I was taken up The Shard last night ….

…. for dinner in the Oblix lounge, on the 32nd floor.

Impressive views down the river, even though we were less than half way up:

View from Oblix 2


View from Oblix

Why do I mention this, apart from giving myself the excuse to run a terrible pun as a headline?

Because today, according to their Twitter feed, is the day that booking opens for the TĪNG restaurant in the Shangri-La Hotel:

Reservation lines for #TĪNG will open on 17/3/14 for dates from 6/5/14. http://www.ting-shangri-la.com  #TipTuesday #London pic.twitter.com/wypQlz0svy

Ting ShangriLa London

Many Head for Points readers are sitting on $200 of Shangri-La food and drink vouchers following their promotion last year, so this will be your first chance to use them.

Ting is actually on Level 35, so not substantially higher than I was.  If you want the bar on Level 52, you will have to wait until July.

Full details of the hotel bars and restaurants can be found here.

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  1. Mileage runner says:

    Hey Raffles,
    I have just encashed my $200 into a voucher for the Shangri -La in Sydney and I’m having my (almost free!) dinner there tonight! Thanks so much for highlighting this great offer all of those months back.

  2. flieduk says:

    So you went out last night and were so excited that whilst your wife was in bed you had to write an article up during the early hours in time for this morning? Sounds like dedication (or did you use some artistic licence for the pun).

    • In fairness, being taken up the shard is enough to get anyone excited 😉

    • Frenske says:

      Some say, Raffles never sleeps. Some say he knows when the Tesco conversion bonus will happen.

    • Minor artistic licence, sadly – it was Thursday night. I did write the post for Friday but pushed it back as I thought it made more sense on the day booking actually opened.

  3. Mr Bridge says:

    ooooh matron

  4. idrive says:

    i am stuck with 800 and 700 points, Golden Cirlce’s website quotes that drinks at their restaurant qualifies for points earning, can that be the route to reach 1000 on the account?

  5. Andrew says:

    Doesn’t look like it is an available redemption option on the Golden Circle site yet…

    • Good point. If you book for the first week, you have to hope that Shangri La updates the Golden Circle website before the opening date!

      • Richard says:

        I can see the Shard from the drop down menu when you go to redeem

        • Andrew says:

          Yes but doesn’t allow you to select a redemption type, in order to book the vouchers.

  6. My wife and I each earned 1,200 points from the earlier promotion, and the opening couldn’t be better timed as it falls a week before our wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating in style. Thanks Rob for the heads up.

  7. Nathan says:

    Great tip off in the first instance. The only problem is that I only managed to ‘earn’ 900 points, and my wife 800 points. Is there any way of earning the other 100-300 points needed to redeem $200? GoldenCircle has advised me that we can’t combine the points to redeem 1500 of them, so we are only able to do 500 each. If not, it looks like I’ll need to find an excuse to entertain a customer there!

  8. Stephen says:

    $200? You mean $100 for 1,000.

    • I think Raffles is assuming that most people have done this offer with their other half…

    • Nathan says:

      Stephen – I mean $200. I have 900 points, so need 100 more to get 1000 and then claim $100. my wife has 800, so needs 200 more to get 1000 and then we can claim $100 on hers, so $200 overall.

      And, she is a real other half…!!

  9. We used our points in HK, but we got credited with the excess on what we actually spent- at $1 per point. So you could go once, spend $100, then go again with the 1000 point credit. Doesn’t seem worth it to me

  10. pazza2000 says:

    I have a bad feeling that a flood of people picking up their vouchers in the first month of opening will bring in some kind of restrictions. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  11. Geoggy says:

    Can we change the points for vouchers now or do we have to wait for the website to update? Or can you just do it at same time as your reservation?

  12. franknotes says:

    Looking forward to your next post about getting taken up the OXO tower…

  13. Singing Dwarf says:

    Without wishing you to turn this into a restaurant review site, what was the meal like!? Would you recommend it?

    • Put it this way – the food was better and cheaper than I expected. They could have got away with a lot worse!

      Given the loud music (we ate in the lounge area) and the low lighting, though, it was difficult to judge the food properly. Certainly didn’t disgrace themselves though!

  14. anonymous says:

    Been listening to Four Femmes on the Thames, Rob? [Not advertising, just thought it might appeal to people who crack (sorry) cheeky (sorry) headlines.]