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Buy £20 of Uber credit for just £5

From January 2018, please use our new Uber sign-up code HEADFORPOINTSUK. This gets you a 50% discount on your first ride, up to £10. This is more generous than the current refer-a-friend offer of £3 off your first ride.

Fresh from selling £16 redspottedhanky gift vouchers for £8 (now sold out), Amazon Local has moved on to London car service Uber this week.

Via this link (EDIT – deleted as now dead), you can purchase a £10 Uber voucher for just £2 and a £20 Uber voucher for just £5.

These vouchers are ONLY available for new accounts.  You can, of course, open a new account for yourself with a different email address or in the name of your partner ….


If you haven’t heard of Uber, it is the relatively new private hire service available in London, having already been operating in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Paris, amongst other places, for some time.

The core of the service is the Uber app for your smartphone.  Download it, and at the click of a button you can summon either a modest car (via UberX), an executive car (via UberExec) or a luxury vehicle (via UberLux) with all rides automatically charged to the credit card stored in your Uber account.

Whilst I signed up for Uber last year, it was only when I got my new iPhone recently and loaded the app that I got around to trying it.  I was at a pub in a fairly remote corner of Shepherds Bush, with no chance of getting a black cab by chance, so I fell back on Hailo and Uber.

As I had a Uber sign-up credit banked, I gave them a go, requesting a mid-level UberExec car.  They had 8 cars very close to me and a driver appeared within 6-7 minutes.  The wonders of sat nav meant that he had no problem finding my house and the £18 fare was very reasonable compared to a black cab.

Don’t buy a £2 voucher ….

I do NOT recommend buying the £10 voucher for £2.  You can get £15 of Uber credit for free simply by signing up via my referral link – – so don’t waste £2 buying a £10 one!

Vouchers are valid for six months, which is good.  Note that you will not get change if your ride is less than the value of the voucher, so don’t use it on a short journey.

Typical fares for all three levels of service can be found here – UberX claims to be 30%-50% cheaper than a black cab, and UberExec is unlikely to be hugely more than, say, Addison Lee.  Airport trips come at a fixed price.

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  1. Only available to new users of Uber

    • If you have more than one credit card, you are a new user of Uber

      This may depend on the ability to wipe an app from your phone.

      • No need to wipe the app, I’ve done it by logging out and in again with the new details.

  2. Volker says:

    Can this credit be used for UBER services in other countries as well (e.g. sign up in Britain, redeem the £20 voucher in Germany)?

  3. In case so many of you sign up using Raffles’ referral link that it overflows the pot of referral credit Uber allows per referrer account, here is another link for £10 free for new accounts 😉

  4. Has anybody experience of Uber in the leafy suburbs?

    I just signed up using the HfP link and tried a couple of pickup addresses – home and Cockfosters Underground station where we sometimes need transport. In both cases no cars were available.

    How close do I have to be to benefit, or is this one just for pickups within/close to the Circle line?

    • Answering my own question, I see from the T+Cs at Amazon Local:
      – Collection location must be in London zones 1-3

      Assuming that’s TfL zones, it’s effectively city centre only.

  5. Hi,
    Can I use them for trips around Heathrow airport? I am thinking about trips from the hilton near to T5 to one of the terminals.

  6. pazza2000 says:

    UBER had been offering a £20.00 sign up credit (no exp) since the get go, I guess this has now come to a firm end if there now effectively ‘selling’ this amount via Amazon Local?

    I believe the minimum fare is £14 for (UBERlux) anyway so makes sense to only go for the £20 voucher. I’ve tried to use UberX twice in London, first time I couldn’t get a car, second time the driver called to effectively say the trip wasn’t worth his while, and could I cancel it at my end (I took it that it would be a black mark against him if he has cancelled it).

  7. Dominic says:

    Ah… one cannot register a second account with a different email address – at least not unless you have a different mobile phone. If you try and register using the same phone number, it won’t let you.

    • pazza2000 says:

      I believe a different payment card is required also. Even when you ‘detach’ a card from an account, it then can not be used on a different account (or so was the case about a year ago…)

  8. Good spot, thanks. Will sign the Mrs up when her mobile is back in the country to arrange a validation code!

  9. Is it sitting somewhere else? I remember reading there are 2 places where it can show …..

    • I will check. The other possibility is that both codes can’t be combined and the £20 credit will show up when I have used the £10 credit.