Open forum …. any suggestions for tweaking the site?

It is now nine months since Head for Points got its fresh new look, and – for want of a better word – started looking ‘professional’.   I have continued to change elements here and there – some big changes, such as adding the ‘Hotel Promos’ page, and many small changes which on their own don’t really get noticed.

However, I am fully aware that there is an element of ‘snow blindness’ in what I do.  After all, I look at the site every day for a considerable period of time, and I can only second-guess how you, the readers, respond to the different elements.

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As we start a new year, I’d like to open up the floor to any suggestions you have about the layout of the siteRemember that I need to cater for two audiences at the same time – the regular readers and the hundreds of people who come here via Google each day and who I want to convert into regular readers.

Is it clear to a newcomer what the site is about and why they should keep on reading it?

Are there too many menus at the top of the page?  Too few?

Are there too many ads?  (Probably not, most blogs would run ads inside posts as well, which I don’t)

Are the sidebars too confusing?  Should I push the social media links more?

Should there be more ‘sticky’ information for newcomers?

Does the current format of running a fixed number of stories at fixed times every day –  with a ‘lead’ story and two less important ones below – work for you?  (Most blogs just post at random times throughout the day, but I am middle-aged and grew up with the newspaper tradition!)

If there is anything about the way the site currently looks that annoys or confuses you, or if you have any ideas for improvements, please post below.  You can also email me at raffles [at] if you’d prefer.

Anything from your dislike of how I punctuate the headlines in the sidebars through to ideas for new ‘sticky’ pages are welcome – no idea is too small!

Thank you, and a Happy New Year for 2014.

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  1. mikeact says:

    Happy enough thank you.
    It would be good to be able to email other contributors though….thinking of the recent Iberia 50% Avios promotion…one day left and I haven’t been able to hook up with anybody sadly.

  2. Stephan says:

    Do you have a link of the most read/viewed links are? Would be curious to see what is trending over month/year

    • Most read post of the last 12 months had 16,000 views! However, the top 10 list is very distorted because it is filled with posts which were well ranked by Google, and has no relation to the number of views they got when originally run on HFP.

  3. Bialynia says:

    I see it has already been mentioned but the only thing I really find frustrating is when I’d like to add a still relevant comment to a post from some time in the recent past, that no longer permits additional comments. I do appreciate the problems with this but if people were interested enough in those posts to register for further updates to them originally, would it not be possible just for them to be notified that these comment thread has been updated?

    Also, because of mismanagement in my younger years I now steer well clear of any credit card offers. Even without opting for any of those I have been able to accrue enough points for 4.5 return tickets to Frankfurt in just the past 6 months or so, so if it would be possible for me to personalise my email notifications in order to opt out just from the nearly daily email updates for credit card offers with Avios bonuses then I would find the site far more appealing.

    Other than those two small things, I love the site and thank you for all the tips over the past six months. Best wishes!

  4. I appreciate it if you added your referral link to each credit card offer. While emailing you is great, sometimes I just want the referral link ASAP!

    Keep up the great blog.

    • At least half of the people who email me have a query about the card or have some confusion over qualification for the bonus – emailing is the best way to help people.

  5. squills says:

    Thanks Raffles, you did it – I think 6 latest comments is more helpful than 4 😉

  6. SouthernEM says:

    I am thrilled that I discovered you- a person who understands points, their value and the lingo. Without them I would not have had as good a lifestyle as I have had. I am pleased when you offer a link and happy if you benefit. I am never upset if you cover ground more than once. Thanks for all your enthusiasm.