Get a £10 voucher for any train company, inc Heathrow Express, TOMORROW

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Train booking website is giving away 30,000 £10 vouchers to people who buy the Sunday Telegraph tomorrow.

They have run these promotions before, most recently last October, and it is a genuinely good deal.

There are no nasty conditions.   There is no minimum spend to use the voucher, it doesn’t matter if you are already a redspottedhanky customer and you have a long period (until September 22nd) in which to redeem your voucher.

You can book tickets via redspottedhanky for any standard train company including Heathrow Express, although Eurostar and Megatrain are not bookable via RSH.

In theory you will need to spend £2 to buy the Sunday Telegraph.  However, I am sure that a helpful Head for Points reader can post the code and the link in this thread at some point on Sunday morning.  (I would do it myself, but I will be dragging two small children through Heathrow!)

The smart reader will have 2 redspottedhanky accounts.  They can then redeem the code in both and then get £20 off a train trip by booking it as two one-ways …

If you spend a lot on train travel, you may also want to read this post and this post and this post on East Coast Rewards about the best ways to maximise your cashback or reward points on the rails.

(PS.  Remember that redspottedhanky is also a Tesco Clubcard Deals partner.  Every £10 of vouchers you redeem gets you £20 of train travel.)

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  1. Flashware says:

    Looks interesting, could be useful for the next lot of train travel I need to book for work.

  2. larryflyer says:

    So, just to confirm:
    I don’t need to have joined RSH before tomorrow; I can claim the voucher (in a race to be among the first 30,000) then join RSH at my leisure later on when I actually need to redeem the voucher(s). Correct?

    • NO. The reverse has been the situation in the past. The codes are NOT unique, they need to be entered into your RSH account by the first X thousand people.
      The RSH site usually ‘melts down’ under the pressure.

      So it is a good idea to go through the step to join RSH before the site gets put under load.
      Once you have the voucher in your RSH account, you can relax.

      Some other (non newspaper) RSH give aways have worked differnetly recently, whereby a separate site is used, and you just put in your email address and a unique code gets emailed to later. Which you can then add to your RSH account at your leisure, then store there to use.
      This approach has the advantage that it keeps the load of the main site.

      Don’t know which approach they will take, so register for RSH now.

    • No. You should definitely register today because the site will be very slow tomorrow. The voucher is actually a code word that is the same for all copies of the newspaper, so you need to be in the first 30,000 to log in to RSH after 9am tomorrow and enter the code onto your account.

      • I just registered, and saw a field called “Sunday Telegraph code” on the sign up page – wonder if it will actually be for new sign ups. I know you said it’s not, perhaps that field always there?

        • The way it has worked in the past, you either enter during signup if a new customer (but the system is under exreme load), or you login to your existing account, go to edit your account profile, and fill that field in via that route.

  3. Thank for the tip. Last time they ran it with MSE, it was a nightmare – didn’t get the MSE site to send the codes at all, even though people were able to do it even after I tried.

  4. For existing members – log in, go to Your Account then Personal Details.

    Under your name and address is a box for ‘Sunday Telegraph Offer’ which you can fill in and then press update.

    However, weirdly, mine is pre-populated with the code RshTel10B ! Not sure if this will be the code or not, would need to try it at 9am!

    • RshTel10B was the code for last time they did a promotion with the Sunday Telegraph, you’d think they would use a different code this time! We’ll find out tomorrow as you say, my account has the Sunday Telegraph box but it’s empty at the moment.

  5. Before this comments section gets saturated with people tomorrow morning, do make sure you are also aware of the current RSH F1 game, where you are able to get up to £15 off free credit to spend on trains.

    • Good spot. Just signed up 2 teams for me and the Mrs. The site will select a random team for you if you want, so it is a very quick process to sign up. You just need to be patient until the end of the year to get your £15!

      • The_Pope says:

        I’m signed up too BUT don’t hold your breath for £15 of credit. You get 1p per point earned. The Fantasy F1 system is the same as the Hilton competition. A very well configured team will earn 400-500 points per race. Four times a season you can get double points, so 800 to 1000 points for those. Register today and you miss Melbourne and Malaysia, so 17 races remaining.

        At best you might score (4 x 1000) + 13 x 500 = 10,500 points or £10.50

        Not bad for free credit, just not £15, that’s all I’m saying. 🙂

  6. MSE suggests the code is: GjATel13

    used on mine and wifes account. no idea if its worked as says it will take 72hrs to get an email confirmation

  7. there is a field in your personal details called sunday telegraph offer. put it there. it doesnt do anything other than add the code. need to wait up to 72hrs for an email. loads of people confused here:

    but ive tried and hope it works!

  8. I’ve added the code to mine, not sure if it has worked… guess we have to wait to find out. The website is considerably slower than yesterday now!

  9. it was fine at 9am on the fot. in the last 10 minutes its got slower with everyone trying to apply the code 🙂

    likewise I have no idea if it works. just have to wait for an email now it seems

  10. Can someone please confirm that GjATel13 is indeed the code. Thanks.

  11. Rienniste says:

    Yes – I’m sitting here with a copy of the paper and can confirm that the code really is GjATel13

    • Thanks for confirming. Hope you had it delivered and didn’t have to venture out in the cold!

  12. The does’nt seem to be accepting the code now.

  13. James T says:

    Hi guys, the code is: GjAtel13.

    I followed the instructions, by going to and registering a new account. Everything has gone through so far, but they did mention it would take 72 hours to come through.


  14. Simon says:

    Some more £10 vouchers are available via this link,

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