In Melia Rewards? Did you get some mystery bonus points?!

Back in June, American Express offered a free night at selected five-star Melia hotels to Platinum cardmembers. (This offer is still available if you take out a Platinum card now, although the London hotel is now booked up.)

I recommended that anyone planning to use this offer should join Melia Rewards. I hope you took my advice, because on Wednesday night Melia dropped a pile of free points (4,000 for most people) into their Melia Rewards accounts!

Melia Rewards

This appears to be linked to Melia encouraging you to book a ‘cash and points’ room, since you now have enough points to get a decent discount. They ran a similar promotion earlier this year. However, nothing stops you moving these points directly into airline miles!

Even better – the 2,000 points you received for joining can also be transferred into airline miles, now that you have earned some extra points on top!

I have 6,000 Melia points. I had 2,000 for joining and yesterday Melia gave me another 4,000. That allows me to transfer them to:

  • 900 Avios points (via Iberia Plus)
  • 3,000 Lufthansa Miles & More miles
  • 1,000 American Airlines miles
  • 3,000 airberlin topbonus miles
  • 2,000 Delta SkyMiles

I have already successfully done a transfer to Iberia Plus Avios, as I don’t have a need for any of the other options at the moment.

If you didn’t join Melia Rewards, you might want to take a punt on this happening again. You can join here, get 2000 points instantly and then sit and wait a few months to see if another random bonus turns up!

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Stephen says:

    I noticed this yesterday and was wondering how to spend them. Thanks Raffles!

  2. I noticed this yesterday too! 4,000 Bonus points has allowed me to activate my Iberia Plus avios account 😀

  3. Guesswho2000 says:

    Excellent! I got the 2,000, but it wouldn’t let me transfer – just checked and there’s now 6,000 and it let me transfer the lot! Thanks for the heads up!

    • The 2,000 are not meant to be transferable, but it seems that adding any other points changes their status.

      • Sideysid says:

        Does this work in that case if you ‘recommend a friend to Melia’, where you receive 250 points for every sign up to the rewards program. Upon receiving the points would you then be able to transfer out?

        I have not tried this yet as Im at work, but I will aim to later and report back.

  4. DontLikeFruit says:

    This is the 5th credit of temporary Melia bonus points (either 4000 or 6000 a time) I’ve had in the last year or so. Had no idea I could transfer them out – just let them lapse each time. Just sent this latest bonus off to Miles and More. Many thanks!

  5. Hi Raffles. Would this offer be available for non platinum amex?

  6. toomanylogins says:

    Sounds well worth joining up in case this happens again – thanks.

    How did you guys find out about the points being posted – do Melia send an email out or were you just checking your balance regularly?

    • I was told about by someone else. However, I have now added Melia to my AwardWallet account so I will automatically see if there are further changes.

  7. Melia hand out these points quite often and are short lived. These 4000 bonus points expire on the 20th of August, so be quick.

    • I am having a problem transfering the points. I pick transfer to partner , choose Iberia then the transfer to other Melia member screen pops up.

      • Odd. Worked fine for me yesterday. However, the Melia website is a bit creaky despite the flash look – I kept getting logged out.

      • I had the same problem and it seems that the problem was that I included “IB” in front of my Iberia number, try without and it could work! It just did for me.

    • Points will expire on 20/08/2014, so you’ve got a year. Any activity will extend the expiry date by a year.

  8. >>This offer is still available if you take out a Platinum card now, although the London hotel is now booked up.

    What does this mean? The offer is valid until the end of November, but ME London is no longer available? Each hotel only offers a limited number of free rooms on a first come first serve basis?

    The website says nothing, I am wondering how you knew it.

    • I’ve had a few emails from people who have tried to book London but been told that the total room allocation for this promotion has now been reached.

      No word on any others that are full. I am going to try for the Fenix in Madrid, because you get the Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits of free dinner for 2 plus free breakfast and late check out.

      • Thanks Raffles, I should have booked it earlier. Shame!

        I have to go to Rome on business, might be considering extending one more night…

        Madrid… I was a theft victim in Spain while ago, it could cost me more than one free night at Melia if that happened to me again… I might just let the opportunity go this time.

      • Haha that’s precisely where I am just now 😀 Will post a mini-TR on FT in a day or two, but am quite impressed with it.

    • I phoned for Melia Puerto Rico for a range of dates in November and was told the hotels allocation of free nights have gone. Must be a crowd of UK based Plat members in PR that month.

  9. Nick Burch says:

    Back in July I got an email from them about 4000 points, but none showed up in my account. I contacted them online to ask why, no response for 2 weeks, then a reply online (but no email!) saying there had been a mistake + points had been credited + I had under 48 hours to use them! Since they didn’t email me about it, I didn’t know and missed it… I wonder if enough other people had the same problem with that promotion that they’ve decided to run it again?

    • I got a similar email. I THINK what happened is that there was a cut off date for joining to get the 4k, and I misses it. However, they then sent the email to everyone. Only a guess, though.

    • I’ve found posting a question via their Facebook account got me a response within 24 Hours. They were extremely helpful. Worth a try.


  10. P Coleman says:

    In the July promo of this nature, temporary bonus of 4,000 points intended to encourage a points+cash booking, the email included this condition: “Bonus points can only be used for hotel bookings and will expire on 31st July 2013. ” That would suggest that it shouldn’t be possible to transfer them out to an airline scheme, or certainly that is their intention even if the I.T. permits it.

    • MaltapointsTom says:

      Interesting point – has anyone successfully transferred these bonus points to airline miles and also seen the airline miles land in their account?

  11. I had a handful extra from incidentals from my free Amex stay..wonder if that will make a difference! Let’s see..

  12. I transferred 4,000 to Iberia and then tried to transfer the remaining 2,000 to Mrs Danksy’s Iberia Avios account, but it declined. Tried transferring the remaining to my iberia plus account and it failed again.

    In the end I created Mrs Danksy a Melia Rewards Account and transferred them to her, she got the opening bonus of 2,000 bonus, but guess what …. yep, none of these can be transferred to Iberia Plus, or back to me!!!

    Oh well c’est la vie

  13. I got my 900 IB miles but as I only opened the IB account on Friday for this purpose, when I’ve come to combine my Avios on I’m getting this error message: “Sorry, your selected account has to be three months old to use Combine My Avios. Please try again at this time”. Is this a new rule? Not that it’s a problem for me as I’m not I’m not in a rush to burn them, but wondered if this was new?

  14. That’s my trip report now up on FT from my Gran Melia Fenix stay…

    I opted to convert to AA miles – 6k converted OK but nothing showing up in my AA account as of yet.

    • Still nothing in my AA account a week later – not looking hopeful :-((

      • My Melia balance has just gone back to 6000 today, although I did a transfer to AA on the 18th.

        • Interesting – I see mine are back in my account now too! Might try a Flying Blue transfer before settling for IB Avios (as I’m rather Avios rich just now!)

        • I transferred 3000 points to flying Blue on 16th and 3000 points to Iberia On 17th.
          IB posted very quickly but still no sign of the Flying blue points:-(
          Just checked my Melia account, points have not came back either….

      • Had a tweet this morning from someone who had a Miles & More transfer go across OK, and my Iberia transfer also arrived.

        • See my other post – points appeared back in my account – now attempted an FB transfer…

        • DontLikeFruit says:

          My transfer of points to Miles & More has also just succesfully completed.

  15. All posted fine for me to IB!

  16. Well no luck with AA (the points reappeared in my a/c) and so far no luck with FB – not bounced back yet. If they so I’ll just have to hope IB still works!

    • The AA conversion failed for me too and points were added back into melia account after around 5 days. Then transferred to IB, went through no problems and showing in iberia within 48 hours 🙂

      • Well assuming the FB one doesn’t go through and bounces back (fingers crossed!) I’ll be trying IB too.

  17. Same here.
    Still no luck with FB.. and it has been more than a week, however, points not bounced back either.