and FlyNet internet vouchers for long-haul Lufthansa flights. You can even redeem for cash!

A generous sign-up bonus – a FREE business class upgrade

PartnerPlusBenefit is currently offering 1,500 BenefitPoints for signing up (1,000 BenefitPoints) and registering a credit card (an additional 500 BenefitPoints).

You need to register a credit card as this is the main method they use for tracking flight purchases made by your company. It will pick up your purchases even if you book via a corporate travel agent.

The 1,500 bonus points for signing up are enough for:

a one-way upgrade to business class within Europe, or

3 x one-way Heathrow Express tickets

€50 hotel gift cards are 1,600 points.

The sign-up page is here if your company is not already registered. Your travellers will still receive their standard miles in their personal accounts when they fly, so it is a genuine extra benefit on top.


Double points on flights to Geneva from the UK and Dublin as BA triples London City frequencies

Swiss will launch a new service from Dublin to Geneva next month, flying four times a week.  To promote the launch, you will receive double PartnerPlusBenefit points on all Swiss flights taken between the UK and Ireland and Geneva until June 30th.

You need to register for this Swiss promotion via the ‘Special Promotions’ page in your PartnerPlusBenefit account.

If you are heading to Geneva on a regular basis, it is also worth noting that British Airways recently announced a substantial increase in flights from London City – a service that competes directly with Swiss.

Currently flown only during the Winter (and only five flights a week), BA will move to a year-round service of 18 flights per week from September 6th.  There will be three departures on weekdays, one on Saturdays and two on Sundays.

Inside the Singapore Airlines First Class lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2
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  1. RIccati says:

    One problem I had with PPB is that flights ex-EU to the USA are not credited. Only flights originating from the UK and Ireland.

    • czechoslovakia says:

      I do believe, since the revamp last year, all flights in all paid classes earn something, as long as the payment card is registered to a UK address. This was my problem before, as all my flights originated PRG (hence no credit in UK PPB), and were paid for by company UK card (hence no credit in my CZ PPB account either). All works fine now.

  2. OT: I discovered today that along with several others I have been placed on the wrong sign-up offer on the Etihad credit card (10K miles for £4K spend, not the 25K miles for £2K spend). Am expecting an escalation call-back from MBNA’s customers services, but have also raised a written complaint via their secure site for good measure.

    For others in this position, have any of you managed to get it sorted and, if so who did you speak to?

    I applied on the 5th April, the day that Raffles first publicised it. For anyone else who applied at that time it is well worth checking.

  3. I also had the same problem with the Etihad sign up bonus points. When I received my card the enclosed leaflet stated only the 5000 miles for a 2K spend. I phoned Etihad and was told my sign up bonus was actually 10K miles when I spend £4K within 6 months – this was NOT mentioned on the enclosed literature. I raised a complaint and was told I would receive a reply within 5 days. Five days later this had changed to 5 “working” days. When I again complained using the MBNA website the complaint level of service then switched to 30 days! However, the following day I received a phone call from MBNA stating that there was a “glitch” on their sign-up website and they WOULD honour the original sign-up bonus. I’ll let you know when I receive the 25K miles.

  4. Sorry, Rob, I too am going off subject here, but yes Mark/LB, I had the same. I’ve had to escalate it twice now via their panel and I just received a response, as the first time I was promised a response and a letter came about a week later saying they didn’t owe me anything, so I used to prove they had this promotion on. Then I was told they’d come back to me again in a few days, yet that was a few weeks ago so I chased today and received the following: “I’m sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused you and for the delay in getting back to you. Our Marketing team have fully investigated this for you and regrettably there was on error during the application which caused the miles not to be directly added to your account. I assure you that you have met the criteria for the bonus miles and they will be credited to your account within seven business days from 12 May 2015 (21 May 2015).”

    In a nutshell, MBNA have awful customer service, especially compared to AMEX which I find to be absolutely amazing.

    • Thanks both. Rob, do you have any contacts in MBNA that would help in terms of either correcting the issue for everyone, or at least in providing a point of escalation that might avoid people being given the wrong answer?

      Tom, do you have a link to the appropriate page on

      • Unfortunately not. The only contact I have with MBNA is indirectly via people I know at Virgin when I have issues with those cards. The one guy I met with occasionally has now gone.

      • Hi Mark this has been on running for a few of us if you look back at the Etihad themed HFP posts. I was in the same boat as yourself, yet three phone calls seemed to do the trick and they have promised to credit the points be the next statement.

        Of particular note I found the weekend staff were next to useless, and it was only the week day team who sorted it

        • Further to that the name and number on the letter confirming my miles is

          Ben Erwin head of customer services 01244659005 which is just the number on the website