Shangri-La in The Shard now accepting Golden Circle redemption vouchers!

Possibly the longest on-going saga at Head for Points is drawing to a close!

Last October, Shangri-La Golden Circle, the loyalty scheme for the luxury hotel group, had a promotion where you could earn 1,200 points by playing an online game.

This was very generous, as 1,000 points earns you a $100 food and drink voucher.

Golden Circle

Shangri-La was, of course, about to open the eagerly anticipated hotel in the 90-storey The Shard tower in London so I encouraged HFP readers to jump in.

The hotel opening was then delayed. When it finally opened, not all of the restaurants and bars were open. Shangri-La then put a temporary block on redeeming points in the hotel.

That block is now over. As of yesterday, you can order $100 food and drink vouchers via the Golden Circle website to use in The Shard.  That is currently worth £59, but a savvy couple would have opened a Golden Circle account each to have £118.

Some readers have already ordered vouchers so the system is working OK. You need to redeem within six months of ordering the voucher.

I know someone who is going on Tuesday and I will hopefully get some feedback on how it works in practice. Here are the terms and conditions of the vouchers:

  • A Non-Room Award confirmation is valid for six months from the date of redemption is made.
  • Advance reservation with the participating food and beverage outlets is required.
  • A Member or Nominee must validate the redeemed Non-Room Award in exchange for a Golden Circle redemption voucher in person by presenting proof of identity document at the Business Centre prior to the service being used.
  • Redemption vouchers can only be used at participating food and beverage outlets on the date of validation.
  • Redemption vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. All unused value will not be refunded whether in terms of cash, GC Award Points or otherwise. Any excess amount will be charged to the Member or Nominee.
  • Redemption vouchers cannot be used to purchase merchandise or services that are contracted out by the Hotel to a third party.
  • Redemption vouchers cannot be used to settle charges on banqueting, outside catering and event spends, or expenses charged to a room account.
  • Redemption vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotional offers.
  • Redemption vouchers must be presented at the time of payment.
  • Once the redemption is made, no amendment or cancellation is allowed.
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  1. There’s three in our party all with $100 of vouchers – wasn’t there a restriction that only $200 could be redeemed per booking, I can’t seem to find that anywhere now?

    • That restriction has been removed, it seems.

      • I also thought I read previously that only one voucher could be used per booking, ie you couldn’t combine multiple vouchers from multiple members. Judging by the comments here, that also seems to be removed.

  2. Smillie says:

    I used four $100 vouchers today for lunch with my wife and son. I had emailed golden circle to check prior to going . Two vouchers were nominated to us from my in laws.. We managed £210 of food and drink before my two year old decided that enough was enough! The staff didn’t seem to know much about the vouchers , I’m sure they will soon. My wife said as she was leaving the toluet a group of staff were just standing looking at them. The supervisor was a bit concerned about telling us that we wouldn’t get a refund of the remaining £10. With a cheap Uber lux trip from the IC Park Lane( points) this is turning out to be a cheap trip to London.

  3. Got my voucher by email. Thanks very much for the tip will be using after the NFL in October in Gong.

  4. Possibly a silly question, but can I book the table (Ting restaurant) using their website or do I need to call if I’m going to be using a voucher?

    • Website is fine. Only reason they want you to reserve is that voucher must be used on date of issue, so if you couldn’t get in it would be an issue!

      • Excellent, thank you very much. A nice lunch up in the clouds for my 30th birthday is on the cards.

  5. Waribai says:

    From the email I’ve just received it looks like you can pay by just showing your membership card so no need to faff around with vouchers!

    “Introducing Golden Circle’s new Instant Dining Rewards – a new way to redeem your points at any of our hotel’s restaurants.

    From now on, your GC Award Points can be redeemed instantly with 10 GC Award Points covering every USD 1* of your bill. There’s no minimum point use and point redemption is as quick as paying the bill would have been. Just show us your GC membership card and we’ll take care of the rest.

    • pazza2000 says:

      I don’t have a physical card, would a print out or just the GC# suffice do you think? It looks as if the original voucher redemption method is still available although this method is much more useful for those with a balance under or above the 500/1000 point voucher requirement.

  6. Ping! Yup, just received the same e-mail. 🙂 It makes redeeming much simpler, though I haven’t checked exchange rates yet – presumably still the same mouldy $/£ rate as mentioned upthread.

    Checking the locations, I see that we can use this at the Gong (52nd floor), Ting (35th floor) and Lang (ground floor) at the Shard in London. Presumably we can combine two cards.

    • No, I don’t think you can. The rules imply – but don’t say specifically – one card per transaction.

      • Thanks.

        Hmm. Creative ordering? Part on one card, part on another? I had assumed that we could use two old-style vouchers on the same bill, but perhaps that was also wrong.

        (No current plans for a Shangri-La stay.)

        • You can definitely use two paper vouchers to pay the same bill. But the wording on the instant awards implies that may not be possible – although admittedly it is not stated clearly.

          Of course, you could use one card for a pre-dinner drink (£30 min spend per head in the bar remember!) and the other persons card for the meal.

        • Thanks, especially for the minimum p.p. bar spend warning!

  7. Waribai says:

    Yes, it seems to be the same exchange rate still but you could I guess have drinks instead of food or snacks since you don’t have to spend the whole amount on your balance. I don’t have a card either but I logged into my account and requested one. Alternatively download the app?

  8. olireaction says:

    I also received this email today, definitely makes redeeming much easier at Shard.
    Out of interest – it says that points aren’t valid against the tax/service charge part of the bill – is this also the case if converting to vouchers the traditional way, so you need to settle that part in cash anyway?

  9. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    Yes, good news indeed. I had points from a stay in the fantastic Kowloon Shangri-La, so with the points from the offer, I’m sitting with $300 to spend.
    Usually only pass through London on the way to somewhere else, so might have to make a stop off next trip.

  10. So can you still opt for the paper vouchers?