Drivr …. the new Uber – get 30% off your first trip

(EDIT, November 2015: The latest Uber sign-up code can be found in this article.)

I have done a few posts in the past about Uber, the luxury London car service.

As of last week, Uber has been joined by Drivr. ‘Classy car, suited driver’ is what they say, at prices which are more black taxi – £2.30 per mile, with a £10 minimum fare.


As a launch promotion, they are offering a 30% discount on your first ride. You need to download the Drivr app from drivr.com in order to book.

It is difficult so far to see what makes them stand out from Uber, which has the benefit of a bigger existing base of cars and a heavy marketing budget. However, if you use Uber you might find that Drivr’s 30% discount for the first trip makes them worth a try.

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  1. Sir Stamford says:

    I found the prices for both Uber and Drivr to be uncompetitive. Drivr wanted £82(!) from my office in the West End to Heathrow T5, which is broadly similar with what Uber Lux charges. The initial 30% discount makes the fare more palatable but it certainly does not promote long term usage.

    Both Drivr and Uber operate mainly within Central London. I got a “we do not operate in this area” when I tried putting in my residential postcode in North London.

    Sir Stamford

    • I find the same as well. Uber and Drivr are really uncompetitive compared to local minicab companies. The cars might be nicer and they have an app with cool features, but at the end of the day it’s not that much more inconvenient to ring your local minicab office.

      The one “online startup” company I have tried that I’m impressed with is Wheely. They use Prius cars – and very new ones too – and every time I’ve used them I get great service. The prices are also competitive (within London, not so much to the airports). Only gripe is that they have a small fleet, so unlike Addison Lee, can’t get you a car ASAP. But its good if you can book in advance.

      • Just as a comparison:

        Drivr wanted £32 for a Mercedes E-Class from central London to my home in SW. Wheely’s quote for the same journey and time, but in a Toyota Prius, was £22.

        Even after 30% off, Drivr is way too expensive!