Heathrow Rewards is (finally) here! So what is new?

A little later than originally planned, the new Heathrow Rewards website – the replacement for BAA WorldPoints – has finally launched.

The link is here.  The short version is heathrow.com/rewards and not rewards.heathrow.com, despite what my link shows.

Very little has changed so far.

Heathrow Rewards

Here is what I spotted:

Some of the more eclectic rewards (eg discounted Business Traveller subscriptions) have gone

The minimum conversion for all airline miles (Miles & More, Virgin, Avios, British Airways) has reduced to 250 points which gets you 250 miles.  Virgin and Miles & More previously had a 500 points minimum.

You can now transfer Heathrow Rewards points from one person to another.  See point 7 of the rules here.  You can make up to four transfers per year.

The wording on sharing a card between a family seems to have been tightened up and in theory you cannot now do this (which is probably why transfers are now allowed).  It remains to be seen if I will have problems using my wifes card, which I normally do.

The website does not auto-fill the first 8 digits of your card number, which makes it a lot harder to memorise!  However, if you log-in and go to ‘Update My Details’ you can tick a box to make your log-in ID your email address.

Members will receive 90 minutes of free Wi-Fi in Heathrow, compared to the 45 minutes of free Wi-Fi available to the public.

Did I miss anything new?  Please post below.  Presumably new cards will be dropping through letterboxes in the coming days.

So far, no juicy sign-up bonuses have appeared, but I would expect something soon.

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  1. Sir Stamford says:

    The ability to transfer points between different members is a useful enhancement. I have 2 relatively dormant accounts with small amounts of points which I can pool them into the main account to trigger the minimum conversion threshold to BAEC.

    I believe the the transfer of points is a completely manual process by contacting customer services i.e. not something you can initiate online.

    Lastly, given that points are valid for 3 years from the date of your last transaction (as per the FAQ), I wonder if a points transfer which is technically a transaction would reset the clock. Not sure.

    Sir Stamford

  2. Sinizter says:

    Are we going to receive new cards?

    • Sir Stamford says:

      Per the FAQ https://rewards.heathrow.com/web/lhr/faqs

      Q: I am a WorldPoints member, will I automatically get a new Heathrow Rewards card?

      A: Most members will receive a new card in the post. Members who have not used their WorldPoints card for some time will not automatically get a new card, but they can request one through the website. Please check we have your correct address details before ordering a new card.

      Sir Stamford

  3. As Sir S noted above, there’s been a change to the points expiry rules:

    Q: How long are my points valid for?

    A: Points are valid for 3 years from the date of your last transaction. So if you keep using your card for transactions, your points will never expire.

    This is a BIG improvement!! Previously points would expire 3 years for the date of the transaction itself, therefore even with ongoing use the points could end up expiring if you weren’t careful – with this change this will no longer be the case. Nice to see a sensible improvement 🙂

  4. sarah says:

    Apologies if not new news but decided to sign up and saw this on BAEC

    Join Heathrow Rewards

    Join now and you’ll receive 100 points when you register and a further 500 points worth 500 Avios when you spend £30 in a single day before 30 September 2013. Remember to add promotion code BA1 when you register to qualify for this offer.

  5. Roger says:

    E-mail 1 of 3 arrived today, as did (later) my new card.

    HINT: if your e-mail is the same as mine was, 100 points are offered by registering, ticking the ‘I have a card’ link. Register promptly! I didn’t, as I wasn’t sure if the new number would be the same as the old number. In the event, it was.

    However, when going back to the e-mail and clicking, the resulting page was already completed with my details, so no bonus.