Bits: more BA strikes, BA (re)launches Flight Pass, triple Miles & More with Best Western

News in brief:

More British Airways strikes announced

The UNITE union has announced another batch of ‘mixed fleet’ cabin crew strike dates.  This covers 16th August to 30th August, which means it is back to back with the current strike.

You probably know the score by now.  Only Heathrow flights are affected, with Gatwick, London City and regional flights to Europe all OK (these are not flown by ‘mixed fleet’ crew).

British Airways will continue to use its nine leased Qatar Airways aircraft for some short haul flights, which means free food and drink and, in Club Europe, better seats than you would normall get.  Some flights will be cancelled, but BA will aim to get you to your destination on the same day as your original booking.

You do NOT get EU261 compensation if your flight is cancelled due to the strike.

British Airways

British Airways (re)launches Flight Pass

This never went away, but I noticed that Flight Pass is being widely promoted again on the British Airways website.

Old British Midland flyers may remember that BMI let you buy a ‘carnet’ ticket which gave you 10 flights on a particular route for a discount – and occasionally came with free BMI status thrown in.

British Airways has been trialling something similar and it now seems permanent.  Via this OptionTown link, you can buy route passes for economy travel on flights from Heathrow, Gatwick and City.  (If the link does not work, try which will redirect.)

There are a huge number of pricing permutations based on how many people would share your pass, how many tickets you want, what expiry date you are willing to accept and how close to the date of travel you want to book.  You can buy a pass for one route or for an entire country.

For example, you can buy 12 one-way flights from Heathrow to Newcastle for £605, so £50 each.  This includes taxes.  You must use them within 3 months AND must book 90 days in advance.  At the other extreme, 12 one-way tickets bookable up to 4 hours in advance will cost you £131 per seat.

Given the huge number of pricing options, it is impossible to say if this offers decent savings or not.  Note that you can only book return flights with Flight Pass which means that it is less flexible than you may think – you may be able to book your outbound with just four hours notice but you need to lock in the return at the same time (changeable for a fee).

You have last seat availability.   If there are still seats for sale, irrespective of the price, you can book them – as long as you are inside the booking window of your Flight Pass.  There are no blackout dates or minimum stays.

There is one interesting tweak.  Assuming that nothing has changed, flight passes will book into L class which means you will earn 10 tier points per leg, which is 5 more tier points than you would receive from a standard discount economy flight.  Flight Passes allowing 4-hour booking should still book into B class which earns 20 tier points each way.

Note that you cannot upgrade a Flight Pass ticket with Avios into Club Europe.

If you are interested, the link is here.  Thanks to Peter for this.

Best Western Rewards

Triple Miles & More miles with Best Western

Best Western is running a triple miles promotion with Lufthansa Miles & More throughout August.

Until 31st August you will get triple Miles & More miles when staying at selected hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.

You MUST register for this offer via this page on the Miles & More website.  If your Best Western profile is currently not set to collecting Miles & More miles you must change your Best Western profile on this website to earn miles instead of points.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. We’ve had the Qatar planes on the Istanbul route, both directions, 7am out and a 1.50pm return 5 days apart.
    Only thing is we had better seats in club, albeit no short bread biscuits were loaded, they also wouldnt give me nuts in a bag, but served on a plate (wanted bags for car journey)
    No pillows or blankets provided.
    Also the letter they give you at check in says we don’t have to fly Qatar, we can be rescheduled to wait for a BA crewed plane.
    The bottom of the letter then tells you how to claim EU compensation so assume if I’d read the letter before I checked in I could of got the next plane 5 hours later and the compo !

    Award wallet had a cross through original plane listing of Airbus a320 jet with a new listing saying Airbus a320, not sure if that’s the change to Qatar or just coincidence.

    • I am off to Istanbul on the 20th for 6 days and actually hoping for one of the Qatar planes! I literally have no joy in flying BA these days, if it wasn’t for Avios with RFS I would never pay full ticket price to fly with them – they have utter contempt for everyone and I actually think it is a disgrace how the (mainly young and more precarious) mixed-fleet crew are being treated so they have my full support. Even without full catering, the gesture from QR is better and it will be nice to be served by people not demoralised and tired and who good at providing fantastic friendly customer service as a result!

      • They knew what the pay was for the job when they took it. And the terms and conditions of employment.
        And they have a choice, they don’t have to work for BA.

        • Given the weird way aviation pay works, with a very low base but a huge number of allowances based on the days you fly, nights away from home etc, it isn’t actually true to say that they were given an exact salary figure.

    • Obviously you can’t reject an offer to get you home on time and then also claim EU compensation for being delayed – you are the reason you were delayed!

  2. OT again, sorry. My baggage allowance for my CW flight next week is 2 x 23kg – I thought you could have 32kg cases in CW, or would that have to be spread across 2 bags so none weighed more than 23kg? I posted recently that I thought I had read somewhere that 23 kg is the maximum bag weight for Europe due to H & S but other posters said 32kg is the CW allowance.

    • Tho FT says that MMB is often wrong!

      • I would call BA to double -check just to be safe, but in CW it should be 2*32 kg (and 32 is maximum for a suit case weight due to H&S). I had similar problems with MMB before.

        • Thanks. OH is now insisting nothing goes over 23kg in case we arrive at the airport and find that some obscure element of our flight means that we can only have 23kg. We will be the family with 8 small and medium bags!

    • MMB is often wrong, e.g. it still tells me i can use the First lounges as Air Berlin Gold, which i can’t (and i have done the daft laddie routine at the First lounge desk, just in case!).

      my MMB also states 23kg for up coming bookings, used to say 32kg. But checking the main BA travel class page shows 32kg bags are the allowance.

  3. Any ideas on how do I change Frequent Flyer details for my upcoming Eurowings flight? I want to change from UA to LH Miles and more

  4. Genghis how did you get with using Tesco vouchers on uber when abroad?

    • Genghis says:

      Didn’t work

      • the barclaycard promotion abroad is certainly lucrative.
        pay for 10 uber rides in South America – little more than 2 or 3 pounds each and get 1 free ride which is stored up until you get back to the UK and is worth 15.

  5. Can we use a 2-4-1 voucher on the Qatar flights that are covering BA’s slots?

    • Johnny_c-l says:

      Whilst I’ve never used (or bothered earning) a 2 for 1, I don’t see why not as you’d be booking a BA flight which they then choose to subcontract to Qatar.

      • Thank you. I’ve had a look at the T&C’s but not really sure if it’s that clear cut. I may try a dummy booking and see what happens.

    • Probably not, because Avios redemptions price without RFS and without off-peak pricing, eg exactly as if they were Qatar flights (which they are).

      • Thanks Rob. Probably wouldn’t get availability at such short notice either.

        • Don’t trust everything you see on! These flights can be used on RFS and with vouchers, but you have to call up. It’s true the website is treating them as QR flights but this is a recognised mistake, they’re (subcontracted) BA flights and the phone agents will price them accordingly if you ask.

  6. I’d happily buy a Flightpass as I commute weekly between Newcastle and London, but for the fact that whilst misleadingly offered as ’12 one-way tickets’ (or whatever number) you HAVE to book returns. I predominantly take the train south and fly back north probably 50% of the time (often on RFS bookings) so the return requirement rules it out for me.

    • Paul,

      Agreed that it is misleading regarding returns. Unclear also if the flights booked allow for free changes on the day of flight.

      I also commute on the NCL-LHR route, and as long as I can be bothered to stay up until 00:01 on the day of the flight, almost always get a suitable alternative flight change free of charge (whether economy or domestic Club). I know I’m not the only one, as seats often disappear by 00:05.

      Therefore I often book later (maybe 2 or 3 weeks ahead, when I know I’m not likely to be flying elsewhere) but choose the cheapest flight on the day I wish to travel (almost always the last flight of the day), and change it same day. That said, it is rarely critical I fly on a particular flight, so I do have the luxury of being flexible on timing if needed. It’s pretty clear, also, that the 09:00 NCL->LHR is the least available of the day, because it is not stupidly early, connects to most transatlantic flights, and is only an A319 (relatively small).

  7. Looking at FRA-LCY/LHR flight passes they all require that “Flights must be booked in advance at least 30 days before travel.” – does that mean I must book the flight pass 30 days before my first flight or does it actually really mean what it says i.e. I cannot select flights which are closer than 30 days from now?

    • Latter. Try to buy and you can – for more £ – change the 30 days to anything up to 4 hours.