Heathrow Rewards adds Etihad Guest as a partner – and 1,100 points for joining

Heathrow Rewards, the shopping rewards scheme for the airport, has added Etihad Guest as its latest airline partner. This means that you can now transfer your points to British Airways, Virgin, Miles & More and Etihad, as well as redeeming for Heathrow Airport shopping vouchers. Heathrow Rewards lets you earn 1 point for every £1 you spend at Heathrow Airport retailers, as well as parking, Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only) and foreign currency transactions (1 point per £10 exchanged).

Until 30th June, you will receive double miles on transfers of Heathrow Rewards points to Etihad.  This is not a bad deal, assuming that you want the miles.

Etihad Guest Heathrow Rewards

Etihad is also running two special promotions in conjunction with Heathrow Rewards:

If you have the MBNA Etihad Guest credit cards, you will be promoted to Premier status in the Heathrow Rewards programme.  This doubles your earning rate.

You can earn 1,100 Heathrow Rewards points by signing up and spending £25 before 30th June.  Visit this page (deleted as link now dead) and click through the link – the code EGLAUNCH should be automatically added to the Heathrow Rewards application form.

Remember that Heathrow Rewards membership is limited to one per address and the system will not allow duplicates. It is also worth remembering that the 1,100 points earned from the sign-up promotion do not necessarily have to be transferred to Etihad.  You could send them to BA, Virgin or Miles & More or use them for a Heathrow shopping voucher.

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  1. Sorry raffles, didn’t understand “one per address”. What if your spouse wants to get a card too?

    • Heathrow Rewards only allows 1 application per household.

      One way around this would be to change the address for your spouse to 1a Any Street rather than 1 Any Street…or by typing “One” instead of 1…or “Street” instead of “St”…add in a small typo etc.

    • She can’t. Unless you alter your address slightly to ‘1a’ or something. Or use a work address.

  2. The link to upgrade to premium doesn’t require you to enter anything other than your heathrow rewards details so anyone can use it to upgrade their membership.

    • Has yours gone through? The Ts&Cs say that it will be subject to verification…

      • Yup i got an email about 5 minutes after i entered my details saying i was upgraded. I wasn’t asked for any Etihad account details at all. I’m guessing i won’t be either.

  3. Doesn’t the offer on that page say you get the bonus when you spend £25 in one day? It goes on to supply the promotion code EGWELCOME (I think that’s what it was).

    I had a punt and replaced it with EGLAUNCH as I’m much more likely to spend £10 than £25!

  4. pazza2000 says:

    Does the LHR Rewards name (or any other personal details) still have to match the FF account it is redeeming too? I haven’t made a transfer since it was BA rewards.

  5. Charlie says:

    Has anyone tried to combine Heathrow Reward accounts? The T&Cs state this can be done 4 times.

    I opened 2 for my parents who were both travelling via Heathrow, for the 1000 point Virgin bonus a few months ago, as they have no use of the points I am looking at the best ways to use them.

  6. Gordon says:

    What user id do you use when applying for the premium tier match

  7. squills says:

    Let’s just say their systems for patrolling 1 per address are not infallible 😉

    BTW it was genuine man + wife lol

    • pazza2000 says:

      Do tell? When it was BAA rewards I had problems with signing up various family members at the same address, never mind ‘another’ for myself.

    • I think there are 4 accounts registered at my address, 2 per person! Different email addresses for each, with reward points going into just 2 BA accounts.

      • pazza2000 says:

        Different DOB’s, I recall this was a stumbling block with BAA Rewards. When ever I tried to sign up a secondary account (different email), they always seemed to know. Is it still the case that if you unsubscribe to their newsletter your account is closed?

  8. Gordon says:

    Just got this message on tier match “Thank you for your interest in this promotion.
    It seems that this promotion has expired”

  9. Perhaps a silly question but is there any way to spend and earn Heathrow Rewards without visiting Heathrow. Based up north and normally fly international from Manchester, however could do with the Etihad points with this bonus.

    • Not really, unless you know someone who is passing through and could get you a receipt for something. Buying the cheapest Heathrow Express ticket online is likely to be not cost effective.

      • Plus you only get the credit after using the ticket so just making the purchase alone wouldn’t suffice…

  10. pazza2000 says:

    Why can’t I find Etihad Guest in the rewards drop down list? I am about to create a second account (in same name only) for the purpose of this promo, hopefully the addresses do not need to match, I note even with Avios(.com) the acc# is required so I’m hoping all will be well…

  11. Has anyone successfully received points retrospectively for a purchase by sending them a receipt? If so how long did it take for them to approve it and load the points?

    • I’ve not done this recently, but previously when they were BAA Worldpoints they were very efficient at adding on points for scanned receipts.

  12. Is the spend £10 or £25 for this?

    Has anyone had the 1000 points credit yet?

    • Very odd. It seems to have changed to £25 now.

      Etihad does have a track record of changing the rules of promotions after it has launched them, when they prove to be too generous.

      I will update the post.