Sneaky airport parking deals with

You may remember reading about when it launched.  The original premise of the site is that, if you live near a station or shopping area, you could use the site to rent out your driveway for less than the cost of a standard parking space in the area.

This is still part of the business, and the site claims – in London – to be 60% cheaper than on-street parking.

The site has evolved, as websites tend to do.  Today, there are large numbers of businesses – including a lot of hotels – who rent out their car parking spaces via JustPark.


Let’s imagine that I am looking for 7 days parking at Heathrow from 2nd to 8th November.

JustPark has a few private driveways to rent from £22.50 – an exceptional price for a week of parking.  These houses are within the Heathrow ‘free bus travel’ zone so you won’t have to pay to jump on a bus to the terminal.

There are also some hotels available.

The Marriott on Bath Road is offering a week for £39.  The easyHotel will let you park outside for a week for £25.  The Premier Inn charges £24.50.

Whilst it wasn’t available for the dates I was searching, the Thistle Hotel is also available on selected dates.  This is a great choice for anyone who hates shuttle buses, as you can pay £5 per person to jump onto the pods in the official Heathrow car park behind the hotel:

Heathrow Pod 350

For comparison, I had a look at the official Heathrow Airport car parks for the same period.  They wanted a minimum of £77 for the long stay Terminal 5 car park, up to a crazy £145 for the car park which has access to the pods.

JustPark has similar deals across the UK, not just at airports, and is worth bearing in mind next time you travel.  You may even be able to use it to avoid rip-off hotel car parking charges.

Thanks to Wesley for the idea, who used it successfully at Bristol and Exeter airports.

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  1. I was wondering yesterday when you were going to run this!
    I had been looking for parking for 4 days for LHR T5 in January and clicked on this link from your site by chance really. Was so impressed with the offers and booked straightaway.

    £15 at Premier Inn on Bath Road right by the TfL bus to T5. It was about a third of the price of anything official and actually closer than any of the off airport sites.

    A great find and this will now be first on my list for parking!

  2. This won’t beat JustPark. But some of us with an evening touchdown need to have chauffeur return, ie the car is waiting for you in a terminal car park. I have cleared security @ T3 then walked to collect my car & started driving away literally 5 minutes later. If you have a bit of a drive & it’s already 9pm, you’ll know what I mean.

    The best I have found is Purple Parking long stay with a code, RAC currently works. This deal beats anything on MSE or HUKD – though naturally subject to change over time. If anybody knows better, please post, as I need to book 2 cars for Xmas.

    • RAC is the best code I’ve seen for Purple Parking. I’ve been using it for a few years now & always seems to give the biggest discount.

    • I use a small meet & greet provider Middlesex Parking. Can’t ever better their prices, £45 for 7 days. I always fear I’m taking a chance but have used them a dozen times without a problem.

    • “The best I have found is Purple Parking long stay with a code, RAC currently works. This deal beats anything on MSE or HUKD – though naturally subject to change over time. If anybody knows better, please post, as I need to book 2 cars for Xmas.”

      Ditto – need a week from Boxing Day. I’ve used code NHS on Purple Parking for years but will compare with RAC. Thanks for posting.

  3. Shadowfixer says:

    This wont beat just park either – but i think its a pretty good deal;
    One nights accommodation, 8 nights parking at the Thistle (so we can use the Pods); an evening meal for me and the kids eat free for £114.00 via holidayextras.

    Anyone know if the kids (both under 10 are likely to be free through the gate, so its just me that pays the “thistle tax”?


    • Only one person needs pay the thistle fee. As many people as you like can go trough the gate once you have the code…

    • You need to pay for kids, so that’s £20 one way for a family of 4. To be fair it was so easy and the kids loved it I would do it again. Thistle say they receive no money from it, it all goes to Heathrow.

      • I think James means that no-one checks …..

        • Why pay the Thistle Tax at all when you can get a 423 bus on the Bath Road, outside the hotel – no charge as you’re in the Free Travel Zone, and it runs every 15/20 mins throughout the day. It’s 3 or 4 mins to T5. If the kids want a free ride on the pods, jump on at T5 and just do a round trip.

    • Thunderbirds says:

      You are correct if you need or want to stay overnight before a flight then some of the Park, Stay & Go rates are incredible I looked at a random Friday night at the Crowne Plaza at Heathrow and that costs GBP 93 for the night stay and 8 days parking, effectively GBP 24 for 8 days parking. If you join their Park, Stay and Go club it will be cheaper than that.
      Also CP Heathrow gives FREE breakfast (Full English) for Platinum IHG Members.

  4. Aeronaut says:

    Some readers may have heard of JustPark under their former name, “Park at my House”. The name change accommodates them branching out their business as Raffles describes in the main post.

  5. I invested a little bit of money into JustPark’s recent round of crowdfunding, so I’m happy to see this article crop up here :)

  6. I’m a bit lazy!!

  7. Greg Morgan says:

    I always use Simply Park and Fky and their service has always been faultless. Highly recommended

  8. O/T S-La

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    Isn’t 1250 Avios for 1000 GC points rather better than what was offered LY? Shame not to get $100 of scoff, but I rarely venture up there except to catch a plane!

  9. Londonbus says:

    A good option for Heathrow is Hounslow West tube station car park. £5 a day – you prepay online. This doesn’t gurantee a space but this shoudn’t be an issue.

  10. I’ve been using a guy I found at park at my house for years. He collects the car at Heathrow drop off and returns it there when we land. £40 no matter how long we are gone (average 8 nights)

    • You can’t beat that, when you can trust the guy. That’s part of the issue, as I see it. What if your guy crashes the car & costs you £20,000? He’s not insured to drive your car etc.

      So whilst I know I can do better than PP/ RAC, so far I’ve only seen insurance dodgy options.

      • I use him because he is fully insured. It’s a part time living for him so he keeps everything up to date.
        I just happen to have caught a good un, that’s why I’ve been using him for years.

  11. NCP have some very good deals if you pre-book via their website. They use the Hilton T5 as well as the other site up by the Park Inn near the m4 Spur.

  12. Something else that needs to be considered if you leave your car on someone’s driveway and it is damaged,broken into or stolen your insurance company may not pay out your claim.
    You should check with the company, it would be an awful way to end a holiday to come back and that your car has been stolen or damaged and the insurance company refuses to pay out because the car was at an unknown address. Also you should check the crime rates of the area you will be parking in.

    • This is one of the reasons I got put off these operations – I read of one where you left the key with the person as they had a few people parking on their drive and sometimes needed to shuffle cars around.

      The thought of leaving my car keys with an unknown person (and there being a convenient “house broken into and car keys taken”) story just seemed like too much hassle. Aware you could check the precautions they take before booking but:
      a) what if they’re lying
      b) what if you turn up and discover they have lied (or something has changed) – again, added hassle, and minimal time to resolve the issue if you have a flight to catch