Good Heathrow Rewards sign-up deal – 2,500 Avios, Virgin, Lufthansa, Etihad or Emirates miles!

(EDIT: has just launched an even better version of this offer with 3,000 points for £150 spend.  See here for details.)

Heathrow Rewards – the loyalty scheme for Heathrow’s duty free shops – has launched a new sign-up promotional bonus in association with Etihad Guest.

This is one of the most generous sign-up deal that I have seen for Heathrow Rewards.  With this deal, you will receive 2,500 bonus points (= 2,500 Avios or miles) when you spend £150 in one day before 31st December 2017.

A smaller bonus of 1,000 points will be earned if you spend £75 in a single day this year – but you can only earn one bonus.

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent in Heathrow (1 per £10 on foreign exchange) or on Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only).  Heathrow Express bookings do count for points but unless you are spending £100 in one go it won’t help you trigger the bonus as you cannot control what date the transaction posts to your account.

You can redeem your 2,500 points for Avios (in either or British Airways Executive Club), Virgin Flying Club miles, Etihad Guest, Miles & More miles or Emirates Skywards miles.

If you’re lucky, you may even get a conversion bonus.  Lufthansa is offering a 100% bonus until 31st January, for example, and I took the opportunity to empty out my Heathrow Rewards balance to take advantage.

Alternatively, you could take £25 of Heathrow shopping vouchers or Heathrow Express vouchers, or £50 of vouchers towards the official Heathrow car parks.

Full details of the Heathrow Rewards scheme are here.  The offer itself appears on the Etihad website here.

Heathrow Rewards

Whilst Etihad is sponsoring this promotion, you are not obliged to send your bonus points to Etihad Guest. You can redeem for any of their airline partners or for something else.

Here is the small print:

The bonus points offer is available to new members of the Heathrow Rewards programme only who join using the above link or register their card and enter promo code EGAPR17 before 31 December 2017. 2,500 points will be awarded when £150 or more of qualifying expenditure is made OR 1,000 points will be awarded when £75 or more of qualifying expenditure is made in a single day 31 December 2017 and the Heathrow Rewards card is used. Only one offer per member. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other joining offer. Spend at any currency change will not qualify for this offer.

You may well already have a Heathrow Rewards account. If so, you have three options:

open an account for someone else who shares a BA or Avios household account with you, then transfer the Avios to that account

Heathrow Rewards now lets you transfer points between different people – you could get a card in a random name, spend £150 and then ring Heathrow Rewards to transfer the points to yourself

if you have only previously converted to one airline programme, you could open another account in your name (different email, different postal address) and then send the points over to Virgin, Etihad or Miles & More if you usually send them to Avios (or vice versa). Do not use the same Avios number on two accounts.

If your card does not arrive before your next Heathrow trip, don’t worry. Save your receipts and scan or post them to Heathrow Rewards and they will add them manually.

PS.  If you have the Etihad credit cards, issued by MBNA, you also receive a free upgrade to the Heathrow Rewards premium tier which earns double points.  Full details are in this article

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. OT but related to a comment by Genghis above so thought it was worth posting here.

    I recently upgraded to Amex plat & applied for the Hilton Honors Gold upgrade which I received yesterday. However on the email from Hilton confirming the upgrade it states

    “Your new status is effective as long as you are an eligible American Express Platinum Card Member. ”

    I though hotel status remained for the year if you cancelled the amex plat or has this now changed?

  2. Sorry to go off-topic (Obviously not that Sorry as I am about to do it anyway.) but I have a couple of questions about the Lloyds Upgrade Voucher.

    I recieved it a couple of days ago but I can’t seem to get it to work.

    What I am trying to do is to book BCN – DXB upgraded to Club World and then I want to return DXB to BCN on Qatar (Via Doha) I can get all the flights I want to come up on / but when I click through on Avios to use my voucher I get a couple of problems.

    First, It says I have to book a return journey, it allows me to select (Use the voucher only one way) but still needs a return date. Is it possible to only book a one way journey?

    Second, It tells me to select the fare in Green that I wish to upgrade but none of the fares show in Green. Does this mean that I can not use this to upgrade this journey? If this is what it means, why? because it is not direct? because it doesn’t start in the UK?

    Any advice from those more experienced in these things would be massively appreciated.

    • I’ve never really thought about it much before but “Customers wishing to use the voucher to upgrade an eligible existing booking or if the flight you need includes a connection can do so by telephoning 0344 49 333 49.”
      And can only use BA metal so your return leg on QR is not possible.
      Give them a call.

      • Yes sorry, my bad explanation. I am trying to use it to update 2 x one way on BA then will book the Qatar seperately as a return avios redemption.

        i’ll give them a call,

        • Try to find reward availability on reward finder (best one to use IMO) for the exact segments you want to do as they might not be available. If they are available, then call up avios

    • Isn’t the issue that you are trying to start in BCN? I thought you have to start or end in UK?

  3. Hi Robbie

    I believe you need to call CS if you want to book one way ticket.
    re 2nd question, are you trying to use it on Qatar? If so this does not work, it has too be on BA metal. You don’t need to start in the UK (I think someone confirmed this the other day), as long as it is on BA metal is fine.

    • No, sorry my fault for not being clear. I want to use it on BA in the way out. Using Qatar on the way back – I only mentioned it to explain why I couldn’t select the return on (As Qatar are only available on

      Thanks for your help, I’ll give them a call.

  4. How long after a purchase will they add points? I picked up my pre-booked currency at LHR last summer, but there was a problem with my debit card when I tried to pay and I ended up going to get cash out of the ATM. By the time we’d sorted all that out, I forgot to give them my HR card, so missed out on the points.

  5. Is it possible to buy e.g. Boots or M&S gift cards somewhere at Heathrow to use the offer?

    • No. Have tried it several times: Boots, M&S and Caffè Nero – the IT does distinguish when there’s a gift card transaction, and my experience is of losing base points of purchases made with a gift card too. Customer services are v responsive to missing points with a scanned receipt (but they’re wise to gift cards!)

      • I don’t think I was clear there when I said losing base points of purchases made with a gift card – I meant points for other items I bought in the same transaction. I’ve found paying for stuff with gift cards perfectly ok and HR points post fine.

  6. ankomonkey says:

    O/T: Point Breaks preview now up on IHG blog. I’ve been waiting and hoping for either of two properties that have been on more than once in the past to be on for a trip I’m making next month where I’ve booked them for full points. And they aren’t on the list. I clearly need to change my holiday destinations to places like Darlington or Barnsley…

    • My home town… Darlo… lol

      • Darlo?

        We were down nr Boro last wknd (wife from there), hence my stay in Newcastle Airport DoubleTree on way south from NE Scotland. Would stay again, £48 for ,2 with breakfast, drinks vouchers and 7700 HH pts, ta v much.

        • I saw HIX Boro in the Pointsbreak list. You might see the wife’s family again sooner than you think!

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      Sort of related- has anyone seen any IHG iggy points yet from the Xmas promo ?

  7. O/T
    can i transfer money to someone bank account using AMEX? 🙂

  8. Only if you buy a flexible ticket do you get the mega 20%

  9. Which Heathrow terminal should I go to for a landside Bureau de Change to get the 3,000 Avios deal? Money pre-ordered first of course.

    ICE London Heathrow Underground Station has a better rate than Travelex but not sure that ICE will take the Heathrow Rewards card if its not in the terminal?


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