£30 of free credit for Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is an iOS and Android app which lets you book hotels for the same day only in various European cities.

At present, it covers London, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester in the UK.  France and Germany are also well covered, along with most other European capitals.

Hotel Tonight

Reader Davis sent me details of a useful ‘double dip’ sign up bonus that is available.

Download Hotel Tonight and use promotional code RBURGESS15 on the sign-up screen.  You will receive £15 of credit.  (This is my refer-a-friend link, although I won’t earn anything unless you make a booking without using any promo credits, which you probably won’t!)

Once logged in, click on ‘Credits’ and a box for entering other promo codes will come up.  Enter BOOKEUROPE.  This will add a further £15 of credit to your account.

You now have a balance of £30.  Frankly, in London, that won’t get you too far, although last night they were offering the low-budget Tune at Liverpool Street for £79.

However, in another UK city, this is effectively a 50% discount on a lot of hotels – and all the hotels they offer are reduced in the first place.  In Birmingham last night, for example, they had the Holiday Inn Express Snow Hill for £45, which would have been just £15 after the £30 credit.  In Liverpool they had the well regarded Hope Street Hotel for £59, which would have come down to £29. It will also go a long way at most of the European hotels.

(To see our complete list of all current hotel promotions for the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Flashware says:

    When you sign up via the app, make sure you change the currency to GBP. If you leave it on the US Dollar default it’ll then setup your account in USD and won’t let you redeem the BOOKEUROPE promo.

  2. Flashware says:

    Although if I open the app not signed in and try to change currency, it won’t let you until you sign in…… so, does anyone know how to either convert your account to GBP or signup a new account with its currency as GBP? 🙂

    • There’s 2 similar apps that I saw when I searched in the App Store. I am guessing u selected the USA one. Go back and select the one which has prices in pounds!

    • When opening new account use code RMALACKANIC2. It will open your account in € and will give you 25€. Then use code BOOKEUROPE which works with € accounts and it will give you 25€ again.

  3. Colin A-B says:

    Thanks again for another top tip!
    Especially as I need a hotel in Birmingham tonight, ideally at the airport & the Hilton appears to be fully booked.

  4. Mine was set to sterling by default when I signed up

  5. Guesswho2000 says:

    Interesting, any idea when the promo credit expires?

    I’ll be in Amsterdam next weekend so it could be useful then, I’m currently booked on a refundable rate, so perhaps I can save myself £30 on the day! Cheers Raffles.

    • Tom WIlliams says:

      Mine currently shows the promo credit is valid for 365 days. If you go to ‘Account’ and select ‘Credits’, it will highlight at the top when it will expire.

  6. Tom WIlliams says:

    Very good app, I installed and managed to get another £25 free for writing a ‘Hotels Tonight Moment’. Originally they were paying £100, but due to high demand this decreased to £25, and now I think it is around £15.

    I’ve seen priced in Dublin for the 5* Merrion at £140, and the Raddison Edwardian Manchester is usually £95 mid-week.

    You can also book more than one night using the sliders and providing their is availability, although the prices will increase more than the first night.

  7. For some reason i can’t see the Credit option on my app. 🙂

    Thanks Raffles for this, just when i needed a hotel.

    • On mine there’s no credit option but instead go to: redeem promo code. That’s where u put it

  8. Thanks Raffles. Have signed up and will hopefully get some use out of it.

    On first inspection, it doesn’t seem to have many hotels on offer. Two tonight in Edinburgh, and a search for ‘London Airports’ gives three (hotels, that is, not airports). Hard to see making much use out of it in the real world, but a potentially useful app to have.

  9. olybeast says:

    Thanks mate. There is a promo button beside the credit button use that

  10. If anybody would like to give it a go, there is my referral code for £15: SCH17. Not sure it’s stackable with the ones mentioned already though…

  11. Thanks a bunch for sharing! I’m on Android and managed to get the £15 sign up credit, though I cannot seem to find any option to add the BOOKEUROPE promo code anywhere?

  12. For thos who cannot credit the BOOKEUROPE discount. I just emailed their support service and there were brilliant!!! Replied within 9minutes saying they have credited the code and now I have £30. Excellent

  13. ankomonkey says:

    Now have my £30 credit. Did this through my kindle fire and also received £1 credit for Amazon mp3 downloads.

  14. Thanks Raffles!

  15. Many thanks Raffles,

    can’t see the credit area on my android nexus 4 but logged into the account on the ipad and was able to insert codes easily,

  16. 2 of the Tune hotel in London are at £49 for tonight ( Sunday) which would be £19 with the codes! Whilst no frills, £19 would still be a real bargain.

  17. This ap is very poor, Hotel Tonight always has the same hotels, very high prices, very poor coverage. I uninstalled it after about one month of trying it. Never came up with a decent rate.

  18. FREEFIFTEEN is a new code for £15 free when you sign up with the Hotel Tonight app on Android & Apple devices.

    Enjoy a sneaky night away at a Hotel Tonight! 🙂

  19. pazza2000 says:

    I think BOOKEUROPE has expired.