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Coming up on Head for Points this Summer ….

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I have just finished putting together my travel schedule for the Summer and early Autumn.  I have a surprisingly large amount going on and, where possible, I have tried to book onto different airlines or different products to the norm.

Obviously plans change and I can’t promise you that reviews of all of the following will appear on Head for Points between now and October.  One or two will undoubtedly fall away.  It is quite promising though!  We have:

The Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich

Lufthansa A340 First Class

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Private Suite (kerching!, photo below)

Singapore First Class suite

The Virgin Clubhouse in New York JFK

A first look at Heathrow Terminal 2

Aer Lingus Economy (!)

The British Airways Concorde Room (not reviewed on here before)

British Airways A380 First Class

Virgin America First Class (knocks Club Europe into a hat ….)

Turkish Airlines B777 Business Class

There will also be a number of interesting hotel reviews along the way!  It’s going to be fun.

Plus, last and very probably least:

Thomas (the Tank Engine) Land

Disneyland Paris

I might spare you those two ….!

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  1. James Vickery says:

    Business or pleasure?

  2. Speak for yourself – I’d love to see a post on Thomas Land!

    • Jason says:

      I’ll second that!

      • Dannyrado says:


        • signol says:

          Absolutely! Especially if there’s an IHG property nearby!

          • Felix Flyer says:

            Holiday Inn Express at Tamworth is close and a decent HiEx. It is also next to the snowdome. Just don’t park near the lake when heavy rain is expected. It floods!

          • Lloyd says:

            Sounds like a fellow Tammie following the blog then?!

            I think Raffles has previously said that he is staying in Burton. At the time when Raffles mentioning staying in Burton I too thought the HiEx was a better option plus the kids would love the tobogganing – perhaps a bit too much for Raffles after a day at Thomas Land! On a serious note I recall Raffles wanting to burn some points with another chain so that might be the more rational answer even if it is a fair distance away.


          • Thanks for that link, looks interesting!

          • Felix Flyer says:

            Am from Stafford originally but now exiled in East Anglia. Can thoroughly recommend the snowdome for tobogganning or the tubing/tiny tubing depending upon your childrens ages. The HiEx used to have regular 241 offers but not sure if they still run.

    • flyingbee says:

      I’d like to see reports on Thomas Land and Disney too!
      (disclaimer: I have a 3 year old son!)

  3. Eastland says:

    Disneyland Paris is amazing (I’m a 29yr old doctor). Everybody should go as an adult & rediscover their inner child!

  4. Found Aer Lingus Econ DUB-JFK v good for the 20k avios + £61!

    You can order a special meal eg. steak in advance (£20ish) which could match the quality of business… We took sushi on board for ourselves, also sweet talked crew to let us sit on exit row.

    Friendly crew, pre clearance on immigration in DUB, overall v Good experience

    • Lipton says:

      I am flying DUB to SFO in August with Aer Lingus and was hoping to order the meals you refer to as they look very nice, although I was unable to as I hadn’t booked my flight online as I booked by avios on the phone with BA. I even rang Aer Lingus up offering to pay over the phone but was told I couldn’t ! . I have never known an airline not to take an opportunity to take money off their passengers. Aer Lingus issued a profits warning last week. They need to up their game !

  5. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Don’t suppose you fancy treating yourself to an etihad residence?

  6. Rohan says:

    Would love a post about Disneyland Paris !!

  7. signol says:

    Does the Eurostar still run direct London – Disney?

    • Yes but we are staying in Paris so the kids can sightsee. £1000 per night for a junior suite at the fading Disney Hotel helped this decision!

      • signol says:

        We went last year, took the car and camped near Meaux 🙂

        • Jamjaw says:

          And we stayed at HI Marne le Valley – was a few years ago (before son was born) and was a good location for split time at Disney and central Paris. Amazing value too (£40 a night including breakfast and first night free (BRG)).

      • Rohan says:

        Where are you staying raffles? I am trying to organise disneyland last minute in 3 weeks time and the junior suite is 1300 a night!! anyone know good hotels in paris and easy commute to disneyland?

  8. Nick Burch says:

    Depending on how much stuff you’ve got with you + the kids, and how far in advance you’re booking your Eurostar ticket, you might want to look at changing trains in Lille rather than taking the direct Disneyland Paris train. Can save quite a bit at times, and if your onward train goes from Lille Europe as well then it’s just a case of going up the escallators, grabbing a coffee in one of the cafe/bars while you wait, then down to the TGV. Or maybe even nip over the road to the Regus business centre to send an email! Otherwise, Lille Europe to Lille Flanders is a 5 min brisk walk if you know what you’re doing, allow 15 for a leisurely walk and following the signs

  9. Andrew S says:

    Raffles, seems your blog has lost the links to the previous/next posts that used to appear under the main content – very useful for slow connections as you dont have to refresh the homepage every time to get to the next post

  10. Given my experience at Disneyland Paris, I do my best to send that one by the wayside if you can 🙂

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