Tesco Clubcard

We cover Tesco Clubcard on Head for Points because points can be transferred directly into Avios points (at a 1 : 2.4 ratio) or Virgin Flying Club miles (at a 1 : 2.5 ratio).

If you collect Clubcard points, make sure to click here and visit our sister site Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk).

Bits: Don’t book a hotel this weekend!, Tesco Clubcard launches an Avios competition but no conversion bonus

News in brief: Don’t book a hotel this weekend ….. ….. if you can hold off until Monday! On Monday, we are launching another EXCLUSIVE Head for Points offer in association with hotel booking site Kaligo.com. This will allow you to earn up to 10,000 […]

Why January 2013 was an amazing sweet spot for a free Maldives holiday on points

There is a generally accepted view that, over time, all reward schemes get worse.  Many people say that you should spend your points as you earn, rather than holding them for retirement or some unspecified time in the future. I don’t necessarily agree with this. […]

Earn double Avios or Virgin miles at Esso petrol stations with a Tesco Express in August

Esso is offering double Tesco Clubcard points on fuel purchases during August.  As Tesco Clubcard points can be transferred directly into Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles, this means double miles! I thought you couldn’t earn Clubcard points at Esso any longer? On 1st June 2019, […]

Scammed: How Hotels.com and Tesco lost money via fake Clubcard Deals codes

There was a very interesting article published on the CyberNews website this week which is well worth a read. It explains how Hotels.com and Tesco Clubcard lost substantial sums of money when scammers realised that the codes provided by Tesco Clubcard to get a hotel […]

What is the best credit card to earn Avios points? (Part 2: on-going earning rates)

In Part 1 of this article I did my best to begin answering the question commonly asked by beginners to this hobby – ‘What is the best credit card for earning Avios points?’.  Today I wanted to update, in light of recent card closures, my […]

What is the best Avios credit card? (Part 1: comparing sign-up bonuses)

What is the best credit card for earning Avios points? This is not as easy an answer as you might think.  Beginners to this hobby may not be aware of the full range of cards which are available.  You have more options than you may […]

What is the best Visa or Mastercard credit card for earning Avios, air miles or hotel points?

I get a steady stream of reader emails looking for advice on the best Visa or Mastercard miles and points card.  With earning rates being cut following the EU cap on interchange fees, it isn’t easy. The Head for Points credit card guide covers many […]

Get 7,200 Avios or 7,500 Virgin Flying Club or £90 of Hotels.com credit with Tesco Pet Insurance!

Tesco Bank has launched a new pet insurance offer, and it is the most generous we have seen for a long time. Why is this relevant?!  Let me explain. Via a new promotion with Money Saving Expert, you will earn 3,000 Clubcard points when you […]

How to earn Avios points via Tesco Clubcard when filling up with petrol at Esso

On 1st June 2019, Esso dropped its relationship with Tesco Clubcard and signed up with Nectar.  Most people thought that this was the end of earning Tesco Clubcard points, and therefore Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles, at Esso petrol stations. This isn’t true.  You […]

News: Virgin Atlantic and Tesco Clubcard extend your points, our 10,000 Avios winner

News in brief: Virgin Atlantic extends the life of your miles ….. Virgin Atlantic announced the extension of any expiring Virgin Flying Club miles yesterday. Any miles due to expire between April 2020 and September 2020 will be extended for a further six months. To […]

Which good miles and points deals are ending today?

We have temporarily suspended our fortnightly ‘deals ending soon’ feature.  The majority of the deals were flight and hotel related and there isn’t much of that going on at the moment! We are keeping the list going in the background, and we’ll continue to let […]

Clubcard and Nectar news: 6000 Avios from pet insurance, Booker 3% cashback deal, Nectar dropped by Oxfam, changed Clubcard points earning

We decided to pause our sister site, Shopper Points, at the end of 2019 due to the lack of relevant points-driven content coming out of Tesco Clubcard and Nectar.  We’ve kept the site intact and we’ll bring it back if there is a sustained pick […]

What are the top 10 reasons to get the Tesco Clubcard Mastercard credit card?

Why should you get the Tesco Clubcard Mastercard? Today, in our ‘Top 10 Reasons’ series, I want to look at the top 10 reasons to apply for a free Tesco Clubcard Mastercard credit card. You can see all of our ‘Top 10 Reasons’ series, focusing […]

Earn double Clubcard points at Tesco when you scan the app

Tesco Clubcard bonus points offers have been very thin on the ground recently. If you look back at Head for Points from four years ago, we were running multiple articles per week on bonus point offers.  Many of them were a good deal even if […]

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