Meanwhile, over at Mumsnet today ….. is HFP about to cause its first divorce?!

Head for Points has been picking up some traffic from Mumsnet today which is not a normal source of new readers.  I clicked through to the linked page and found this in the forum:

“Looking for a missing pair of trousers in DH’s [Dear Husbands] wardrobe this morning, I came across a policy doc and “thank you for buying tesco pet insurance” letter.  Says it’s for “Smiles”, doesn’t specify the type of animal, dated January this year, £80ish for the year.

We do not have a pet.

I will, of course, ask him when he gets home, but any ideas WTF might be going on v welcome…”

4000 Clubcard points with Tesco pet insurance

Read the very large number of responses here!

The answer is almost certainly in this HFP article here!

There was potentially a clue for the wife in the name of the cat, Smiles.

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  1. Love it!

  2. Sussex bantam says:

    My girls (8 and 6) got very excited when the pet insurance document arrived. I had tears when I told them it was just for club card points and we weren’t actually getting a cat…

  3. I spy postings from ‘Rafflesway’ in the comments too – you a secret Mumsnet contributor, Rob? 😉

  4. Peter K says:

    Love it!! What a laugh. Sounds like she thinks he has another woman the way she’s put it. Glad I looked again at HfP this evening

  5. priceless

  6. Got to love how she’s basically admitted her husband has committed fraud for the points. Fail.

  7. Our_Kid says:

    Hilarious Rob – next up headforpoints gets named in divorce proceedings!!

  8. Best read of the day! Brilliant!

    Sadly though despite the inclusion of cat pics and mumsnet, still can’t get the OH (wife) to take any interest in this miles collecting – just in the spending… Sigh!

  9. Great post !
    OT AMEX 241 query. My wife will be about 3K short of getting her companion voucher on current spending. She has the basic card but I am considering upgrading paying the £150. I have read on this site in the past that one option is to buy a cancellable flight to get to the target spend and cancel once the companion voucher has appeared on her account. Her Amex year starts in May. My question is if the cancellable flight that took my wife over the threshold to obtain her voucher is cancelled won’t the companion voucher be void ?

    • vindaloo says:

      I did this myself some years ago to trigger the voucher early, when BA did that amazing promotion of all redemptions for 50% fewer miles. It worked fine. To be on the safe side I booked the flight for nearly a year out and didn’t cancel it until after I’d made the booking with the 2-for-1, although I don’t think this precaution was necessary. The miles are removed when you cancel (and your wife’s target for next year’s 2-for-1 will be higher) but I don’t think they’ll take her voucher away, especially if she’s already spent it before you cancel.

  10. I can’t believe how many posts it took before someone got it right, even then people were still guessing.

    You’d think excellent deals like this would be shared on a site like that. Or are mums not that savvy for extra club card points ?

    • The rationale behind Shopper Points is that, if the info is presented in a sensible and straightforward way, people will be interested – as opposed to having to scratch around in forums. We will see ….

  11. Can’t believe he’s paying £80pa – madness! Makes me wonder if his wife is right and it’s not a fake pet….

  12. Any avios earning opportunities for divorce lawyers?

  13. scallder says:

    Brilliant. My wife is an avid reader on Mum’s net – we don’t have children but she is rather addicted by the “Am I being unreasonable?” forum which from some of the examples she’s told me about sounds hilarious.

    Apparently this thread was one of the biggest trending topics on the site today. Should perhaps drive some new traffic for you Raffles?

    A bit concerning though that a number of commentators were jumping straight to the secret family explanation :S

  14. The Urbanite says:

    Had a laughing fit when reading this – thanks for sharing!

  15. James67 says:

    Great start to the day haha.
    Cannot wait to see the fallout if tesco start offering bonus clubcard points for funeral plans.

  16. Graham Walsh says:

    Brilliant. Made my day reading this.

  17. Will Squires says:


    Incidentally – I have my 4000 points showing on my receipt, am I safe to cancel the policy? No chance of them being revoked?

  18. This is a funny article, thank you for sharing!

    I just wanted to let people know that I sent in a letter asking for my policy to be cancelled, and this article reminded me to follow up. I just called them and they have told me that they cannot cancel by mail only via telephone. It was a no questions asked cancellation – just told them I no longer needed it.
    Don’t get caught out!

  19. Brilliant! Reminds me I am still due my points, had two payments taken at least already… Must call Tesco

    • I had the same problem, they have linked a completely random tesco clubcard to my account, you will need to call them to update it to the one you would like to have.

  20. ThinkSquare says:

    Great stuff.

    So she wants to go to Maui? “Yes darling, the flight does go via Helsinki”

    • the mumsnet post is more than hilarious!!!

      “Don’t give this card away when asking. If it’s a secret life he will go with the innocent story of club card points.” ahahaha we are all in trouble!!

  21. Cradders says:

    Awesome! Yet more evidence that the posters on Mumsnet are, for the most part, utter psychos!

    You’d have to have a serious lack of trust in your relationship to immediately assume that it was something to do with infidelity.

    If I was the husband in said article, I think I’d be using those Avios to get somewhere far, far away!

    • or actually don’t know very well the husband! My gf was mad at me while looking for and scratching 3v cards everynight after dinner! but she really loved the wine boxes and Caribbean hols :-)

  22. Literally the best thing I’ve read in long while!

  23. Richard says:

    I like how some of the posters on mumsnet are concerned when the original poster has not updated them on the progress of the investigation for OVER AN HOUR!! and also those that add a pointless comment to the thread just so they can be notified of any updates (what they call “place marking”). sometimes their post just says “place marking”.

  24. Tilly71 says:

    Oh To be a fly on the wall when the hubby gets home tonight. I wonder if she will update the post with the real reason or start a debate if he is having an affair?

  25. Fantastic. That reminds me why collecting airmiles is worthwhile: so many people just dismiss it as a waste of time (as in that thread) that those of us who can be bothered to learn the system reap the rewards.

    I’m just glad that the wife didn’t find his stash of 3v cards or his mountain of tiny cabbages! I’d love to see what the guesses would be to explain that.

  26. Hahahaha mumsnet link brilliant. For a while now my wife has also told me to stop boring her about points/miles etc.