508 Virgin Flying Club miles for £4! THURSDAY ONLY

I am sneaking this in as a ‘day’ article because the arbitrage expires tonight!

If you have a Virgin Flying Club account, you probably got an email today promoting their new Virgin Trains deal.  Basically:

If you book a Virgin West Coast or Virgin East Coast ticket via the official websites before 31st July

…. and select Flying Club miles instead of Nectar points as your reward …..

…. you will receive 500 Virgin Flying Club miles with your first transaction during this period

. which will be credited by 31st August

The reason you book tonight is that the Virgin West Coast sale ends at midnight.

Virgin Trains

And, during that sale, you can buy train tickets for as little as £4.  London to Birmingham is advertised at that price, one way.

So …. go to the Virgin West Coast website, book yourself a £4 train ticket, add in your Flying Club number and hopefully 508 Virgin Flying Club miles will arrive by the end of August.

Of course, if you actually need to book a West Coast or East Coast train ticket before the end of July, there is no rush!

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  1. Nice one :)

    Good for Virgin miles collectors.

  2. Just buy any ticket that’s over £1 such as Edinburgh Waverley – Haymarket. Just remember if you book on the Virgin Trains East Coast website you must choose one of their services and on Virgin Trains you must book a west coast train.

  3. Nick Burch says:

    For those taking part in the Virgin Red treasure hunt, that could also be a very cheap way to get some of the Virgin Trains gold coins! (Rumor is that there are 10 different coins on west coast, 5 on east)

    • Any chance we could share the coins? Most of the time I manage to solve the clues but for the life of me can’t get the coins!

      • Nick Burch says:

        Buffet staff have them, and I’m told some of the first class on-train and lounge staff have them too. Generally you need to ask though!

  4. Can I book multiple tickets?

  5. signol says:

    If you have no intention of making the journey, then buying a ticket with a railcard discount makes it even cheaper. Also good for resetting the expiry clock on VS miles.

  6. Andrew H says:

    I didn’t think this applied to me because it said ‘all first-time bookings can enjoy 500 extra miles before 31 July 2016.’ I assumed ‘first time booking’ meant your first purchase with Virgin Trains. I have booked with them many times already.

    I also assumed that you can book any ticket on a VT WC/EC route, which would include the cheap ones for a couple of quid?

    • Yes I thought the same – ‘first time booking’ seems pretty clear

    • Andrew says:

      First booking within the period. Might be worth buying one on each of the East & West Coast routes just in case…

      One thing to be very careful of though is that the journey must wholly and exclusively be on a Virgin Service. I almost booked a +Scotrail Connections ticket before I double checked. Have now split the ticket at Glasgow.

      It’s a bit naughty though as the email (that I received) invites users to “Jump onboard for a Highland break that Virgin Trains and Virgin Trains East Coast will make sure gets you on the right track.” and no ticket that would meet the terms of the promotion would take you via the West Coast and onward to the Highlands without changing train company.

  7. You can get cheaper tickets, eg the 10.59 on Sunday – Sandwell & Dudley —> Wolverhampton is £3.30

    Beat that! – remember it has to be Virgin Trains

    • £3.20 Sandwell & Dudley —> B’ham New St

      • Sorry so busy having fun looking at tickets I didn’t see Edinburgh —> Haymarket lol

    • Rugby > Coventry, child, one way, £2.30. What happens if my cherub doesn’t remember to pick up his ticket after I drop him at the station on my way to work?

      • Genghis says:

        Not too sure but you can collect any national rail ticket from any national rail ticket machine with fast ticket. I’ll collect my son’s Edinburgh ticket from Cannon St today

  8. Dannyrado says:


  9. Phill Ramsay says:

    Just a point to note on this, in the email it does say “First time bookings” Which I read to be people who have never booked through Virgin Trains before.

  10. rabbit says:

    I need to buy tickets for Euston – Manchester for October, when will these become available on the virgin site? Just wondering if they will be available by the 31st July when this miles offer ends

  11. Axel Heyst says:

    my daughter is now travelling from waverley to haymarket next sunday for 70p

    • Genghis says:

      I saw one of those but is that a ‘Virgin Trains’ service? The one I saw for 70p was Cross Country.

      • 70p may be a mistake. Surely that doesn’t trigger any base points (2 per £1) and so there is nothing to send to Flying Club and so they won’t give you a bonus?

        • The Urbanite says:

          It’s a CrossCountry Only Anytime Day Single. Had a quick look in the fares database and the closest I could find to £1 was a child Off Peak Day return from Coventry to Birmingham International, only valid on Virgin services at £1.05.

  12. Booked for £1.15! I

  13. Wonder if the bonus points for First Class will be added on to, Haymarket in First class for 1.55, and can probably help myself to those free bottles of water they leave out in First.

  14. Virgin Trains website non responsive at the moment – I blame raffles :)

  15. Ugh, I had had my first booking via their site yesterday! Ahhh well, still ticked the boxes in terms of resetting the expiry on my miles.

  16. That’s me sorted – Sandwell & Dudley to Wolverhampton next Saturday night for £2.40 – any suggestions on what to do in Wolverhampton at three minutes past midnight?

  17. Andrew H says:



    “Due to some recent technical hiccups with our booking system, we’re now extending our Summer Seat Sale up until 11am 8 July 2016, so you’ve got a few extra hours to snap up those tickets.”

    • Genghis says:

      By the sounds of it, many people weren’t exactly buying the sale fares last night.

  19. Mark B says:

    I got the email, where does it mention the 500 miles ?

    • I don’t know about your email from Virgin Trains, but mine mentioned it in the initial text:

      Dear *******

      It may look like the sunny shores of Croatia, but this is actually in the UK. So why not discover more little surprises such as these and treat yourself to an extra 500 miles on your first adventure with Virgin Trains and Virgin Trains East Coast before 31 July 2016? What’s more, when you travel with them, you’ll earn two Flying Club miles for every £1 you spend…..

  20. Tilly71 says:

    Is this offer mentioned anywhere on one of their sites as i didnt get the email and i havenever made a virgin train booking?

    • No, just checked everywhere I expected it to be. I got it on every FC account in my household though and the rules don’t say it is targetted. Probably not worth the effort if you didn’t get the email, just in case.

  21. O/T win £1000 golf things with Virgin https://trendygolf.com/competitions/win-a-1000-gbp-gift-voucher

    Answer: Danny Willett

  22. Very odd. I didn’t get the email about 500 bonus miles, nor the one about the sale extended. I did get the one about £4 fares. I have purchased through virgin trains recently. So I suspect it is only for those who haven’t purchased solely VT tickets before!

    • Colin JE says:

      I got the email but have bought tickets on both Virgin Trains and Virgin East Coast, and got poiints awarded to Virgin Atlantic in the past. It may be a quirk of their mailing. Surely worth a punt for £1.15 (child fare) if you hadn’t got the email?
      However, watch out for making sure it’s booked on the right website. Current thinking is that the Waverley to Haymarket 10.51 service is Virgin (West Coast) Trains, not East Coast, so needs to be booked on West Coast site.