10,000 x £10 East Coast trains vouchers in The Sunday Telegraph tomorrow

East Coast trains is jumping on the redspottedhanky bandwagon by giving away 10,000 x £10 discount vouchers tomorrow.

There is some information on The Telegraph website here.

No minimum spend will be required.

East Coast thumbnail

What is not clear is whether you can only use the voucher on East Coast or on any train company.  The website above is very vague on the subject.  I redeem quite a few East Coast evouchers (I redeem Amex Membership Rewards points for them, getting 0.6p per point) and I don’t think there is any easy way for them to restrict their use to East Coast trains only.

East Coast is also pretty good about not adding extra costs to your booking.  There is no credit card fee and no booking fee.  Delivery by post is £1 although you can also choose to collect your ticket from a machine at the station for free.

If anyone is up early on Sunday morning, please post the code in this thread!  I assume that it will be a generic code that anyone can use, whether or not they have bought a paper.

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  1. The points that you collect with East coast are more than worthwhile, I redeemed two free tickets from Doncaster to Edinburgh yesterday for when I travel to the 6 nations match between Scotland and England (saved me about £100)

    • That’s a nice redemption.

    • They are very good. I needed a 5pm First Class train out of London (on a Friday!) a while back and, whilst cash prices were unsurprisingly crazy, East Coast Rewards had seats.

      A little secret of East Coast Rewards is that, with an adult redemption, you can book seats for accompanying kids (over 5 years) for a flat fee of £10 in First Class. No points required.

    • These vouchers were very useful as there were no reward trains in the morning from Edinburgh to doncaster on the day I wanted to travel. With the three codes I had two first class seats were £14 each

  2. blindman says:

    Looks clearr to me

    “The eVoucher is only valid on East Coast trains. ”


  3. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Worth mentioning that you can get the paper free with a £3 spend at Waitrose with a mywaitrose card.

    • At my Waitrose (and online) it’s £5 not £3 – but you do get a free coffee with your Waitrose card as well! http://www.waitrose.com/home/mywaitrose/newspaper_offer.html

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        Quoting the page you linked: ‘You will need to spend £5 to qualify but this can include the price of the newspaper.’ Sunday Telegraph is £2 so you only need £3 of groceries.

        • Right, so you pay £0 for the paper free and £5 of groceries, or you pay £2 for the paper and £3 of groceries.

        • The newspapers must not be described as ‘free’ as they cannot be counted in circulation figures! Hence the odd system Waitrose use, where you spend £5 and then get a discount equivalent to cost of a Guardian / Observer, Telegraph or Mail.

      • I was going to mention this in the post (we live 60 seconds from a Waitrose) but as they don’t open until 10.30 / 11 on Sunday I thought we would have the code by then anyway!

  4. …I believe the £5 spend includes the cost of the newspaper i.e. £3 groceries + £2 newspaper.

  5. I’m not sure if it includes the Sunday edition but you can sign up to The Telegraph digital service for 14 days free on a trial basis. I’m not sure it will include the offer as somethings are not available on digital for example the crossword.

    Even if it isn’t it’s a free newspaper on your phone/tablet/pc for a fortnight

  6. rob allenby says:

    Code is TELPROM10

  7. rob allenby says:
  8. Applied by around 10 but didn’t get an email – any others more successful?

  9. John Gallagher says:

    Anyone heard anything yet (I registered about 08:30am)

  10. blindman says:

    The East Coast eVoucher will be sent to all eligible Telegraph readers by 23.59 on 21st November 2013 using the registered email address provided when registering for the promotion.

  11. Flashware says:

    Hello Flashware,
    Congratulations! You were one of the first 10,000 Sunday Telegraph readers to register for a free £10 East Coast eVoucher. Your eVoucher code and instructions for use are provided below.

  12. Seems that once you add the voucher to your account its expiry date goes to Thu, Jan 1st 2015 according to my online account

    • Might then just treat it as a £10 voucher and let you use it for any train operator

    • Flashware says:

      Well done for not taking their restrictions at face value! I’ve now done the same and as such it also easily allowed me to enter both my wife’s and my code into the 1 account 🙂

  13. pazza2000 says:

    Darn, nothing as of yet… I didn’t sign up until Sun afternoon, perhaps I was too late.

  14. I signed up on Monday and got one. Guess I was lucky. Can anyone confirm if it can be used on non east coast trains despite the noted restriction?!

    • Nick Burch says:

      In theory, no. However, if you log into your East Coast account, and go to the e-vouchers page, then you can add it in there. It then shows up as a normal £10 voucher with an expiry date of 1st Jan 2015!

      • Nick Burch says:

        Hmm, I’ve just tried booking an east coast trip, and got the error “One of the selected gift eVouchers is restricted to East Coast (except Glasgow) who do not operate your chosen journey”. Only thing is, the trains I was trying to book on really were East Coast ones! I’ve sent them an email to ask them about it, but it looks like they have been a little over strict with how they’ve setup the codes…

        • Hi Nick – try just refreshing the page and pressing pay – that might just work

        • Nick Burch says:

          Nope, same error pops up even after doing that. Guess I’ll have to wait for their customer services to reply

  15. John Gallagher says:

    anyone not planning on using their voucher happy to donate it to me (as neither my wife nor I seem to have been successful 🙁

  16. Nick

    Did you get any response?

    • Nick Burch says:

      They only got back to me this afternoon. They’ve asked for screenshots, which I’ve just sent, we’ll see what they have to say next…

  17. blindman says:

    I’ve just booked a journey sucessfully using the vouchers for a trip that includes First Great Western trains.
    Did not go through the “special” link to book, just booked through my account as normal.