Congrats to Forty Love who leads the Head for Points / redspottedhanky tennis league (so far!)

We had a grand total of 133 teams enter the Head for Points league as part of the Wimbledon competition!

The reason for running this – apart from it being a bit of fun – is that you earn 3p of credit for buying train tickets at for every point you score!

RedSpottedHanky Wimbledon

Forty Love has played a blinder and (as of Sunday) is leading our mini league with 340 points.  He / she is therefore well placed to bag themselves the maximum £15 of free train tickets at the end of the week.

(I am also pleased with my own performance at positions 16 and 28 out of the 133 teams!)

Whilst it is now too late to enter this competition and generate a substantial prize, you can still enter the Formula 1 competition.  Because the scoring system is surprisingly generous, you should still be able to earn yourself the maximum £15 prize if you pick a half-decent team.  Note that there is not a Head for Points mini-league for this one.

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  1. Jack Silk says:

    Hi Raffles,

    Regular reader here, first time commenter.

    I have been getting surprisingly into this Fantasy Tennis – and am doing well so far at 324pts. One slight query against your post – I thought that players receive 3p RSH credit per point, not 5 as you have stated?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t want anyone to give up thinking they have maxed out the earning potential on this one.



  2. Interesting to note that the top player overall (in the whole RSH competition) is currently on 480 points, so they are only just about to max this out right now (500 points > £15 maximum credit).

  3. Clive J says:

    Thanks Raffles, the Forty Love team is mine. I had a poor day today and have fallen into second place behind Cmon Tim (shouldn’t that be Andy). Anyway, with 448 pts I’m confident of getting the full £15 RSH credit so thanks for bringing this to my attention. Along with a £10 Tesco Clubcard exchange to £20 RSH credit I’ll have a bit of cash for a train trip later in the year.

    • To be fair, Cmon Tim was a late entrant! If there was a prize for winning (which there isn’t!) he wouldn’t get it (sorry Mark!) as he had already built up a big pile of points before joining the league.

  4. Bialynia says:

    Am I reading it wrong or are redspottedhanky going to get themselves into a spot of bother over this? They have the overall prize and then they have the weekly top scorer prizes of a Kindle Fire, Wii and iPod for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

    In the first week that would have been fine with so many players to choose from, so the points gathered by people were quite spread out, but in week two there are fewer options to choose from, so they’re going to end up with an awful lot of people who will end week 2 with the maximum possible score. It won’t affect me as I’ve dropped 4 points this week so I’m out of the running for it but I’m still very curious to know if all of these people are going to end up with a Kindle Fire, and if not then I wonder how they’ll choose who is in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?

    • With 3,500 players, it is very possible! Let’s see how it works out. I am only in it for the train voucher though 🙂