Turkish Airlines still offering a Star Alliance status match to BA Golds

Turkish Airlines was very aggressive early last year in offering status matches to elite members of other airlines.  I even took advantage of this myself, matching my British Airways Gold card.

Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance.  This means that, if you get a status match with them, you will receive a Gold card valid on ALL 19 Star Alliance airlines – Lufthansa, Air Canada, United, Swiss, Thai, Egyptair, Adria, SAS, LOT etc etc.  Even better, Turkish Airlines gives you Gold status for two years rather than the usual one year.

You don’t even need to match a British Airways Gold card.  They were also matching any elite card from a Skyteam member.  Even odder, they were matching a Gold card from another Star Alliance airline!  Getting a status match to Thai was a lot easier than trying to renew your existing Star Alliance Gold from another airline.

Turkish Miles and Smiles Gold

To be honest, I thought that Thai had stopped doing matches.  However, this email received by a Head for Points reader two weeks ago (who, ironically, was denied a match to his BA Silver card) shows that they are still doing it.


We have received your e-mail message dated 10.12.2013

Please be informed that only Star Alliance Gold , Skyteam Elite Plus and Oneworld Emerald members have an opportunity for Status Match.

Therefore we are sorry that  we are unable to meet your demand positively.

Kind Regards,


Full details of how to go about getting your existing Gold card matched to Turkish Gold can be found in this Loyalty Lobby post.

Note that you cannot match your Cathay Pacific Gold card.  This is because Cathay Gold is NOT treated as OneWorld Emerald – you need a Cathay Platinum card for this.  This is why Cathay Gold gets you the same benefits as BA Silver and not BA Gold!

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  1. Presumably, when you refer to ‘Thai’ twice in the article, you actually mean ‘Turkish’??

  2. Brian(08:03), I think you’ll find that both Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines are members of the Star Alliance Group.

    • If you read the post, the two mentions of ‘Thai’ are in relation to them doing a status matching

      Also no such thing as Cathay Platinum, Cathay’s Emerald tier is Diamond.

    • I realise that – but the article is about Turkish doing status matches, not Thai….

  3. OT – Raffles, I didn’t post on your request for feedback on HFP format but I do feel this fantastic site would benefit from a user forum. Nothing on the scale of others we know of but one that has topics that are specific to HFP premise. This forum can have volunteer moderators, it doesn’t all have to be moderated by yourself as this would likely end up being too much work, I would be happy to be one of those moderators, having ran a gaming forum in the past and there may be one or two others with relevant experience that could also help.

  4. AndrewM says:

    I tried to get matched from OW Emerald (BA Gold) to Turkish a few months ago and they didn’t match me. To be honest it wasn’t a big deal as it my first (and maybe last) *A flight in years.

  5. Raffles, how did you get BA Status? I thought I read on here that you only really fly on redemption flights?

    I did not know you could use Avios to get status

    • On redemption flights you do not earn status or avios. To get status you need cash tickets. . (2 return long haul business flights will get you nearly enough for silver.) once you get to that level everything changes, as you earn double avios, you have seat selection, 32kg in each bag. An extra bag. And lounge access. . Believe me it’s hardest the first time. Because if you are using your avios for upgrades later the chances are you will be earning WTp tier points minimum . And they do sometimes post at the level you have upgraded to. However they technically shouldngonthrough at the level you originally paid for.

    • I do. Long story, best not explained here! It was NOT a freebie from BA though!

  6. I wonder what is the definition of Skyteam Elite Plus. I’m assuming it doesn’t include my lowly Flying Blue invited Gold with currently zero flights.

    OTOH, it could be worth a try.

    • Calchas says:

      Yes it does. Elite Plus basically means the SkyTeam lounge access tier. FB Silver, which is SkyTeam Elite (that is, “Elite non-plus”) only gets you extra baggage and priority at all queues.

  7. Can we potentially match A3*G with Turkish? Just as a backup…

  8. I would have thought that A3 would be a better route for BA Golds? You’re likely to be flying in long haul J so a trip or 2 on star alliance will get you 2 years star gold. I did it with 2 long haul Y on AC and a few intraEU hops.

    • Calchas says:

      A3 Gold gives you lifetime Star Gold, unless that has changed.

      • My A3 Gold isn’t lifetime, but it is valid for 3 years, and for only 20k flown miles. Incredible deal. I’m not aware of an A3 lifetime programme but I may have missed something…

  9. I’ve just applied to get the match for a BA Gold with Turkish, but was wondering how this will work… I have Frequent Flier with Lufthansa (Miles and More), so do I continue to build up my M&M points and just flash my shiny new Turkish Gold (should it ever appear) to gain access to the lounges etc when I fly *A?

    • Yes – some lounges get a little picky if it’s not on the booking but as long as you’ve got the physical card you should be OK