Bits: free Uber rides tonight, buy Concorde seats, beat AwardWallet’s price hike

News in brief:

Free Uber rides on Christmas Eve

As part of a promotion with Budweiser, you can travel for free with UberX tonight between 4pm and midnight.

This offer is good for both new and existing Uber clients.

You need to register your details at this website.   At 4pm today – and not before – you will be emailed a code.  Plug this into the Uber app and it will be good for a £15 credit towards any UberX ride taken before midnight tonight.

If you are new to Uber, remember that you can get another £15 ride credit – valid on ANY day against ANY car type – by entering promo code HEADFORPOINTS after downloading the app.

Thanks to Harry.

Uber Budweiser offer

Buy two Concorde seats at Christies

If your living room needs sprucing up, Christies in South Kensington will be auctioning two Concorde seats on 11th January.

The guide price is £2,000 – £3,000 for the pair as you can see.

And here is a photo from the public viewing (thanks to Justin):

AwardWallet announces sharp price hike

There is only one miles and points tool that I use every day – and have done for a number of years – and that is AwardWallet.  There has always been a link to them from the “I Also Recommend …..” section of this site.

AwardWallet allows you to store the log-in and password details for pretty much all of the loyalty programmes you are in. It isn’t just travel, either – Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Clubcard, Harrods Rewards …. they cover over 680 programmes from across the world.

Across their entire membership, they are tracking over 93 BILLION miles and points!

AwardWallet logo

You can store programmes for various different people inside one AwardWallet account. When I log in, I see over over 60 different accounts across my family.

You can sit and back and do nothing with AwardWallet if that is how you want to play it. Once a week, AwardWallet will automatically log in to each of your programmes and update your balance. It will then send you a weekly email with all of your balance changes.

For the more obsessive, like myself, you can log in to AwardWallet and simply click ‘Update’. AwardWallet goes off and updates all of your ‘active’ balances immediately (it takes 3-4 minutes to check my active ones). On a PC you can leave it running in another window.  Even faster is the impressive app.

If you are not already a member of AwardWallet, you can sign up for free here.

From 1st February, AwardWallet will be increasing the charge for its premium service from $5 every six months (ie $10 per year) to $30 per year.  Premium members  get the expiry date of their points tracked, and email warnings sent out if miles are heading towards expiry.  The app also runs faster as it searches for multiple results in parallel rather than one scheme at a time.

If you upgrade to AwardWallet Plus before 1st February you will be grandfathered onto the ‘$5 every six months’ plan for life.

If you have a free AwardWallet subscription I would recommend paying $5 to upgrade to Plus NOW.  You may or may not find the added benefits useful but you have six months to decide before your next $5 is due and you will have secured yourself grandfather rights to the $5 fee.

For clarity, if you are currently on Plus due to redeeming a free code then you will NOT be grandfathered onto the $5 plan.  You need to pay $5 before 1st February to push out the expiry of your current membership.

Happy Christmas! Head for Points returns on Tuesday
New routes galore: IAG budget long-haul, Flybe @ Heathrow, KLM @ City, Flybe @ Southend
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  1. th real harry says:

    O/T Britain’s first underground hotel

    sounds better than a sleep pod

  2. th real harry says:

    The code is ‘BUDXMAS16’.

    • th real harry says:

      I guess that could easily cost Budweiser £500K 🙂

      • The penny just dropped about this promo.

        Me “we’ll get an uber to the pub on your account, leave just before midnight on my account”

        OH “well that will be #### leaving before midnight, and there’ll probably be a surge on by then”

    • I signed up but doesn’t receive an email with the code but used the code here and it worked fine. Thanks Harry.

  3. Happy Camper says:

    £15.00 Uber signup worked fine.

    Not sure if the Uber ‘Travel free tonight’ email offer is a scam … still no email. My wife didn’t receive any email either.

    • Check your spam. That’s where mine went.

      @harry / th(e) real harry, Mrs G says thanks for the uber promo tip since I was then ‘generous’ enough to get an Uber home from our ‘anniversary’ (first started dating) dinner. Merry Christmas.

    • I didn’t get one either. On either email address that I signed up with. Nor did my wife or the three friends I told about it. Very disappointed

  4. th real harry says:

    I would like to put the case for Senor Cruz.

    Airplanes eez solo bus in blue sky. Anybody torero o non can drive autobus if not too merdamente drive car, plus qui want teeket collector or sendweech vendedores?

    OK, it take 200 oras flying escola get to vueling plane – I pienso you & I could do that in couple fino de semanas.

    Double deckers maka mucho mas senso, se puede squeeze en mas pueblo, es como fiesta, todos quieren juegar sardines, non?

  5. AwardWallet – is this normal that it goes through all my bookings and transaction history on my BA account?! 1. it required me to install a plugin, 2. it started going through my transaction history and all my bookings 3. it timed out… I though it was only checking my avios balance?

    • They added this feature a while back but it can easily be disabled via the settings menu. I don’t use it.

      • Thanks Rob. Found it in settings! Unfortunately, had to delete my account to remove all my trips… when re-added with auto-trip retrieval disabled it worked 🙂

  6. OT but the base 700 Avios for the Avis/Iberia deal posted. No sign of the 18,000 Avios yet.

    • Same here – though the T&C says up to 8 weeks which will be end of January for most of us.
      the avisiberia page is still up with the details of the offer so take a screenshot of it in anticipation

      • the real harry says:

        don’t forget to screenshot the bit that says only one promotion allowed, ie if you got 5% off for using Amex, are you sure you’ll get the second promotion?

  7. I logged in to pay the $10 for the next year , but my Amex was only charged US$ 0.01 Is that right?

  8. scott_hb says:

    I have award wallet plus due to a free promo a while back which is due to run out in April. I just tried to pay $5 to get me onto the $5/6 month for life. However, it’s only letting me pay $30 less a $20 ‘early supporter discount’. Fine for this year, but I was trying to get onto the $5/6 months for life. Anyone having the same issue or have any workarounds?

    • They said that you would keep the $10 / year, so I’d pay it for a year and then go back to them next year if they ask for $30. Or just pay for a couple of years now.