5,000 mile sign-up bonus in MilleMiglia, ‘the world’s worst FF programme’, worth €25 off an Alitalia flight

I got myself crossed off Alitalia’s Christmas card list last year, when I ran this post asking whether their MilleMiglia scheme is actually the worst frequent flyer scheme in the world.

The driver for this post was the fact that, every three years, Alitalia closes down its loyalty scheme, wipes out your existing miles balance, and then relaunches the scheme the next day!  December 2012 was the last time this happened, and the new version of MilleMiglia is now up and running – but only to December 2015 ….

At present, Alitalia is offering 5,000 bonus miles if you sign up for MilleMiglia before tomorrow night.  The link to join is here.


The ONLY reason I mention this on Head for Points is that you can use 5,000 Alitalia miles to claim a €25 discount on a €100+ Alitalia flight.  You might therefore find this worthwhile if you were planning a break in Italy.

The 5,000 miles do not credit automatically, however.  You need some activity on your account to receive them, which would involve crediting a SkyTeam flight.  More easily, it seems that making the minimum 1,000 point Amex Membership Rewards transfer should be enough to trigger it.

There are no worthwhile flight redemptions for 5,000 miles.  Alitalia does not even allow one-way redemptions, so the cheapest option would be 20,000 miles for a European economy flight.  The €25 flight discount appears to be the only sensible way to use the bonus miles.

And an extra titbit …

Whilst researching this article, I found that the Alitalia reward chart contains this fantastic example of Italian bureaucracy at work.  Imagine if you had to do this every time you booked an Avios reward ticket for a friend or family member:

“Whenever an Award Ticket is issued in the name of a beneficiary, i.e. a customer other than the MilleMiglia account holder, the beneficiary must be in possession of full documentation relating to the award ticket when effecting check-in operations: i.e. travel document, personal identity document, authorization written and signed by the account-holding member, photocopy of the personal identity document and MilleMiglia Card of the account-holding member.”

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  1. Just signed up. Once the sign up is complete, at the print membership card page, there is an offer of a welcome bonus of a 1,000 miles – which is nice. Slight problem, to claim this bonus you have to register online before 31/12/06.

  2. If I am not mistaken, Flying Blue has the same documentation requirement, I remember travelling with photocopies of FQTV and papers and no one asked for them!

  3. squillion says:

    Loss-making Italian airline Alitalia CAITLA.UL risks having to file for bankruptcy if it fails to agree a deal for a capital increase in the next couple of weeks, a government source said on Tuesday.

    Alitalia needs about 500 million euros ($680 million) to stay in business and invest in a new turnaround strategy, analysts have said, after accumulating losses of more than 1 billion euros and debt of a similar size since being rescued from bankruptcy in 2009.


  4. Anyone notice that they still list Northwest as a separate airline? LOL. Gotta love how up-to-date they are…

  5. Hey guys, I have been a MM for over 10 years. I am now done forever, having just redeemed the last 3 intercontinental flights with partners a few months ago.

    Follow my advice, do not subscribe just because there is a signup bonus, in that case, you’d better get another signup bonus somewhere else or if you need/want to be stuck fo Skyteam(ie use KLM/AF for work) go to FlyingBlue

    if you want a full explanation just ask!

  6. Apologies for hijacking the comments but has anyone got their statement credit yet for a £50 spend at Debenhams? I registered 8 Amex cards and did this offer so hope it comes through.

    Was hoping to buy an ipad, for a near 20% saving.

    • It will turn up fastest on Amex-issued Amex cards, so BA / Gold / Platinum etc. I’m assuming (for the Amex-issued Amex cards) you had a notification in Foursquare of the transaction taking place?

      • Thanks Raffles. This one wasn’t foursquare remember. The thing that worries me is it says credits are normally within 3 – 5 days but can take up to 8 weeks. I really hope it won’t take 8 weeks.

    • Yes got my credit 3 days after transaction showed up on Amex online statement.

      • Thanks John. Hmm, mines already been over a week.

        • Spoke too soon! Just checked again and they all posted today. That’s a cool £80 saving. Let’s hope Debenhams plus get the new iPads now.

  7. Lady London says:

    On closing the scheme every three years, this is a good tip for all of us. Other FF schemes do the same, just more subtly and perhaps taking a couple of years longer, by major rule changes (2 years ago Air Miles to Avios for example) and / or constant devaluations and reducing the value and obtainability of benefits.

    I’d recommend signing up for Alitalia mailing lists though. I’ve seen euros close to 25 offered as flight discounts a number of times in their promotional emails. The problem is, you have to fly Alitalia to use them. So why bother signing up?

    I’ll never forget the day a flight delay of nearly three hours became rather obviously about to become the case on a late evening flight outgoing from Heathrow. A member of Alitalia staff appeared and handed out 2 large bags of crisps and about 3 bottles of water for a planeload of about 130 people stuck at the gate waiting, Needless to say they reached about the first row of passengers. It seemed this might possibly have been an effort to fulful European regulations about care and feeding on delays?

  8. squillion says:

    Alitalia is the next Malev, I wouldn’t risk any money or points booking a flight with them.

  9. The Other Steve says:

    We only, and it’s a big ONLY use Alitalia if there are no decent flights with BA from Heathrow or no decent flights with BA or EasyJet from Gatwick.
    Yes, we will check EasyJet before Alitalia!

  10. mike turnbull says:

    It is…the worlds worst…and even ‘worser’ , it’s part of Sky Team…even ‘worser’ still.

  11. thesaver79 says:

    I don’t understand why there is so much hatred for Alitalia. I agree that Millemiglia sucks compare to the majority of other Frequent Flier schemes. However, I have flown with Alitalia several times in the last two years and I have rarely had something to complain about.

    Obviously they are in big financial trouble, but that’s a different matter!

    For anyone who has signed up to take advantage of the 5,000 bonus miles, Alitalia are offering 15% off this weekend. http://www.alitalia.com/gb_en/specialpromo/Weekend-Deal.html