Heathrow Rewards mega-bonus on electronics, watch and jewellery promo is back

Heathrow Rewards has launched its annual bonus promotion on electronics and jewellery, keen to tap into the Christmas rush!

Here are the details of the offer, which runs from now until 31st December. Remember that you can convert Heathrow Rewards points into Avios, Virgin Flying Club and Lufthansa Miles & More miles, as well as into Heathrow shopping vouchers.

Heathrow Rewards

15,000 extra points when you spend £3,750 or more at Tiffany, Omega, Mappin & Webb, or Watches of Switzerland

7,500 extra points when you spend £1250 – £3749.99 or more at Tiffany, Omega, Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland or Dixons Travel (7,500 is the cap for Dixons Travel purchases, even if over £3750)

3,000 extra points when you spend £500 – £1249.99 or more at Links of London, Swarovski or Dixons Travel

750 extra points when you spend £175 – £499.99 at Links of London, Swarovski or Dixons Travel

I took advantage of this deal a couple of years ago when I bought my wife a watch at Watches of Switzerland. (They will order items in for you if you want, if you are willing to ring and pay a deposit a couple of weeks before you travel.)

I then sat on the points – probably about 20,000 in total, including the base points for the watch – and converted them to Avios when BA joined the programme last year. They were offering a 100% transfer bonus at the time, and I netted almost 50,000 miles if I remember! That is a serious rebate on the price paid for the watch.

Even 3,000 points on a £500+ spend at Dixons Travel looks attractive if you were planning to buy an iPad air for Christmas. At the top end, this deal is slightly less generous than last year – the threshold for 15,000 points has increased from £2,500 to £3,750. Tiffany is included for the first time in 2013, replacing Bulgari.

If you are not already a member, you can join here.

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  1. I assume you need to be travelling on an international flight within these timeframes to take advantage of this offer. Would that be correct?

    • Or a domestic flight – all travellers have access to shopping at LHR – the only exclusion is duty-free tabacco and alcohol which require you to fly outside the EU. If travelling within the EU you can even leave your purchases for collection on your return to save you taking it on your trip with you.

      • Thanks. Is it still the discounted prices in that case, though? (it’s specifically electricals in Dixons I’m interested in). I thought the discount relied on a VAT saving because goods were to leave the UK (hence the boarding pass check…).

        • There is some discount but nothing close to the value of VAT. Some more info here:


        • Dixons has to charge an average price, thats why. In T5, probably 65 per cent of sales are to EU travellers so Dixons pays VAT on those sales. On the other 35 per cent, it doesnt. Given the thin margins on electricals it can’t give everyone a VAT equivalent discount.

        • No everyone pays the same price but they claim the VAT back on non EU travellers.

    • No, open to all. The shop swallows the VAT on EU flights.

      That is why its clever. You order a £5k watch for collection at LHR. You only pay £4k but show a Paris boarding pass. The shop MUST then pay the VAT anyway, so you are at zero risk from Customs on your return.

      • Can you get screwed coming back, if you buy something like that en route to the USA for example? since clearly they’re claiming the VAT back ex-eu, on your way back to the country you’re liable?

        • Yes, if you bought that £5k watch for £4k using a Swiss, US etc boarding pass then no VAT has been paid. You must pay Customs the VAT as you re-enter the UK.

      • I don’t follow this? You pay whatever the price is at any duty free shop at heathrow. It’s irrelevant where you are travelling to ie Paris or New York.

        You cannot claim back the vat at any stage.

        Yes, when you arrive at the foreign non- eu airport you could get asked to pay customs and vat- but that’s a different story.

        • I didn’t say that – I was discussing whether the shop claims back the VAT.

          Surely you are liable to pay VAT if you buy an item in duty free when travelling to, say, the US and then bring it back into the country?

        • But are you actually receiving it duty free? My impression was that they charged the same price to all customers and no longer market it as ‘duty free’. Therefore I don’t see why you should be liable for it on your return – you would have had a greater saving if you’d had the full duty amount removed than the partial discount they gave you.

        • Yes. That is why they ask for your boarding pass. And also why some shops, if you look at your receipt, ‘mistakenly’ key in a different flight number – a non-EU flight number – when you are flying inside Europe.

        • Interesting – does the receipt say any different on it? A bit dodgy if they repeatedly ‘mistakenly’ key in flight numbers like that!

          Certainly if flying intra-EU and you have a small VAT-registered business then it’s a good deal as you get a lower price, have paid VAT and have a VAT receipt, thus could claim back a further 20% (assuming it’s an allowable and justifiable business expense, but a laptop should be fine in that regard)

        • It’s very dodgy, effectively defrauding the Government (ie all of us) £84 on a £500 laptop. But it is going on, I assure you.

  2. Amex are also running an offer with Dixon Travel Retail to give £10 back on a £75 purchase, which could be combined with this points offer. Register your card(s):


  3. Was in Dixons yesterday and they are very competitive on price, including the Apple TV box at about £75. Also iPad mini retina is on the way.

    I’ve used their Order and collect service in the past, very easy to pick the goods up at baggage reclaim on the way back through to the Ad Lee car!

  4. How do the returns process work, surely Heathrow won’t know if you take an item back?

  5. I want to buy a macbook to take with me, but I want to leave the box in the UK and pick it up on my return in one month…. (or even better, posted to my UK address). Is this possible?