30% bonus when you buy Virgin miles or use ‘Miles Booster’ – good deal?

When I wrote about the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club “30% off Economy miles redemptions” sale yesterday, I said that I would do a follow-up article on their parallel offers.

The Virgin redemption sale has two other promotions attached to it.

The first is a 30% bonus when you buy Virgin Flying Club miles.

The link to buy, transfer or gift miles is here.  However there is NO bonus, this time, for gifting or transferring miles – only for buying them for yourself.

The closing date for the deal is 22nd September, the same as the 30% discount on economy redemptions.

Virgin now allows you buy to a whopping 100,000 miles per year at a cost of £1,515!

Virgin Atlantic 350

Is this a good deal?

As usual with these cases, the answer is “not really, unless you want to do an immediate redemption”.

To buy 20,000 miles, for example, comes out at £315. With the 30% bonus, you would actually receive 26,000 miles. This works out at 1.21p. You would struggle to get good value if you bought all of the miles you needed for a redemption at that price but of course topping up an account is a different matter.

(Before buying, think if you have any Amex Membership Rewards points, Tesco points, Heathrow Rewards points or hotel loyalty points which you could transfer instead.  There is still a 20% bonus on Tesco transfers until 16th September.  Remember that Amex points transfer instantly if your accounts are already linked.)

The second offer, ‘Miles Booster’, IS a potentially very good deal.

Miles Booster only works if you have a Virgin Atlantic cash or reward flight booked or have taken one in the last six months. You are able to buy an additional 200% of the base miles you will earn from the flight for just 1p each.

Click here for details. If you have a New York economy flight booked, for example, you would earn 6,916 base miles from your trip.

Miles Booster allows you to buy up to 13,832 additional miles for just 1p each. Plus, with this promotion, you would get an extra 30% bonus as well.

If you maximised the Miles Booster option for your New York flight, you would be able to buy a total of 17,981 Virgin Flying Club miles for just £138.32. That is 0.77p each, which is well worth considering.

You can retrospectively buy miles via Miles Booster for any Virgin Atlantic flights taken in the last six months, cash or reward. Even if you don’t have any current bookings, you may be able to take advantage of this.  At this price, I would consider it if you know that you will be using them in short or medium term.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. As normal Virgins website when you click through to the booster page shows the correct 30% bonus but still show the wrong dates this promotion is valid.

  2. “Miles Booster allows you to buy up to 13,832 additional miles for just 1p”. I’ll get on now before you get trolled….do you mean for 1p per mile

  3. Not available on Delta flights booked through Virgin? I got a fare to Chicago in Upper Class in the sale and wouldn’t mind topping up with this, but the offer the site is giving me is really low – it’s only offering me 3,000-something miles to top up (or double that for double the money) – the base miles for the flight itself, one way, from JFK-LHR should be 5,000-something…! Curious.

    • Had the same question. Took a delta flight from utah last month so keen to take advantage if possible.

  4. couldn’t find miles booster link on the site for a flight i have taken in last 6 months so i called virgin. they said that the bonus was only available if you booked flight between 6th and 22nd sep. i tried to argue that wasn’t what it said on the t&c but they insisted (after checking 3 times) that i could only get the bonus if i booked a flight and boosted the miles within the offer period

    • Hi there, that’s not true. I last used the Booster in spring and “boosted” my actual flight in spring, the one 3 months prior and the one 3 months after. Phone again and get a new agent.

      • I agree, I book flights then wait till a booster bonus appears never had an issue

        • thanks. i agree too. i have done retrospective purchases in the past and the t&c are very clear. i will give it a few days for them to get up to speed and try again

    • You cannot boost spent flights online, only by calling VA. I just boosted my flights that I took to DXB in May. I was told the boost points post to my FC account within 72 hours and the 30% bonus will post 12th October.

  5. But still no 500 bonus points for the east coast promotion. Anybody received theirs yet?

    • Nothing, Allan. I’ve found Virgin are not the quickest at handing these out.

      However Iberia Plus have finally given me the bonus avios for my groupon purchase, so that’s at least one historical thing sorted!

      • +1 for Iberia. I contacted them last week and they said they were having issues syncing the PluStore points into the Iberia account (the points had already been approved just hadn’t been transferred across).

      • Thanks, will be reminded of it any time there is a post about Virgin here!

    • David cliff says:

      So I’m not the only one then ! I do find it difficult to understand why these companies always seem to have such regular issues posting points !

    • Response from Virgin re 500 points for train ticket:

      Dear Genghis,
      Thank you for your email, and please accept my apologies for the delayed response.
      Unfortunately there has been a delay with adding the 500 bonus miles to members accounts, however we are hoping this is going to be resolved by the end of next week.
      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience in this matter.

  6. Nick Lavender says:

    Is it ever worth paying the 1500 for 130K points ?

    • why not? 80k points for upper class to ny!

    • Depends. 130k points will get you a J TATL return and a one way (and change), but be sure to factor the high taxes and charges into the cost calculation and compare it to booking with cash. There isn’t likely to be much difference. It’s not like buying AA or Alaska miles and using them for premium tickets, you won’t always come out on top with Avios/VS.

  7. OT
    Can someone give one reason why one would use Curve over Supercard given that curve charges 1% oversees?

    • 1) ATM withdrawals for Supercard are charged at 3%. For Curve just 1% (currently) it seems
      2) Supercard have lost all my trust given the stories on here (e.g. @Rams1981).

    • TGLoyalty says:

      supercard fails a lot – I wouldn’t rely on it as my only source of low/no FX fee money abroad.

  8. re miles booster, that page doesn’t seem to include the 30% bonus yet, is that normal?

    • The page doesn’t show the bonus miles because you are only buying the base miles thus it only shows the base miles but as long as you purchase them during the qualifying period the bonus miles will post or a quick call to virgin FC will sort it for you. NB I was told today that the bonus miles will post on 12th October

  9. Just a question re Miles Booster and a *potential* future flexible booking to NYC which I would then cancel: if I booked a fully-flex return ticket to NYC, then “Miles Boosted” this ticket (i.e. bought 17,981 Virgin Flying Club miles for just £138.32 against this NYC ticket), from experience of doing Miles Boost in the past then, from recollection, I only receive these 17,981 miles AFTER I have completed my flights although I must pay for the miles boost (£138.32) up-front. I think this is correct. However, what would happen if, after paying the £138.32 boost amount, I then CANCEL these fully-flex NYC flights? As I will no longer be taking these flights but as I will have still paid the Miles Boost £138.32 amount, will my VAFC account STILL be credited with the 17,981 miles? Just curious as I have never tried this. Thanks!

  10. I recently opened a virgin account and have booked a flight. This is my first flight with virgin since registering, and I was wondering if I can purchase miles to Topup my account as I only currently have 3k miles? When I log in i don’t see an option to purchase miles or to bid for an upgrade.

    • Buy miles should be an option on the left and side… The bidding for upgrades – is under mange my booking but I’ve never found it to be that competitive.

  11. I have just completed an Eco reward flight to and from the States with VA. I used my CC credits to sit in Premium both ways. Am I able to claim miles (plus buy the 30% booster) for these flights? I didn’t think you got miles for reward redemption journeys. How am I best to claim it? Many thanks

    • Correct, you don’t earn miles or tier points for redemptions but you can still purchase mile booster. Call up the FC and they’ll do it over the phone for you.