wheretocredit.com – a handy resource I never knew existed

One of the things that is so fascinating about the frequent flyer space is that there are always tools popping up which you never knew about.

I often get emails from Head for Points readers asking about the best place to credit a particular flight when they do not want to open an account with that airline directly.

In theory it should be simple – just pick an airline in the same alliance (SkyTeam, Star Alliance, oneworld, Etihad Airways Partners) where you do have an account.

In reality, it isn’t that simple:

Most airlines have additional partnerships with airlines on top of their main alliance partners

Not all alliance partners treat other members equally.  Airline A may only give 100% of miles flown for a business class ticket on airline Z whilst Airline B may give 200%.

In the worse case scenarios, some airlines will give no credit at all for certain heavily discounted partner tickets – in which case you might as well credit elsewhere

It turns out that there is a website which can guide you around all this – wheretocredit.com.

Oneworld members

In terms of ease of use it couldn’t be simpler.  Tell it which airline you are flying and, if known, the exact ticketing class (this should be on your eticket) and it will show you where you will get the best return for the flight.

One thing to remember, of course, is that miles have no value if you can’t use them. You might earn double the number of miles crediting an ‘L’ class Malaysia Airlines flight to American Airlines instead of BA, but if you never spend those AA miles then you have wasted the lot.  Bear that in mind before you pick an obscure partner.

wheretocredit appears to be updated regularly.  If you have any queries, you can reach the author by posting in this Flyertalk thread.

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  1. It’s a shame they haven’t added an option to add your FF status for all airlines to give you the enhanced earnings rate… I’m guessing that this api could easily be back ended with say awardwallet to pull in trips and FF status!

    Great tool nonetheless!

  2. The exact ticketing class is crucial to getting a “real” result from this excellent site which I have used a number of times. Taking a flight on airline “A” in S class may get you 50% of the miles flown but “N” class will get you 75%. If instead you credit your flights to airline “B”, the exact opposite may be true. Sometimes the more obscure airlines can offer real value and it is well worth while investing the time checking them out. I recently flew Business Class with Singapore Airlines from Manchester to Melbourne, Australia with my wife. After doing some research I credited the miles to Aegean, the small Greek airline. Aside of getting 125% of the miles flown, I immediately got Silver status which enabled us to pool our miles together into a “Together Account” [similar to the BA Family account scheme]. Aegean is part of Star Alliance and has a reasonable redemption chart and, having since flown with them, it is also a very decent airline.

  3. Wow! I knew about something before raffles! I feel like I have come of age in the miles & points community 😛

    • Haha same here, found out about it while wondering where to dump my miles while flying Delta, Alaska came in handy 🙂

  4. sam wardill says:

    I echo what Danksy says. the omission of FF status is a simple but glaring omission. The tier point impact is also an omission (but less glaring). It would be great to be able to see % ruby, sapphire, emerald achieved.

  5. Looking at this, if I credit Virgin Atlantic O flights to Virgin Atlantic, I get nothing? Yet I can credit to Delta (amongst others) at 50%? When I check other Virgin Atlantic classes they show the rate for crediting to Virgin Atlantic, but not on O.

  6. Hi, I’m Adam and I maintain Where to Credit. Thank you Rob for the post and everybody for the kind words I’m a huge fan of this site as well 🙂

    Status bonuses are a feature I do want to add eventually (in addition to EQMs and tier points/segments), but it’s not as straight forward as it seems. We maintain over 60 frequent flyer programs, and while some are as simple as adding an additional % across the board, others might have a separate award chart entirely for each of their partners.

    @Simon regarding VS O fares, it does seems like VS left O off their earning charts. We make no assumptions and only display information the programs advertise. So if it’s not on their earnings chart it’s left off ours as well. However, at the bottom of the page you can get the direct link to the VS -> VS chart (http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/en/us/frequentflyer/earnmiles/earn_miles_table.jsp)

    Feel free to add any other questions, ideas or suggestions here or on the FlyerTalk thread in the OP.

    • Thanks Adam. I plugged my flight details into their earning calculator and it appears that I will earn my miles on VS flying VS O class. Screenshot of page here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b80p3v03ymgfd17/Screenshot%202016-03-15%2011.16.23.png?dl=0

      • pazza2000 says:

        Hi Simon. You will definitely earn miles with VS on O class. Virgin are just a little bit lazy with they chart, T&C’s etc.

        Great site Adam, I am one who did know about it and have made good use of it already.

      • Thanks for the screenshots! I added the fare classes from the calculator results pages 🙂

    • Hi Adam – seems weird that a flight in J class with Turkish Airlines generates 150% with Miles & More but only 135% with Turkish itself?

      Great site!

      • I can’t comment on the logic of any of these programs, but that does appear to be the case 😉

    • Rodger McPeppery says:

      Just to distract from the status benefits, personally I’d be keener to see partner rates included. For example, where to credit rental car hires. The likes of Europcar have so many airline partnerships it’s a struggle to keep up to date with them all!

  7. Great site, I’ve found some invaluable info. I have several SriLankan Airlines flights coming up, all in class R – BA only gives 25% so I was planning to credit to MH instead at 50%, but now I found out that IB gives 100%, which I can transfer back to BA – great! I assumed that the BA and IB earning rates were the same so hadn’t bothered to check before.

    • WOW, that’s a great find!

      Possibly the loss of tier points didn’t matter though?

      • I don’t achieve enough Tier Points to earn any status with BA and collect most of my Avios from non-flying activities, so I value the collection of Avios much more.

  8. Off Topic, but does anyone have recommendations for UK travel agents who can use the fare constructions in ITA Matrix and actually book the tickets for somewhere near the ITA price?

    • Propeller Travel were able to do this before, I think they’re back doing BA ticketing again. If you get the right person at Amex Travel (esp Plat Travel) then they can sometimes do it too. For multi-city trips you want to try booking yourself the AA multi-city engine is vastly better than the BA one!

      • AA engine does look better, but it seems to have a problem showing qatar flights.

        I’ll try Amex travel next.


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