Etihad Business Class to Australia for £1,275 – and other great Etihad sale deals

Etihad has launched a very attractive business class sale which runs until next Monday.

It is almost in the Qatar Airways league – although Etihad tickets don’t earn British Airways Avios or tier points – and there are some excellent deals to be had.

Unless I state otherwise, the prices I quote below require you to use promotional code T0U10ZW when booking.  Prices will be roughly 5% higher otherwise.

Possibly the best Australia deal ever?

The highlight is a fare of $1,782 (£1,275) from Istanbul to Sydney.  It also works to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Gold Coast.

If you don’t want to go via Turkey, there is a fare of €1,768 (£1,430) from Dusseldorf.  This works for Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Gold Coast but not Sydney.

The Istanbul Australia deals are outlined here.

The Dusseldorf deals, to Australia and elsewhere, are here.

You must book by Monday 11th April and travel before 12th December.  The maximum stay is one month but that will not be a problem for most.

£1,275 return for a Business Class ticket to Australia is exceptional.  What is even better is that, from both Istanbul and Dusseldorf, this route is rostered on some flights as a Boeing 787 and an Airbus A380.

This means that you will get the Business Class Studio unless Etihad switches planes on you.  I reviewed the Business Class Studio here and I genuinely believe that it is the best business class product on the market.  And you can fly it all the way to Australia for £1,275 ….

This is Etihad’s webpage outlining the Business Class Studio.

Etihad 350

What other deals are available?

I have shamelessly lifted a few other good examples from Flyertalk – these prices exclude the extra discount you get with code T0U10ZW if it is accepted for your travel dates:

Milan to Singapore for €1107 (£900)

Milan to Bangkok for €1210 (£979)

Dusseldorf to Manila for €1406 (£1,138)

Milan to Hong Kong for €1394 (£1,128)

The list of Milan deals is here although it is also worth trying other destinations not featured.

And good UK deals too

There are some good deals out of the UK too, especially from Manchester and Edinburgh.

Click here to see the business class deals from the UK (the list is below the booking box).

I particularly liked (although you can beat these deals if you start outside the UK, but you might not want the trouble):

London to Abu Dhabi for £1,141

Manchester to Mumbai for £1,242

Edinburgh to Bangkok for £1,559

The Maldives for £1,578 is available from all three airports

The only ‘snag’ with all of these fares is that you do not receive Etihad’s free chauffeur service.  That is a small price to pay for bargains like these, however.

I will look at where to credit these Etihad fares in another article in a few days.  Remember that Etihad allows you to redeem your Etihad Guest miles for cash via PointsPay at roughly 0.45p per mile so you could simply credit to Etihad and cash out for another saving off your flight.

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In all cases, you need to book here at and don’t forget to use promotional code T0U10ZW for an extra discount.

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  1. It’s also worth noting that these deals fall under Business Saver, which are not legible for upgrades, so no chance of getting into F later on, even with their bidding system.

  2. Where do I add the promo code? On a mobile if that makes a difference. I have gone right through to card payment with no box for a promo code.

  3. Re Istanbul/Düsseldorf to Oz: One route is cheaper in Euros, the other is cheaper in Sterling?

  4. “This means that you will get the Business Class Studio (photo below)”

    All i see is a picture of a plane…dont tell me i’ve got click on the image go to etihad and search myself how AMAZING this might be…come on raffles get with the programme how many more things do us readers have to do ourselves?!

    Joking of course brilliant find thanks for posting going to ‘chat’ (nag) her indoors into a trip down under……

    • B@gger, sorry! I wrote that, tried to find a suitable picture, couldn’t, stuck in the plane instead and then forgot to delete the text!

  5. Out of interest, how long do Etihad miles last?

    • Miles expire after three years and you need to spend then or you lose them which is the only draw back with Etihad and Emirates but you can’t beat their Business and First class product.

      • You can redeem Etihad miles for cash though. Emirates is trickier.

        • Ah yes, but I’m yet to work out how much you actually get for your miles but the other benefit of Etihad is that you can earn status with airlines such as Air Berlin. Is it worth doing a PointsPay if there’s no other need for the miles?

    • 2 years expiry on miles

  6. Is it just me or do all the links loop back to this page?

  7. Amazing deal, I get this when adding the discount code though, not sure what I have done wrong.

    We were unable to apply the promotional discount.
    Search criteria does not qualify for the discount or the promotion code is incorrect/expired.
    You can continue to book using our standard fares.

  8. If you go to a site like Kayak, they are offering these flights from Dusseldorf as Airberlin flights. Same planes and times, of course. I wonder if you could book them like that and credit the flights to BA?

  9. Frankie McPolin says:

    I am hanging out waiting for a sub £1000 (or thereabouts) business class to Bangkok travelling 27th/28th Dec to Bangkok. Does anyone know if such a price is likely to come up at some point? I’m prepared to go from Europe as I know such a price won’t come up from UK.

    • You can already get AMS – BKK with MH for £1128. Saying that I think I would hold on for a sale and you could probably get for under £1000

      • I looked into this.. they all seem to be on 777 with a sloping seat though. Plus you then have to sit on a shack with wings from KUL to BKK to finish your journey.

  10. Richard Brown says:

    What I want to know is how I can get these fares or similar fling in the reverse direction from NZ, where the sale price is around GBP 4500. Same applies with other airlines too.

    Can any one offer me a legitimate way of getting the same or similar fares from NZ to UK and back with tickets issued by a UK travel agent.

    • I would keep an eye on Australian Business Traveller, PointHacks and the like, plus the Flyertalk Premium Fares board.

  11. Quite keen but really not sure about where to credit it best to (unfortunately no OW/BAEC), so I guess best is waiting for your tipps how to credit before I book! :)

    Do you have a rough idea what the DUS to SYD would result in miles (for getting 0.45p in cash)? I saw 20k on Airberlin but that doesn’t make sense with 0.45p…


    • Z is 115% of miles flown. A direct line from DUS to SYD is 10,300 miles each way so, with the diversion via AUH and the 115%, you’d earn about 25,000 return. That would be about £100 of cash via PointsPay.

      Crediting to airberlin may be an alternative if you wanted BA-equivalent status. I need to take a look at that.

      • Thanks Rob! Very much looking forward into the new piece. I started reading a bit into Air Berlin / Etihad now too (In terms of status and redemptions)

  12. Just booked this deal to Sydney. thanks so much for sharing. Was looking to go with Emirates as had a companion deal but even then the prices were £5.6k all in with a return from Auckland!

  13. I like the look of this., and it solves the problem of how to hit my 2k Pltinum spend.

    Two questions: Do I need somewhere set up tos end the points befiore I book – currently not signed up Etihad or a partner? And canI shunt the points to Amex eventually (suspect not)?

    Currently enjoying a slightly louche weekend in London, and been caught out by the lack of tootthpaste in the Hilton room kit!


    • Looks like you may have missed out on this one Matt- perhaps due to your louche weekend.

      Suggest you leg it down the road for some toothpaste- Halitosis is not an Aphrodisiac.

      • Got the toileteries.

        And got the deal for just when I want it … 20 days in the middle of September Istanbul to Sydney with discount, for about 1775 Euro. Still quite a bit of availability as far as I can see.

        Had to compromise on the other plane as an A320 not 787, though.


        • Glad it worked out for you Matt. This was so tempting, but in the end(what with other things booked) couldn’t be done.

    • You can add a frequent flyer number later – or sign up to Etihad Guest now and then change it later, or even at check in, if a better offer comes along.

  14. Thanks Rob – perfect timing for us! Just a quick question to see whether anyone knows – if we were to change the dates later on, apart from paying the change of date fees, would we need to pay for any price difference for the new date provided that there was availability? Thanks!

    • You would need to check the fare rules. If a change is allowed then, yes, it is a fee plus the fare difference – so probably at least double the original cost and effectively not worth it unless you got lucky and another sale turned up at the time you wanted to change.

  15. thanks Rob!

  16. This is so unbelievably tempting for a December trip east. I would have already booked if you could earn Avios…

    I just know I will book, and then Qatar will come along next week with a sale around £1000.

    Im stuck what to do!

  17. Anyone crediting their flight to Alitalia?

  18. OT but Tesco Pet Insurance kindly deposited 4000 clubcard points into my OH account . Cancelled on about day 45 !!

  19. Noggins says:

    We’re not long back from a Dublin to Hawaii trip (blue to silver in one hit!) and now we’re off to Oz in November thanks to these brilliant tips. (But couldn’t find anywhere to insert the extra discount code?) Looking forward to a first dreamliner experience. Thanks Rob for two great tips!

  20. Noggins says:

    Any thoughts on the best means of doing the London – Istanbul leg, anyone? Turkish appears lowest cost in biz but is the extra worth it from LHR and not LGW for the 777? Chances of a Turkish sale between now and November….?

  21. I can’t see the attraction here to be honest.

    So you have to pay OTT to get a very compromised short haul business class service to a place where people blow themselves up seemingly every other day just to get on a poor first leg of a marginally discounted Etihad ticket to somewhere which is routinely available from the point of origin with checked through baggage all the way just for a bit more money ?

    Or suffer the collect and re-check baggage via another route with less chance of getting blown up after either an OTT short haul premium flight or a bucket economy nicety !

    I use Etihad a lot and monitor their fares and there is nothing hugely cheap here against the regular discounted fares available on their own website every other day. In fact, if there were another 3 or 4 x mileage offer (and one is due) then I suggest that would be far better for those going long haul.

    • “a place where people blow themselves up seemingly every other day”
      Wow, did know Dusseldorf was that bad….I´ll avoid next time.
      wont be seeing you in Melbourne then ?

      • Genghis says:

        I believe Talay was referring to IST. I was in IST last weekend and it felt quite safe though we were still rather cautious…

      • I’m actually itching for a trip to Melbourne as part of a wider Oz trip but have very limited time available at year end due to school dates etc.

        €1800 or so for DUS-MEL on 787/A380 combination is a very good deal but after 11/12/16 the return leg rises to €2300 or so each way adding some €4200 (3 seats) or more to my bill !

        Still, I’ll probably play around with dates and locations to see if anything really stands out.

  22. For comparison, LHR-MEL on same dates is €3814 so the LHR-DUS legs save you €2000 or a bit more than half !

    Rip Off Britain I think.

  23. Kilburnflyer says:

    Worth noting that DUS or TXL (Berlin) fares to MEL on this offer can be booked under Air Berlin code all the way. This has two main benefits:

    1) Credit to Air Berlin Topbonus and you’ll get 200% of flown miles (around 41,000 around 9,000 away from Air Berlin Gold)

    2) Even cheapest Air Berlin Business class fares (flying through AUH) are entitled to Chauffeur transfers, which you wouldn’t get if booked through in this fare type.

    • Nice points on the chauffeurs but as most will need a connecting flight to hook up with these ex DUS / TXL fares, I’m not sure the chauffeur would take you to LHR when the plane left from DUS ?

  24. Hey thanks for the heads up on the ticket – just booked to go home to australia. Thought it was worth mentioning that I was able to get my internal flights on codeshare with virgin australia in the same ticket – though i had to call etihad to get the flights booked but you can book some dates via expedia. I got flights from perth to syd and then mel, leaving from mel back to Istanbul. If you play around with the dates you basically get the internal australian flights for free!! it took a long time to book on the phone so i suspect it’s an error?