502 Virgin miles for £1.50!

On Thursday night I dropped an extra article onto the site in response to a newly launched Virgin Flying Club promotion.  This is a more developed version of the same idea, and if you read HFP via email you never saw the original deal in the first place!

If you have a Virgin Flying Club account, you probably got an email on Thursday promoting their new Virgin Trains deal.  Basically:

If you book a Virgin West Coast or Virgin East Coast ticket via the official websites before 31st July

…. and select Flying Club miles instead of Nectar points as your reward …..

…. and book a Virgin Trains service (tickets for other operators don’t earn points) …

…. you will receive 500 Virgin Flying Club miles with your first transaction during this period

. which will be credited by 31st August

The reason I dropped in the extra article is that Virgin West Coast had a sale which ended on Thursday night and which had tickets for just £4.  This would have got you 508 miles for just £4.

Virgin Trains

Thanks to the ingenuity of HFP readers, it seems that I didn’t need to rush in with the extra article.  It turns out that there are a few Virgin routes where you can get a ticket for a couple of £!

The 10.51 from Edinburgh to Haymarket, with a railcard, is £1.50 (£1.15 for a child).  This is a Virgin Trains East Coast service.  Do not book any other Haymarket service operated by Scotrail or Cross Country as this will not earn points.

(EDIT: looking at the comments there is confusion over whether Haymarket is East Coast or West Coast. For clarity, it is perhaps better to use the train below.)

Alternatively, for a West Coast service, Sandwell & Dudley to Wolverhampton is £2.40.  Again, not all trains on this route are Virgin Trains so be careful to avoid London Midland.

You must also book on the right Virgin website to earn points.  East Coast tickets only earn points when book on the East Coast site here.   West Coast tickets must be booked on the West Coast site here.  Book on the wrong site and you won’t earn anything.

You may find others.  Do NOT book anything for under £1 as this may not earn you the bonus.  The transaction is too small to generate base points (2 per £1) and if no base points are sent to Flying Club they won’t know they need to add your bonus.

Of course, if you actually need to book a West Coast or East Coast train ticket before the end of July, there is no need to mess about with this as you will earn the bonus naturally!

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

Bits: temporary Gatwick Express timetable, Hyatt category changes, Park Inn sale
The best Avios collection tip I've had from a reader this week ....!
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  1. Look forward to the first trip report!!

  2. Boris Johnson says:

    Birmingham international to Coventry = £1.25 with a railcard

  3. Will this train booking work for £1.25 booked via the virgintrains.co.uk site, using a 16-25 Railcard which I have not got, but does not matter if I do use the ticket.

    Outward Fri 15 Jul 2016
    Birmingham International (BHI) to Coventry (COV)
    0:40 to 10:49
    0h 9m
    0 changes
    Ticket Type Standard
    Anytime £1.25
    Valid only on Virgin Train services

  4. Lawrence Millington says:

    Can anyone confirm if the points credit even if you don’t collect the tickets?

    • I’ve had points credit for uncollected Virgin Trains tickets before. Wasn’t during a bonus offer so can’t comment on bonus points but base points posted fine so I see no reason why the bonus ones wouldn’t.

      As tickets can be accessed electronically via their app, there is no need to collect them anyway.

  5. Rebecca McCullough says:

    I just booked the 10.51 on the east coast website which I understand was a waste of £2 now. Doesn’t think already count as a booking though so if I was to book it again on the west coast, would I still get the 500 points? I know its only a few quid but I don’t really want to throw money away if I’m not guaranteed the points!

  6. Anyone got the points for uncollected tickets? Mine haven’t posted. Is it a few weeks before they post?

  7. Ok, just read that they will be credited before 31/08.