20% bonus when you convert Amex Membership Rewards points to Virgin

American Express has launched a 20% bonus on transfers of Membership Rewards points to Virgin Flying Club.

A lot of people, including myself, did not receive the email.  However, the bonus is NOT targeted and is now showing on the American Express Membership Rewards website.

Virgin Atlantic

The bonus only applies to the first transfer you make during the transfer period.  You should think carefully about how many you want to move across if you want to maximise the extra miles.

You must transfer your points to Virgin by 20th March.  The bonus points will be added by 31st March.

If your American Express Membership Rewards account is already linked to your Virgin Flying Club account, the transfer from Amex to Virgin is instantaneous.  The bonus may or may not go on at the same time though.

Here are the full rules from the email:

Virgin Atlantic: Minimum transfer of 1,000 Membership Rewards points (increments of 500) to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles. One Membership Rewards point is equal to one Virgin Atlantic Flying Club mile. A bonus of 20% more Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles will be applied to your first Membership Rewards points transfer made between 20 February and 20 March 2014. Bonus miles will be credited to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account by 31 March 2014. Offer is subject to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Terms and Conditions. You must be enrolled in the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club in the UK in order to be eligible for the offer. If you are not yet a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member you can enrol here. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Flights are subject to availability. To be eligible to receive the bonus Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account must be active and not in default at the time of the bonus fulfilment. Visit virginatlantic.com/flyingclub for full details. Reward flights are subject to the payment of passenger taxes, charges, fees and surcharges and are subject to change. Once you transfer your points, they cannot be transferred back to your Membership Rewards account.

Don’t forget that Tesco is also offering a 30% bonus on transfers to Virgin Flying Club until March 31st.   If you click that link, you will also see my discussion on the pros and cons of collecting Flying Club miles.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles? Click here to see recent articles on Virgin Atlantic, Little Red and Flying Club, and click here for the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. Oh please please please do Avios coversion bomus soon. I am getting towards the end of first year (fee free) of my MR membership.

    • Avios has a promotion on at the moment – for every £5 of Clubcard vouchers you transfer to Avios, you get an entry into a competition….to win a 7 course meal cooked for you at your home by some chef or other. That, I guess, is our ‘conversion bonus’… :)))

    • 6 months of Gold fee is £62.50, which is 10000 avios at worst, so if there is any avios bonus in Dec 2014 then I would only need 50000 base MR to cover my fee, plus I can wait till then to refer my wife until then (hopefully no changes to signup and referral bonus – 31000 MR),

      May have to pay 1 month fee to get 7500 MR for spending £15k anyway, and 2-3 MR per £ of travel spending is pretty good (and they gave me some compo for screwing up the bonus MR anyway)

    • I think Avios know, if they read the comments on this blog, that they will get hammered as soon as they open up a CC to Avios bonus promo

  2. Hi
    I did a transfer on Thursday and was pleased to see the points appear within seconds on my Virgin Red account +surprised to see this 20% bonus which also appeared instantaneaously.

    At the same time I transfered points to BA exec which have only now appeared-2 days later.

    Can now cancel the Plat card 🙂

  3. Is this better compared to transfer from SPG to Virgin?

    • How long is a piece of string? An SPG point is worth more than an Amex point, but ONLY if you are going to redeem it in an SPG hotel. If you use Amex points for Virgin, you have more flexibility left because the SPG points go to 30 different airlines – but of course that may not be a feature you need. And Amex points can also be transferred to Carlson and Hilton, unlike SPG. All depends what other uses for each pile of points you have …..

      • Thanks Raffles. My plan is to redeem on Virgin later in the year. And probably because I’ll cancel my Gold soon maybe this is the time to do the conversion…

  4. Sorry a little of topic. I am looking to get the Black Virgin Credit card but I was wondering, is the Regus offer only for the main cardholder or a supplementary card can apply as well?


  5. When was the last avios bonus points offered by amex?

  6. Hi,

    I have a BAPP Amex which I applied for when I lived in my old house in December. I have since moved house and wondered how likely I would be to get the Amex Plat at my new address. I don’t know if I am likely to get accepted or not living in a new house.

    My bank account and AMEX accounts have been transferred to my new address. I have also registered on electoral roll here/

    I don’t want to apply and get rejected if I am likely to get refused but likely to get accepted if I apply in a few months time. On the other hand, I am keen on getting the Cathay Pacific .


    • I think you should be fine given your existing relationship with Amex. I’d have thought that short residency would only be an issue if you were approaching a new lender.

      The worst that would happen is that they say no and you have a search on your credit file – not a big deal really.

      If your motivation to to get the Cathay Gold card then you’ll want to apply in the next couple of weeks.

    • You will be OK. The form asks for all previous addresses in the last 3 years and they do a check against those as well as your current address.

  7. Thanks Raffles. I was just under the impression that you were less likely to get accepted when you move house, even with past credit history (I can tell this from the MSE credit checker!)


  8. Bahh.. People on Flyertalk think to wait until Electoral roll is updated. How sure are you raffles? Kinda in a catch-22 here :/

    • Upside of CX Gold if accepted outweighs minor inconvenience of a credit report ding if rejected!

    • ankomonkey says:

      I successfully got Virgin white cards 6 weeks after moving house, with no previous relationship with MBNA.

  9. Good thinking.

  10. I’ll PM you on FT so you can ref me 🙂

  11. Hi,

    I recently transferred some tesco cc points to virgin and selected auto transfer to receive the additional 2500 virgin points. Can I now “turn off” the auto transfer on my clubcard account now that I have received the extra virgin points? Or do I need to wait until the next quarter?

  12. Thanks for the heads up on this bonus.. I signed up for the Amex gold after cancelling my Plat card and got the 20K sign up bonus. Thats 24k on Virgin post swap and I am almost over the 100k mark and already looking forward to sitting in UC after enjoying the LHR lounge heading off to somewhere warm and sunny.